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  1. In the fluff, seems like Kasrkin are essential Storm Troopers from Cadia. I'm a bit surprised they are even considered a regiment at all. You could just play a Cadian Storm Trooper and call it a Kasrkin. The regiment itself seems to be on the crazier side of the power curve. They're all geared out like Storm Troopers, but you can pick any specialization. To me it removes a big selling point of Storm Troopers, even with their great aptitudes the loss of a comrade is pretty big deal. Why play a Storm Trooper at all if you can make **** near a whole regiment of them?
  2. I really like the idea of getting a small toughness bonus increase for Catachans. 1. It allows us to stick with the theme better, as I can't imagine a Catachan in full flack armour. 2. It gives a bonus that penetration can't take away. 3. Makes Catachans nearly on par with other regiments. I will have to pitch that to my GM. (The mud and fatigues could be good too) Someone brought up the point of why we might be taking firepower. I actually was thinking we would be in melee more frequently than most regiments and so armour equaling survivability. Why would i not want the added AP. If you want to play Catachans that avoid combats, that's great. More power to you. I, on the other hand, would like to run around like a roided up BA kicking the crap out of the enemies of man. Stealth and traps, have their place, but nothing is as fun as a good fight. Perhaps my mental image of Catachans does not mesh well with how Only War has laid them out. I've heard in past 40k books their toughness was on par with Orks and Space Marines, with admittedly crappier armour. This seems to be what I would be looking for.
  3. I've played Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Black Crusade and none of my characters wore any armour less than 3 across thier entire body. Most of the premade regiments have full flak armour, which seems like solid protection for front line fighters. My regular gaming group is considering playing Only War and everyone (including myself) are stoked to try Catachans (many Rambos in my group). This leads to a possible problem, flak vests (and helm). While completely in the fluff, considering how important armour can be for survival in this game how do you survive encounters? Outside of the obvious dodge, parry, cover that any guardsman could do, it does seem like many of the regiments get a little screwed by this. Catachans, Tallarns, and Mordians (though Mordians are probably content fighting from the protection of their Leman Russ). If you're currently playing as one of these regiments how do you overcome the dreaded flak vest? Homebrew or otherwise. -Shiferbrains
  4. We have a character that is using Raptor+Charge+Swift Attack combined with some added cheese (namely a force weapon, warp time, precog. strike, and psy rating 6) to one shot nearly every boss we come across. While he is admittedly a glass canon, even he acknowledges something needs a nerfing. The group has focused on nerfing the raptor+charge+swift attack part of the combo. The thought is either to limit charge attacks to single attacks or to limit raptor to only affecting the first hit of the swift attack hits. Any thoughts would be gladly welcome. I'm worried that the GM will ramp the difficulty up so high, to account for our munchkin player, that the rest of the group will be owned hard.
  5. coolzyg said: I think it means ,,reduce agility by 20 only for initiative" so reduce initiative by 2. Make sense for me While your GM can change the rules to fit their fancy, this mutation is pretty clear in its rules implementation. All enemies in 20 meters have their initiatives reduced by 20. Essentially meaning they will always go last if they are in range.
  6. I've won before with Skaven. The key is to lump up on one region and go for ruination. Combine this with the upgrade that allows some of your guys to move with ruination and you can begin to chain ruin turn after turn. Of course my Khorne opponent was not sitting on me with more than one bloodletter, so I would only lose one or 2 figs a round at most. Since the vast majority of Skaven cards are only useful in regions you dominate or are currently located, they mostly suck. If an opponent is wise to this, he will fill one of your slots with one of his cards and limit your options. All in all, Skaven are difficult to play, but it is possible to win. My biggest gripe is that you are essentially a one trick pony, there is really only one way to win and that's with VPs. A dial victory is nearly impossible with competent opponents.
  7. Here is the response. It doesn't really define what a Minion is, it's up to your GM to interpret what is right for his story. As it's a protection to the party, in my games I allow it to work on players. I don't allow that same player to issue orders with the Command Skill, but I do allow the player to use Command to inspire his comrades. It's really a matter of party temperament. Mack Martin Associate RPG Producer So it still is a bit vague, but it seems that it is certainly a viable ruling to have it affect PC allies. Though it seems that it is highly GM dependent.
  8. I've sent this question to the Devs. I'll make sure to let you guys know what there answer is.
  9. I've done a lot of searching on this topic and I've been unable to find any information. I've noticed that errata on Iron Discipline clearly states that it does work on fellow party members as long as you are considered the party leader. Into the Jaws of Hell has Iron Discipline as a prerequisite plus it is also worded nearly identically with the added benefit of immunity. So the real question is... Does the errata define what a "minion" is or does the errata specifically increase the usefulness Iron Discipline and leave Into the Jaws of Hell unaffected? If it defines what a minion is, then Into the Jaws of Hell should work on my party members. If it expands Iron Discipline, then Into the Jaws of Hell would still only effect NPCs.
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