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  1. TLTs are quite popular. It's also great against FCS if they don't have a focus (I do a lot of blocking with this list)
  2. That's exactly what I was going for but I only faced 1 TLT list.
  3. Mainly for post sloop attack mods if I wasn't in range 1 though it does give you some nice options for post-sloop movement like a hard 1 and hang onto the stress. I took it to combat stress hog but I didn't run into one all day.
  4. I made top 16 at the FFG store champ yesterday (87 players) with Trandoshan Slaver Bossk Gunner Tactician Guri Virago Autothrusters Wired Sensor Jammer 2x Binayre Pirates Wave 7 is just fine.
  5. This is actually true. The whole staff is at a 1pm showing near their office. That's AWESOME, I just clicked over here to make this joke. I played at the Toys for Tots tournament at the FFGC last Saturday and the winner got two tickets to go with them. They gave two more tickets away in a raffle as well.
  6. This is actually true. The whole staff is at a 1pm showing near their office.
  7. Maybe a title that makes it cheaper to take torpedoes. Like -4 to the cost of your torpedo to a minimum of 0 (possibly add a clause that lets you keep your TL for rerolls). Now all X-wings are packing some extra heat at no cost. I for one don't want to see them get action maneuvers but I like the idea of them being one of the hardest hitting ships in the game; they've got 4 lasers and two torpedo tubes for crying out loud.
  8. cmdrsils

    Most Wanted

    I finally flew Palob with Blaster Turret and Opportunist, and he is a beast!
  9. Can confirm that they are still in stock at the FFGC.
  10. That was me! Glad I could be your weird squad of the tourny. Wish I had put an HLC on Ibby instead of the APT.
  11. I'd be interested and might also be able to bring a friend or two.
  12. I'll be there with my normal gaming group. Probably won't have time for X-wing though. Looking forward to seeing the new place.
  13. cmdrsils


    No R2-D2 for shield recovery...
  14. Haha, tomorrow isn't going to work for me either, I'm on vacation in SC. Next week should work. My group and I usually sit in the mezzanine and gather around 6pm.
  15. I am usually at the event center on Friday nights with my game group. I would be willing to sneak away for a match or two. I've played with another member of my group the last two weeks and have convinced him to get into the game as well. It would be great if we could get some sort of league going.
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