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  1. Yes, you can use it to recover fatigue, move the targeted monster...all what you want
  2. That was exactiliy what I said...you only can use surges to gain more range, no to recover fatigue or use other abilitiies...and he said that it was the "old" ruling...I think that he just didnt understand what I was saying and create some confusion with that answer, cause it seems like nobody understand him, but well, now all has been clarifyed
  3. You can see an example in the reference book. If the archer would be directly above the hit unit, the retreat wouldnt be left or right, would be just in the opposite direction
  4. That was the old ruling.Now, if you lack range, even with the help of a surge, you may not use surges at all. So you are telling me that Justin said that all surges that give extra range are worthless? where can we found that "new" ruling?
  5. If you miss any attack you cant spend surges. The only exception of that is if you miss a ranged attack cause you dont have enught range, then you could use surges to gain more range and dont miss the atack, but you cant use surges to recover fatigue for example.
  6. You should know that in BattleLore, you can move a unit even if you dont have the properly command card. In your example, if you dont have "move left flank units" card, you could use one of them to attack that "tank" anyway.
  7. I want to clarify that its true that "move double your speed" dont give you movement points, thats clear, but its also clear that it dont say "move X spaces", so Jain with her Heroic feat would need to spend 2 movement to enter in a water space, cause in terrain effects "move your speed" is considered like movement points (but they arent). ""Though there is no official rules support for this, the intent is for "Move up to Speed" abilities to be treated like movement points when it comes to terrain-based things or similar. Essentially, it takes 2 of her movement to enter a water space. Thanks, Justin Kemppainen Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games jkemppainen@fantasyflightgames.com""
  8. I realy WANT this game in my Terrinoth colection...but I think that it is going to have a lot of expansions so it isnt going to be a cheap incorporation...
  9. Thank you. =) I don't speak Spanish unfortunately, but I do appreciate the effort you've made here. I was just curious because the answers you were giving seemed much broader in scope than anything I had seen before. And this is good or bad? I am sorry but I dont understand what means exatily "seemed much broader in scope". Well, i hope that were good
  10. of cousre, this is legal cause the runic knowledge doesnt have the fatigue icon down and right. It is exatily the same that with fortuna's dice.
  11. I used to read the post that Robin has in BGG but I dont have time to translate and post there ALL questions that I make to Justin, cause I speak with him every week... Maybe if you have time and know spanish you could go to spanish forum in www.edgeent.com, there my name is Klass and I have that forum 100% actualiced and all questions there are resolved by Justin. Also, that forum is very good ordered. He have 5 subforums: 1º) To quest questions, I have created post with the name of all quest and all FAQ of them. Also, if any user has any question about it he only has to go to that quest and post there. 2º) Expansiones: here is where we comment all things about future expansions, ideas, questions...all 3º) Rules: here we has all questions about clases, only clases. 4º) homemade 5º) the general forum to put all other questions. As I said, if someone make a question that could be logic and I am not 100% sure, I allways make the question to Justin, thats why in my mail I have a mail that only 21 august-17 october I have more that 70 answers...and as you can understand I dont have time to put all of them in robins post at bgg... I dont used to come to this forum, but when I do I usually see questions that has clear answers but, sometimes like now that I see that the answers isnt very clear I try to help a little bit. Thats possible cause in spanish forum I think that is all answered and very good ordered so now the activity of that forum is a little bit down...hehe
  12. Well...I could copy you the mail that I recived for Justin, but if you still have dudes about it, you could do the question yourself. The mail is this: "Hello again Justin, I have a question that I would to clarify with you. If I understand good, it would be legal to suffer damage insted of fatige in: Sir Valadir hero ability, Steelhorns hero ability, Reynhart hero ability, Eliam heroic feat and Karnon hero ability and heroic feat. Is that correct? In summary, you cant get more fatigue that stamina only when you are activating class skills (skills that have the fatigue simbol down and right) or moving with fatigue, is it right? And also an example about Reflective Ward. If I did 8 damage to a white goblin (2hp) after surges and after all and the OL plays that card, what damage would suffer the hero? 2 or 8? I think that according to your last answer would be 8 but I would want to confirm it." And Justin answers: "Yes, this is a correct assessment. Reflective Ward: You are correct, as it would be 8. Thanks, Justin Kemppainen Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games jkemppainen@fantasyflightgames.com" All what I said is cause it has been previously confimed by Justin, if I dont have something clear, first i ask him and after I talk about it hehe
  13. Ok I see some confusion here so I am going to try to explain how this works. You CANT use more fatigue than your stamina in 2 things: a) to activate skills that has the fatigue icon down and right b) to gain movement points with it So, in what things could I spend more fatigue than my stamina? (so I would take damage) a) using skills that DONT have the fatigue icon down and right but they require fatigue (like runic knowledge) b) using any hero ability or heroic feat (reynhart, karnon etc...) c) suffering it by monster skills like web, water... That said, of course all of this has been confirmated with FFG, its not my personal opinion, its only what FFG said. I hope that helps
  14. Sure, it keeps more surprise but...what happens if the item that your heroes want isnt in that 10? You said "oh...bad luck, now come to Act II and say goodbye to all Act I items..." In this moment with the basic game + first 2 expansions, we have 33 Act I items...and with trolfens I dont know, maybe around 37 In a 4 heroes game, they should draw 20 Act I items before the Interlude, and of course they can draw multiple times the same item so...how many different items should they see before the interlude? I would say that maybe a 50%. Its true that maybe, if the OL wants, they can play a rumor adventure and have the change of see 5 items more...but thats not sure. Now, if you let them to see 10 items more after the Interlue, they would see a total of 30 items more or less...so there would be 7 items that they didnt see never for sure, and if the draw the same item more than 1 time...maybe they would lose around 10 items from Act I... What happens if Rune Plate is one of that items? or crossbow? or the bearded axe? or maybe the mana weave, the chain mail, the ring of power...that items are BASIC for a good Act II and if you dont get them cause you dont have enought money, or you used it wrong ok...but if you dont have the chance cause you dont have "lucky"... it would be quite unfair especially when in the game there is a rule to avoid that to happens... And think that in the future this would happen more and more...more Act I items, less % to get any of them...The chance to see all the items after the Interlude would be BASIC, now and even more in the future.
  15. I am not agree...Its ture that, sometimes it can be done, cause the difference woulnt be very big but...in other times the difference can be very very big... For example, if during the Act I adventures and Interlude you dont get the Rune Plate armor...its a very very big mistake (or bad luck...) cause its one of the best armors of the game. With that rule, you KNOW that, in Act II, you are going to have it, SURE 100%, but if you let all to the lucky, with more and more expansions and more and more cards, in the future would be very very difficult to get it, or other very good Act I items like bearded axe, mana weave, crossbow and so on... Thats why the rule exist, to give the chance to the heroes to buy all Act I items that they want and dont let all to the lucky...Thats why if your heroes didnt buy some (or all) of that very good items cause they didnt see them, it would be quite unfair to take out that rule and dont let the heroes the change of geting that excelent items. And also, as I said in my first post, maybe the heroes could have lucky and see the crossbow for example, but they didnt have enought money in that moment, but they like that weapon and want to buy it...it would be quite imposible that they could draw it again, too much lucky, but with that rule its sure that they are going to have that chance again...
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