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  1. Devoted is different from Aligned. Mechanically, Devoted does nothing. Roleplaying wise, it represents the seeking of that God's Favors. Aligned is actually recieving them. Devoted can happen at anytime, Alignment only happens at corruption threasholds.
  2. RE: The lack of breaks. I explianed this as the engines working at full capacity during battle, so the plasma is running hot. The Enginarium can only really set it to half power and still keep everything else on the ship rolling over efficiently, any less than that and other systems might lose power, and thats why it take a piloting check to "hold back" the ship the same as "spurring it on." They gave me looks that said "that makes too much sense for 40k" and I then reinforced that the space combat is just Age of Sail in Space, and we got back to playing.
  3. Well it is a hybrid game already, using the BC rules for the most part since the group wanted to play characters distinctly seperate from the Empire. They also wanted it to be low powered, but still be able to travel the Expanse. This is happening directly after a Trader Militant campaign with multiple ships in the fleet and much exploitation of the PF and AP systems.
  4. I'm currently doing exactly this. They started with a Guncutter as thier primary vessel, had to hunt down clues to the location of a ship, Charter Passage and a bunch of other things as well. It's been great so far.
  5. I think that you're doing a wonderful job and should keep it up. I would love to play in this game, sounds like a lot of fun.
  6. Cryhavok said: -an arch militant who is trying to make a twin linked storm heavy bolter that he can actually carry and use personally. I was going to do this with a Void-Master in a game that never manifested.
  7. I actually took a step back and added a 5 to 1 conversion of "Fame" into PF, with "Fame" Points representing personal wealth and being earned as per the book (somewhat, as it's a hybrid system with BC). Seems to be working so far.
  8. It's been left deliberately vague. But I imagine it'd be much like sailing a stormy sea without any sort of charts. Cast off in the right direction and hope. Since you're in a warp anom anyway, you're moving at a decent speed as is. This is very much a GM call.
  9. One additional Hit per attack after all other hits have been applied. 1 Full Auto Attack = 1 extra hit.
  10. The Agility test represents the old "Stop Drop and Roll" method of self extinguish, which is why it's a Hard test. The first test is actually doable 1 in 5 for a Grey Knight btw, before he catches on fire to put himself out. The other question that needs to be asked is, what exactly is burning while the armor is on fire? TBH, with the innate field that Termi armor has, I'd be rolling the field every round to extinguish the flames to represent the fact that there just is nothing to burn. In my mind, this would happen at the end of a round after damage and Fatigue for that round have been applied. A fresh application of fire would start the whole thing over again.
  11. The Ag test is -20 base, the Termi armor gives -20, the Fatigue gives -10, which translates to +0 or -10. Honestly, if it were my game and you tried to cheasily kill a Grey Knight like this, it wouldn't work. He'd have a squad with him, or be able to put himself out with the Environment fairly easily if you weren't there watching him the whole time, and therefore able to be put under fire the whole time. I was mainly pointing the fact that you might as well just go for a Melta Gun and finish him off that way. IT would be easier, quicker and probably safer in the long run.
  12. Ok, let's explore the Grey Knight in Terminator Armor. We'll even use the exact stats from the book. So you've managed to land a hit with a flame weapon on a Grey knight and his innate field hasn't ignored it completely (1 in >3 chance). TB 8 WP 56 Wounds 25 Fate Points 2 As I've already talked about on average it's going to take a while to kill him outright. At 3 Wounds every ten rounds that's 90 rounds to get to Critical Damage, and they have True Grit, so 1 wound no matter what after that. So 2 wounds every 10 rounds, reset at -5 with a fate point so it's effectively 150 rounds before the Grey Knight Dies. So death from damage isn't feasible, and fatigue will happen much quicker. Being on Fire has the wonderfull side effect of a Willpower roll each round, and Grey Knights have resistance heat, so honestly they have a 2 in 3 chance of succeeding each round. This drops back down to 56% (1 in >2) once a level of fatigue is recived) Now on to the fatigue. The Grey Knight can take 8 Levels of Fatigue before passing out for 2 minutes. He has 2 fate points and won't be needing them for wounds as we can see above, so we can safely say the Grey Knight has 24 rounds to succed at an agility test with a 0 modifier. Painfull, unless they can find some water in which case I'd call the test a bonus of at least +10, probably +20, or automatic success if they just submerge themselves. But, for whatever reason you're fighting on top of a mountain, with no usable environment around. No walls to knock down and create dust, no sand to roll around in, no water nearby, no plantlife, just empty open space. That's 16 rounds (failed willpower checks) of Storm bolter Shells firing at you with a 45% chance of success (35 after he's on fire (1 in >3). And you're not well enough geared to penetrate his armor so are having to pull some Fire schenanigans. Sure you're in defensive stance, but he's shooting you. Oh you can run, but it's likely he'll chase after you and HammerHand instead which is even worse. So 6 hits with a storm Bolter on Semi auto. You've not invested in Meltas or Plasma weaponry, so you're likely in Carapace. Even Heavy Carapace. Your Toughness bonus is 4 or 5, let's go with 5. 6 hits is 12 hits, with Tearing and Storm, that's going to be 7 damage rolled per hit. Very unlikely he's going to jam. so 7+9 damage per hit (16) times 12 hits. You have AP 6, so you reduce damage by 7 each time you're hit. How many wounds did you have again? More than 108? Yo dawg, I don't think this is a scenario that would work.
  13. jarsen said: Awesome! Thanks for the response. Larkin said: 1) If you have a Pistol weapon, you certainly can shoot in close combat. That's their advantage over Basic weapons. You do not get the Point Blank bonus to hit, as that's reserved to minimal ranges but not in Melee. 2) You're looking at Semi and Full Auto rules along with TWo-Weapon fighting rules as well as Swift and Lightning Attack. The first two are in the combat mechanics section, the later three at in Talents. So, looking at two weapon wielder, if they want to shoot a pistol and hit with a close combat weapon they need two-weapon wielder (ballistic) and (melee)? You don't have to have those talents, but the penalties are pretty harsh. Ambi, and both Two-weapons are a good idea if you want go Pistol and Melee in combat. There's even a talent in BC designed specificaly for that that you might want to port over.
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