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  1. if the "IF" was "While" it would be easier.... But i must stop thinking in C++
  2. Hello to all!!! Here is how it goes. I am the attacker, And i Use Rob Stark(CS) at a military attack. I win, my opponent has 2 Characters. First comes the military claim and kills one Character. After that i play the response of Rob to kill an opponent's Character...SOooooooo can my opponent play "lord of light, protect us" event, kneel the character i chose to die and cancel my ability??
  3. I don't know i just thought that because it was a hand return action, maybe dupes couldn't work...anyway bad thinking
  4. Hello to all. The Hound (POTS) "After a character's STR is lowered, return The Hound to his owner's hand." , if there is a duplicate on him is there any way to save him if a characters STR is lowered ? Or i must return The hound to my hand and discard the duplicate?
  5. ktom said: As you have outlined it, Player B "must choose" a character controller by Player A, but there is nothing that he "must choose" the actual person "Player A" for. This is the all misunderstanding, a fellow player thought the "or" in the plot means he controls or not controls, albeit the "or" as i insisted is referring to he and she. Anyway , problem solved Jaime Lannister....You successfully made the intrigue challenge in the forum
  6. I will test it and i will reply soon thanks for the time, i got the basic build idea
  7. Hello to all Deck Creators!!! Can i have some propositions about a basic build using CS and Kings of the sea cards for Greyjoy?
  8. I understand your explanation. It makes sense
  9. Yes but, siege says : "Response: After you win a Military challenge, claim 2 power for your House." This is confusing me...it says after, meaning as far as i understand, that Brienne is out of the challenge when the challenge ends....i cant understand :/
  10. this is because the siege of winterfell is considered an event that triggers in the beggining of a military challenge?
  11. When you say , stop the siege of winterfell you mean she can prevent the 2 power claim of the victorious ML challenge?
  12. Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v , saves important seconds of life thanks for the time mate!
  13. So to make it clear in my head... Say we have a character with a duplicate and the milk of the poppy on him....does that mean that the player cannot trigger the "response" to save him , or can he? And if we have bowl of brown, on a character with duplicates, can the player or not trigger the response to save the character?
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