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  1. Some monster abilities (Split, Undying etc.) allow to replace defeated monsters ignoring group limits. If there are not enough minion monsters left in stock (such as in a 4-player game where all available figures usually are on the map at the start of a new game) and only one of the master monster has been defeated so far, which figures may I use for the replacement? If none, then the ability has been wasted?
  2. If I activate a monster group, such as the Kobolds in a 4-player game (6 minions, 3 masters), do I have to finish the 2 actions of one Kobold before I can go on to the next Kobold or, for example, may I move all the 9 Kobolds (first action) and then attack with all or any of them (second action)? The rulebook only refers to "activating all monsters in one group before moving to the next one".
  3. Krutzbeck ability says: While you have at least 6 (hearts), each of your attacks gains +2 damage. Does this mean, as long as Krutzbeck has at least 6 health left the ability is active and if only 5 health or less left, the ability is gone or does he need at least 6 damage or more on his charakter sheet to activate this ability? One Fist ability says: You can only equip 1 hand icon worth of equipment. Does this mean, he can only equip "one" 1 hand icon equipment all in all or can he equip two 1 hand icon equipment, a total of 2 hands then? Guess it's just "one" altogether because of his name One Fist, he has a grappling hook instead of his second hand and he owns a free melee attack as a compensation. It's just to make it sure and play it accurately.
  4. Ok, I see, many thanks. Well, anyway, for me there is a small problem to accept the rule tracing the LOS from any corner of the attacker's space to any corner of the target space. I'll apply my own houserules and will trace the LOS from the center of the attacker's space to the center of the target space. In this case, example 1 on page 12 of the rulebook is not an issue anymore because LOS will be blocked this way.
  5. Page 12 of the rulebook says: "Starting with the space adjacent to the attacker (of his choice), count the number of spaces to the target space." If one of the adjacent spaces is blocked (figure, obstacle etc.) may I start to count through this space? As an example, take the picture "Line of sight example" on page 12 of the rulebook. Example 1 shows that Leoric has line of sight to the minion zombie and may attack with his ranged weapon. If he starts to count the distance, may he start with the adjacent obstacle field (only 2 spaces to the target) or not (otherwise 3 spaces)?
  6. Perfect then, was just to make it sure. Many thanks for your helpful and fast answers. Cheers, Doc
  7. Hi there, 1.) Why the Familiar "Reanimate" does not have any Defense Die? If he's attacked, he cannot defend? 2.) May he carry equipment (found or bought in a campaign)? Many thanks for your kind help.
  8. Advance after a fire combat Infantry units in open order may shoot at enemy units in different hexes. How may this unit advance after a combat if different hexes become vacant? Advance after melee combat If attacked hex becomes vacant, a unit must advance. But infantry in open order is not disordered after this advance (as after the advance in a fire combat). Is that correct? Movement Infantry units in line may not move. Why are they allowed to do so during an advance after combat and a retreat? Is that prohibited only for normal movement? Retreat What about a unit in square? Same as with unit in line? May it retreat normally (not allowed to move) or does it lose a figure instead and do not retreat? Artillery reacting to a cavalry charge If an artillery unit becomes charged by more than one cavalry unit frontally, in the same phase and from the same cavalry unit group at the same time, may it fire against all the cavalry units once and if so, does it have to do a morale test every time or only once?
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