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  1. tath

    how long

    if a tech-priest or explorer were to make some thing like a suit of void sealed flack or carapise armor how long would it tack if he had evry thing he needed
  2. so i have at least 2 questions at the time. the first one is can you use sealth and or ki concealment in combat to hide from your aponit and howcwould it work also could you use the dyanjanie nepilum power to make your advasary forget you and move on to some one ealss. i have a player that insists she can do all this. second what is a good way to make chalinging situwations for my player it seams evey thing i though at them just dies allmost intintly even if its 2 or 3 levels over them. any kind of aswers would be nice thanks
  3. what if you had a damage barrer of 40 and some one with a base damage of 50 attack you would it drop the damage down buy 40
  4. how exactly do damage barriers work ive read the rules but dont get it
  5. tath

    other races

    do the rules and state builds for other enemys like the tau and what not from other games work if i were to use them in rouge trader or vise versa
  6. tath

    play diffrences

    no i mean th diffrnce bettwen dark heresy deathwatch and rogue trader
  7. tath

    play diffrences

    so im new to the warhammer 40k rp games but have been playing warhammer 40k for a long time and i was wondering what the diffrence betwen the diffrnt games is.
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