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  1. Hi. I would like to know from anyone who plays both campaign and skirmish and have all or most of expansions. I wanna buy this game and get a kind of classic Star Wars feel both regarding the campaign game and the skirmish game. I’m gonna play casual’ish with a friend. The price tag if I’m gonna buy everything is just not realistic. So in order to get a fairly balanced game what should I invest in? I was thinking the main game cause. Then over time every big box expansion? And I was thinking the main characters from episode 4-6 like R2D2/C3PO Lando Leia Solo Chewie Luke Obi wan Maul The emperor Jabba Guido Bobba Fet What packs do I need in addition to keep the game interesting and balanced?
  2. mr.thomasschmidt

    GenCon 50: Attack on Dol Guldur

    Wow. I don't even know if I have enough cards to make 12 decks simulaniously that are all good 😅 Do you know if it would be wise to get multiple copies of the other Gen Con PoDs? Or is this the only one this far?
  3. mr.thomasschmidt

    GenCon 50: Attack on Dol Guldur

    Is it neccessary with multiple packs to play 12? Maybe a dumb question but these kind of epic scenarios are unknown to me
  4. mr.thomasschmidt

    Armada vs. X-Wing

    You guys are great. This discussion really clearifyes some things for me. Ehat makes it so hard for me is that sometimes I don't have time or energy to get into a game I find interesting 100% there and then. But after a while I usually get around to put some time into it. And from experience this can be a mixed experience. Some games where not my style after all and they where sold or gifted away. Others where great buys. And yet a few would have been a great buy if I had had the time when I bought it to dig into it. This because they where either unbalanced or needed a few expansions but then it was too late due to discontinuation. This is why I found x-wing a little complicated at first. Because all the builds where you needed multiple ships of the same type. This time I'll just buy into what I think makes a great core build. And then I'll focus on Armada and buy the new stuff there 🤗
  5. mr.thomasschmidt

    Armada vs. X-Wing

    Depends on the definition of far I'd have to go 1,5 hour by car to Oslo. That's a pretty long way for a gaming evening and for the price of gasoline and other expenses I could buy half an Armada core sett. I know what you mean though. But I'm not going to built a community. I just don't have that kind of time between work, study and kids. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't buying two games if one game gave you both dogfight and epic. But now I know. Thanks
  6. mr.thomasschmidt

    Armada vs. X-Wing

    Thanks for your replies. It's as I feared then. Bye wallet 🤑
  7. mr.thomasschmidt

    Armada vs. X-Wing

    Well that is kind of part of the problem. There's no communities that's interested in either game where I live. It all comes down to what I think looks fun and then try and introduce to one of my friends. Maybe two. This also means that I have to invest in it before they might dip into it as well. And if they don't like it I still want to get enough of a game or both to be able to treat it as a kind of core game to play with my kids in 5 years from now 😅 That's why I ask before I destroy my wallet
  8. mr.thomasschmidt

    Armada vs. X-Wing

    Hi. I have a question for those who have played both games. I have been playing X-Wing casually and ended up selling my collection. A few years later I'm about to get back in. But I also like the idea of the big ship combat from Armada. I think it will be too expensive to dig into both games. Even as a casual player there's ships you just "need". Either for balance or for nostalgia 😅 I don't think you get the "big slow ship battle feel" with x-wing even with the epic ships. Correct? But do you come close to the dogfight feel from x-wing when using the squadrons in Armada? It seems hard to choose between these two games as a casual player. Something tells me I might end up using money on both games anyway but if you get a better al around feeling with Armada I'd rather use the most on that one if that makes sense?
  9. mr.thomasschmidt

    A good core set build

    First off thanks for the replies. Nice to get some simple advices once in a while 👍🏻🙂 Now, based upon what you suggested and what I generally thought looked fun (haven't gone through the details of reading up upon each expansion and what they include) here's what I think I will invest in over the next couple of months: (1 of each only) Upsilon class shuttle Y-wing expansion Special forces Tie X-wing exp. Heroes of the resistance Most wanted Tie advance exp. Lambda class shuttle Tie defender Slave one Star Viper Tie/fo fighter exp. Rebel aces Tie phantom B-wing T-70 X-wing Tie bomber HWK290 Tie interceptor Punishing one Millennium falcon Imperial veterans A-wing Tie fighter exp. U-wing Now this is what looks fun but I have no idea if any of these ships is a waste of money in casual and/or theme play. I must have the Millennium falcon, x-wing with Luke and Tie advance with Vader. But anything else is open for changes. Anyone think I should let any of these ships go? Replace with other? Or does this look like a fine list to go for and then stop buying anything more?
  10. mr.thomasschmidt

    A good core set build

    Hi. I'm coming back to x-wing and I'm starting from the scratch again. I would like to build a good core sett. I'm looking to get between 1-2 big ships and enough small ships to make it fun and balanced between the 3 factions(no epic size) I have bought 1 x Standard core sett and 1 x Force awakens start sett. Beside this what would you recommend? I'm not really on a budget. I just don't wanna buy everything since it would be too overwhelming 😉
  11. mr.thomasschmidt

    Help for a noob

    Thanks a bunch for your answers 🙂
  12. mr.thomasschmidt

    Help for a noob

    Hi. I have been wanting to get into this game for a long time and I have finally gotten around to put an order in for a code set. I really love x-wing but got kind of burned on it. I don't get to play so often but I bought a lot of ships to be able to play lots of lists I never get to play 🙄 So in order to try and avoid the same mistake with this game I have a question I hope some experienced players can help with. I won't be playing competitive just pure casual with a friend or two. I don't mind buying everything there is if necessary. I don't mind buying a ship that won't be played much or is "bad" in most list as long as it is fun or has its place. What I want to know is what to buy to get a game, that is well balanced independent of play style. Kinda like a game without expansions if that makes sense? (I did try to read up on this in the other posts but everything is mostly regarding specific lists or if you should buy one or two core sets regarding copetitative play.)
  13. Okay. Thanks for clarifying it
  14. Hi. I'm new to this game as well and just wondered what you mean by "Imperial 2" strategy card? There's nothing like that in the download section. Only the 3 rule books, a FAQ, a preset maps and some alternate rules. Could you be more specific please?
  15. mr.thomasschmidt

    worth the cost

    That was almost my thought too. Only, I bought everything and then after the announcement I thought "Eh, I'll just get the 2nd core sets and have a full set" Might be able to pass it on later if it won't get any play