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  1. And to be honest Bomb, I dont think anyone who has been effected badly by this storm would actually find this, as you say " a bit of fun "
  2. Bomb said: You ******* grow up you Full House loving ass! My aunt's house was flooded with 2 feet of water and her and her family had to be rescued by emergency services. My parents house on the jersey shoreline is probably under 4 feet of water as I am typing this post right now and we don't have a clue how bad the damage is because the bridge is closed and we can't get to it. Now, forgive my language toward you, but I absolutely do not appreciate your post one bit on telling others how they should behave and feel toward this tragedy. Exactly mate, my point exactly. I hope everything goes ok for you and I hope anyone else on here who is effected by the storm is ok. Im not asking how you should feel Bomb, I just pointed out that a lot people have died and I think a thread like this could be seen as a bit disrespectful thats all.
  3. Come on Dennis, you know what I mean, for all you know someone on here could be directly effected by that storm and you know its killed a lot of people so why even open up a topic on puns and themes relating to Storm Sandy, fair enough, I know you like to mess about and wind up but come on mate..
  4. A 133 people have lost there lives so far from this storm and countless more injured and homeless. Whats next, 911 themed cards. Come on guys, show some respect. I would expect this from kids not grown men.
  5. -Istaril said: I've never met Damon. I've never met Penfold, either, but I've never met any of you (to my knowledge). Aside from the GenCon team covenant interview and the 2c1c deck-building episode, I know nothing of him at all. I've tried to follow this conversation and its history despite being a relative newcomer to the game, and I must admit I really don't understand what's going on here. I'm vaguely, in a second-hand way, aware of a policy by FFG that prohibits their employees posting on the boards. It seems a shame, but it doesn't take much imagination to guess why. If that policy didn't exist, then the creation of an alternate account to post with anonymity would be a bit childish, but nothing that hasn't become common practice on the internet. Since that policy does exist, I could see many reasons for Damon to create an account to interact with the community - which we keep lauding as the best part about this game. A way to test the waters, occasionally get some feedback on ideas he's toying with without being treated differently from the rest of us, and a chance to interact with other people who share a passion with the game despite not being allowed to by his employers. It definitely looks like some of you have an axe to grind with him… and maybe there's a good reason for that. But is posting on the boards and interacting with the community really what you reproach him for? At worst, it's a little unprofessional and childish, and at best, it's a way to keep in touch with the community (to our benefit) despite the restrictions from on-high. If the only way Erick has of suspecting Damon hates him (and Corey) is from a vitriolic post from an alter-ego, then clearly he's been otherwise professional in interacting with them in person. If he hasn't been, then the gripe should be with the official and unprofessional interaction, and not this one. Great post mate, says it all.
  6. HoyaLawya said: As to the original post, I'm looking to have this cleared that someone knows who Penfold is. It's true it could be some other poster using a second account resulting in no one ever meeting Penfold. I think Staton is correct that FFG can look up the IP addresses and find out a lot of information. Posts by Penfold are made during normal working hours. It should be easy to know if they come from FFG or not. What do you feel the need to get it cleared up though ? To try and get him the sack ? Really is that the reason, if it is that's proper harsh. Through the dealings weve had in the past I thought you was alright mate, didnt think you was like that.
  7. Dennis, I hate to bring your name up again but your probably really causing trouble this time as opposed to the normal annoying game playing that you do on the forums. Your also probably causing a bit of bad air between the players and FFG which cant be good for the game. You and your mates should give it a rest for a while now.
  8. As Ratatoskr said " What good can come of this " I really hope that Damon does not get the sack because of this, if its true. Why try and get one of the designers in trouble ? Madness.
  9. You know it never ceases to amaze me the people coming on here asking for help and then arrogantly having a go at some one for trying to help. Just like what happened with Dennis when I pulled himabout it last week. It also seems a bit strange that you only registered your account 4 days ago and again it also seems strange that you sometimes sign off with the "sign" just like Dennis sometimes does as well.
  10. flipperlord said: Endhill said: AGoT DC Meta said: dcdennis said: Endhill said: dcdennis said: Flame kissed only gives the minus two if the card has no other attachments. That is what people are referring to. They are referring to Targ Burn in general and I was just highlighting the fact dupes wont save you against FK as its a terminal effect. Read up terminal effects dennis. Its worth knowing mate. Thanks why exactly are you calling me out here? what did I say that was incorrect? Oh that's right, NOTHING. What dennis was trying to say so lovingly, is that FK has the text "if attached character has no other attachments" which is something I know I personally overlooked when I was a new player. So a card like Risen from the Sea will actually not only save and give +1 STR, it will remove the burn and terminal effect from FK as well when RftS is attached. If you try to use FK on a character with attachments, it is a wasted card until you can discard the other attachment(s). Yes mate I know this but the original poster was looking for help in general and I was just making him aware that dupes wont save a character from a terminal effect. Dont forget that the Targs have ways to take attachments, Meerenese Brothel springs to mind. Not sure why Dennis is upset, I assumed by some of his other posts he has been typing in the rules thread that he was a new player to the game. I didnt mean to upset him with my reply. Thanks You know it never ceases to amaze me the people who come on here asking for help and then arrogantly have a go at someone for trying to help. Also it seems a bit strange that you only registered your account 5 days ago. Its also strange that you use that daft text smiley the same as Dennis uses.
  11. Cwethan said: So I've got a friend who's planning on running a deck well beloved by the community (Martell Maesters), but he doesn't have the Maesters of War. Is there anyone coming who has a few they could loan out? He's hoping to run it Saturday if that matters. Isn't that akin to Churchill asking Adolf to borrow a few Stuka's off the Luftwaffe prior to the commencement of the Battle of Britain Thats said I hope he does well.
  12. Ive ran it a few times with a Bolton deck which should be quite viable, but I seem to do better without it.
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