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  1. I for got to add the terrain tile pack- I'm pretty open- for everything in one go- retail is about $370- I would do $160 incl shipping easy- about 65% retail incl shipping for piecemeal- and $110 whole for pickup at GenCon.
  2. Looking to get rid of my dust stuff- I don't know what the rules on here are for this kind of thing. So can I post here or is there another place to go? Used unpainted, in box, Like new condition Revised core set Operation Cyclone Operation Cerberus Allied The Boss Medium assult walker Medium assult walker Grim reapers Axis Zombies Kommandotrupp Special Ops Grenadiers Medium Panzer Walker Light Panzer Walker Dice set
  3. I know Smug Jedi (Han with Jedi) has been the thing, and it is a really good deck, but I think the brute power of that deck has over shadowed the potential of a pure Jedi deck. Old Ben has helped make Han better it also has made a more fertile ground for a Pure jedi deck to play dangerous. The deck 1x2 2x2 3x2 6x2 7x2 or 37x2 depending on meta- I'm seeing a move away from sith, so training is getting more viable Why those sets? 1 and 2, I don't think we need to talk about at all- 1st turn yoda with trust and any other enhancement can destroy 2 objectives- and Luke, well… 3- everything but Obi-wan, you have an OK card draw objective, a squishy but deadly unit, a suprise shield, a heat of battle, and Mind Trick-IMO the most undervalued card in the game 6- Heal isn't bad, it's not GOOD, but it's not bad- Redemption is a game breaker- 3 to the force, yoda comes back every turn? It neuters force choke. The gem of this set though is Return of the Jedi- some one once told me it was too expensive- it's negitive expensive- throw Ben in an edge battle- that's +4 edge -2 cost for a suprise (out of turn) unit. 7. I like Jedi Training for 2 reasons- Mind Trick can win you the game,or just shut down a problematic unit, and It binds all things is another trick card- How many times has a game come down to an edge battle? You have the force but one edge card is the difference between victory and defeat. Now you have 2, they know what you have yes but you can even make that work in your favor. 37-The OBJ recursion is good but you only need it if you are losing, Old ben is really really good- really good, calm can be silly good. I think the Han/Jedi deck is easier to play but not better, barring a 1st turn yoda with 2 enhancements
  4. the only traits that will ever really matter are character and vehicle when it comes to cave- so at this point it can already pair with every one of those types it matches. I don't think a Han/Leia deck will really work until set 5 when we see a rebel Han. I'm hoping for -targeted strike-when Han focuses to strike rescue one captured card or deal one damage to one enemy objective or unit" I think that's on par with S&S Han and fits the theme.
  5. The best definition so far of damaged I can find would be having a damage token placed on it- My thoughts- not entirely relevant but the wording is. Rulebook pg 3 [Moving damage is not considered dealing damage. However, the unit that receives the moved damage is still considered to have been “damaged.” (For example, a unit with “Protect Character” can be used to absorb damage that is being moved to another Character unit.)] So even moving damage is damaging- The wording " Place a damage token on a unit" (doesn't exist as far as I know) might be ruled to bypass this; it does not bypass shield (pg23). I think if they ever wanted a way to bypass these they would use "reduce damage capacity"- it's much more elegant. Now the do the tokens stay? I would say yes, nothing explictly says they should be removed but what if a card comes along that says something like "Action: capture target damaged unit" Could it target a unit with damage on it but that "cannot be damaged" I would argue then that there were two uses of damaged an "active" - having a damage token placed on, and a "passive" having damage tokens already on the card. Overthinking?
  6. it's good but renegade squardon mobilization will make it into every deck that can fit it in.Echo caverns- Notice "share a trait". Vehicle and Character are traits. I can see no where this will not be amazing.
  7. Scenario- Luke Has no damage Boba Fett has one- Boba Fett strikes LS plays Lightsaber deflection. Boba Fett dies before he can use his reaction correct?
  8. On OCTGN, I prep "Action" in chat when I think this might happen, then hit enter if the situation comes up. IRL it should always go reveal the card you want to play, focus resources- that allows time for an action from the oponent and is technically how the phase should work. In theory if there was an interrupt that happened at the right time you could destroy a resource generating card after a card was revealed but before it was payed for and prevent it from being played. I don't think this can happen with the available cards though.
  9. ScottieATF said: In regards to this thread, this is not what I'm taking about at all. While I agree that a 5pm start time on a Saturday is a bit absurd (and to a lesser extent so is going with the low end round time for a new game), I was not at all commenting on the timing of the event (beyond round length which is apart of tournament rules). I was only commenting on the tournament format, rounds, top cut, etc. These are apart of the current tournament packet but extremely open ended sorry if I got side tracked- Format swiss- rounds open- there can be a "Championship bracket" but that is optional too. Are you asking that they change this? I totally agree- by stated rules there don't even have to be finals of any sort. I'm actually ok with this. Are you asking if they should say something like 3 rounds-no finals-60 min games boom that's a regional. well they could and that's exactly how I would run it, but many would be unhappy with this or any other variation. say 5 people show up- say 100 show up - say top tier players really think they deserve more games than everyone else. I'm about an hour away from any regional-I would expect to get to play against at least 3 people that's 6 hours of pure game play.give a 20 min set up and 10 min betweeen games that's almost 7 hours. That's a lot for some people. but lets say I had 30 people who were willing to play for 10 hours straight 2 days in a row- can I host 2 regionals back to back? can I say my regionals is 14 rounds? What if only 2 people show up?
  10. Here all the things FFG should require- posted start time- set up time- (maybe with some leeway for large events)- that the games start on time-that the entire tournament lasts one day- that there is a limit to game time- now I don't think that they should say start time has to be so early, or that it has to be at a game store. If I have 15 players that play in my game room at my house and have room for 10 more why can't I host a game night? or a regionals? I agree there has to be an official time frame but if I say that's 1AM-7AM and can get 10-15 players why shouldn't that be okay? I agree that a clear schedule should be posted and set by FFG and not by local TO's. If they call a break I just don't have time for in finals cuz their buddy is hungry, or give me an extra break cuz I dove 2 hours to play-that's not OK. I recongize that no one can predict how many people will show up, but a solid required schedule would be nice-something like posted arrival time- set up =15 minutes +5 minutes per 15 players game start-game limit-
  11. yeah I can see it's a good deck but I am always a victem of murphy's law I would draw all sith so much- I always plan to get the crap draw. it's not a bad deck and, back to the origional question- Han/Jedi is strong and I think a bit easy [deck], but the overall enviroment has adjusted. So good on you players and you the game in general. As more tourney results pour in I see that there's a lot more balance. Good show, fellow players and game designers both.
  12. How do you determine if a card is neutral or not? pg 9 of the rule book under the section "Key" number 4 is the "affililation symbol" this determies what resource you have to match to and what resouce it generates. -Control room is definatly an imperial card-and thus requires an imperial ersource match to play. Look at the symbol before the name.
  13. I didn't break it all the way down- you draw 4 of 10 objectives- you have 4 Imp objectives- looks like all non objective imp resources require imp to play. I don't see that control room are neutral to play. EDIT- All non objective imperial resources require imperial reources to play- See rule book pg 8-9 card part #4
  14. cephalgia said: These sets x2. I've played the Smuggler's Den deck more than 15 times, never taken a loss. In fact, only once did they blow up more than one objective. Death and Despayre Lord Vader's Command Fall of the Jedi The Emperor's Web The Heart of the Empire That set looks like it would be too easy to get no Imp resources running sith affiliation card
  15. With all the early regionals rolling in does it all seem like a game of who can win fastest with that one Han/Jedi deck? Does this seem to be the case in your meta? Do you see DS decks built just to conter this? Is there anything you have seen in the upcoming sets that might mitigate the strength of this deck without forcing the balance too far towards the dark?
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