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  1. Ok i'm really convinced about R2, Davith and Sabs how does my command deck look? Any changes i should make here? Should i put in Devotion? http://ia-armies.com/army/zm6UTq7a
  2. Davith, R2 and Sabs ... that's an option i never considered, does R2 do anything useful other than drawing you cards? Do you run his command card too? I never used him that's why i'm asking.
  3. So i just saw all the new stuff that's coming and i wanted to make a new list: Luke Skywalker (Jedi) Obi-Wan Kenobi Gideon Argus C-3PO And now comes the problem, i already have two really good beatsticks and two good cheerleaders, i want some numbers, some meat to throw at the grinder and i have 16 points to do so. What do i do? 2x E Sabs + 2x TC 2x E Echo 1x Rangers + 1x E Sabs 1x Rangers + Davith + Balance of the Force/On a Diplomatic Mission 1x E Rangers + 1x E Smuggler 1x E Rangers + 1x Smuggler + Rebel High Command 1x E Rangers + 2x Smuggler 1x E Rangers + R2-D2 + Balance of the Force/On a Diplomatic Mission
  4. I tried playing a little more with command cards, how's looking? The idea behind camo, illuion and murne is to make the sabs hidden and focussed wiht gideon/3po at the same making them really good at alpha striking. http://ia-armies.com/army/kuTValSH
  5. I see. In the meantime i made yet another version: http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=53359&key=b6a8941d34aee3a3ff0509871b096f64 Between this and the one with Akbar wich one is better in your opinion?
  6. The one thing i don't like about Bs is that they are painfully slow, should i swap them out with 5 Y-Wings instead? Or is the slowness a manageable downside for all those anti-ship dice?
  7. Yeah i figured that with Bomber Comms flotillas are much mroe viable, i posted another list on my previous reply, i'll repost it here too http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=53355&key=26bd9ed5e8cd744ed40c3b17ef16237chow is it?
  8. Rogue squadron is unique so you can only have 1. Also, squadrons activated by ships, do not activate in the squad phase. If you mean they all have rogue, then thats great. But in this case why have the flotillas? Oh i didn't know that, i thought they got two activations, one by ships and one by rogue. Is it worth to run all rogue squadrons? Is it better to just use flotillas to activate them? http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=53355&key=26bd9ed5e8cd744ed40c3b17ef16237c Is this better? I don't really know much about how to setup a viable squadronball, is this good?
  9. http://ia-armies.com/army/7OoZhpul Is this list viable? Imperial Spies won world's, can Rebels be on the same level?
  10. http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=53338&key=f0a914ad245fabe9d1009773078d5944 Is it a good list? Every squadron can move twice and attack while being comm boosted and even if i loose my transports they can still manage themeselves pretty well.
  11. Does the rear arc count too even without the shuttle?
  12. The extra dice from Finn doesn't affect c3 at all, it's a blank so i can still call for 0 reliably
  13. YT-1300: · Rey (45) Veteran Instincts (1) Smuggling Compartment (0) · Finn (5) · C-3PO (3) · Millennium Falcon (Segnor's Loop) (1) Counter-Measures (3) Glitterstim (2) YT-1300: Resistance Sympathizer (38) · Jyn Erso (2) · "Chopper" (0) Tried the same Rey only with a VCX with Jyn instead of the YT and she's a beast with this setup: 3-5 almost guaranteed hits/crits while attacking and 2-3 almost guaranteed evades while defending.
  14. I see, so 6 pts is too much and it's not worth to take VF. I took the VFs out to take Blaise and put in some spy cards instead. http://ia-armies.com/army/iyRU335M
  15. I designed this list, how is it guys? Troopers Poopers 2.0 | 40 points Deployment Cards --------------------------- Elite Stormtrooper Elite Stormtrooper Vader's Finest Vader's Finest Elite Snowtrooper Vader's Finest Imperial Officer Imperial Officer ▪ Zillo Technique ▪ Rule by Fear Command Cards ------------------------ Covering Fire Deadeye Element of Surprise Fleet Footed Grenadier New Orders Planning Reinforcements Reinforcements Strength in Numbers Take Initiative Urgency Negation Wild Attack Disorient I really really like VF, it gives troopers a big boost in damage the first turn making the alpha strike from a single group capable of killing or seriously disabling one of the big heroes in a single turn, and the best part that i absolutely love about this card is the 2 additional movement, it gives troopers a huge mobility boost. However with the new cross training i'm not really sure i want VF anymore, is it worth to give up that focus and extra movement for the spy cards? Are the spy cards really that powerful?
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