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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'll discuss it with my player next time I see her.
  2. Blow air out my nose at them. Greens exist; blues are the reward for creative play. I'm not okay with making the player who invested in the social side of things feel like they wasted resources getting good at something that others get to be good at for free when they had to pay for it. As you say, the charmer faces great difficulty shooting people with Charm. It follows that everyone should have problems charming people without Charm.
  3. A question to consider, if you've not already done so: What happens when a character wants to use one of the talents that have an in-built credit cost? Or when a character has the talent that gives them credits every session? Something you probably should have an answer for prior to implementing this kind of change at your table.
  4. Link: Lignan Crystal I have a (player's) character who wishes to refine some of the lignan ore they recently acquired into a lightsaber crystal. I was under the impression such a thing already had official stats; perhaps I was mistaken. Anyone happen to have pointers to either official or unofficial stats for the things? I could just say "corrupted crystal" and watch the player squirm as her character does it anyway, but that is a less entertaining response than it should be. So! What say you?
  5. Tangent: I'd love to see their character sheets. Think ya could put them up on dropbox or suchlike so we can take a gander? On-Topic: I wouldn't suggest trying to use mechanics to resolve a table problem. That never works out. I would suggest telling them that you aren't having fun, that you want to have fun too and that y'all need to come to an agreement about what is going to change so that everyone (including yourself) gets to have fun. This is a game. Something we do for fun. If you aren't having fun, well ... stop doing it.
  6. I suspect that: [Data Folder]/DataCustom/VehicleImages/ ... is where you would put the image. The ones provided by the developer all appear to be PNG and to be named after the Key value of the vehicle they are the default portrait for. I would then select it via the [SELECT PORTRAIT] button on the appropriate character window. I've not tested this. Ya may have to play around with it a bit to get it to work.
  7. My Republic was a representative democracy doing what its' people asked of it to the best of its' ability. The fact that it ran on chattel slavery (re: droids), slave armies (re: clones), super-powered assassins (re: jedi) and varying flavors of economic and military adventurism ... well! The representatives are merely people, after all. Can't be too harsh on them. They're just doing what they can with what they have. Right? Heh.
  8. I'd argue that they have the technology, merely that they refuse to use it. Very safe-tech. Galactics are demonstrated as having the technology to build world-killers. They just don't do so as a regular thing. *shrugs*
  9. The included game data is incomplete and so not displaying properly. You'll want to pop open the data editor, input the missing information and reload the character so the generator will show the new data.
  10. Copied from the documentation pdf: 2.5 Question: Is there a way to share data between different installations of the software on different computers? Answer: Yes. Using a cloud storage system, such as DropBox or Google Drive, you can have all of your players share the same data from as many installations as you want. Read this question, above, for instructions on how to do this. You can also use a similar technique for sharing data within a LAN. Just create a shared folder and give everyone permission to use it. Then everyone can use it as the data folder. And: 2.3 Question: I want to use cloud storage, such as DropBox or Google Drive, to have a central repository for my data, and I want my players to be able to access it. Can this be done? Answer: Yes. In fact, versions after will automatically refresh and synchronize data found on cloud storage, or even on a network share. Page 5To centralize your data, you’ll need to create some sort of a shared directory on your hard drive or network. If you’re using a cloud storage system, you’ll need to download and install their software in order to get a local sync folder on your hard drive. Both DropBox and Google Drive have software that will do this. The sync folder is more than likely off of your user directory, but it can vary with the cloud service you’re using. For DropBox, the sync folder defaults to “C:\Users\<login name>\DropBox”, for example. If you use a cloud service, you’ll also need to create a folder on the cloud, and then give your players access to the folder. They will also need to install whatever software they need to access the folder on their local system. Instructions for giving other people access to your folder should be found somewhere on your cloud service’s website. If you want to use a network share, create the share and make sure that the login accounts for all of your players have read and write access to the share. Next, both you and your players will need to configure the generator software to look for data in the shared folder you created above. To do this, run the launcher, check “More Options”, then click “Data Path”. In the dialog, check “Select your own data location”, and either type in the path in the provided text box, or use the “Choose” button to browse to the folder location. Again, this is the local sync folder on your hard drive for your cloud service, or the UNC path to your network share. Once you do this, you should all have access to the same data. If your data is on a cloud service, you’ll automatically get changes made by anyone else using the software. Hopefully this helps.
  11. If you don't mind digging around some and/or are reasonably fluent in XML -- search for CraftTemplates.xml and CraftImprovements.xml. Should get ya started.
  12. Special Attack Distance, up to 800 feet 40 DP, 20 Gnosis Damage, up to Base Damage 150 60 DP, 20 Gnosis Without Limits 60 DP, 20 Gnosis Special Attack (Custom) Special, Reduces Zeon instead of LP ?? DP, ?? Gnosis Added Mystical Effect Resistance, MR 120 60 DP, 20 Gnosis Effect, Drain, Complete 50 DP, 15 Gnosis Added Mystical Effect (Custom) Special, Recovers user's Zeon instead of user's LP. ?? DP, ?? Gnosis ... "Draw Magic" (sub-total: DP 270+?, Gnosis 20?) Special Attack (DP 160, Gnosis 20) Special Attack (Custom) (DP ??, Gnosis ??) Added Mystical Effect (DP 110, Gnosis 20) Added Mystical Effect (Custom) (DP ??, Gnosis ??) This specific critter has Damage Energy and Supernatural Attack already. It attacks someone who uses magic, hits, and instead of inflicting damage it reduces the amount of Zeon available to its' target. If the resistance check works out in its' favor, it gains access to the Zeon it just removed from its' target. In your opinions: What price and/or discount would I apply to the custom bits? Also, what price and/or discount would I apply if I wanted to remove the resistance check on the Drain so that if the attack hits and does "damage" that the Drain is automatically successful?
  13. Lia Valenth said: All the Ki abilities are from Dominus Exxet. Multiplication of bodies is on page 20. as per 6) I found out, No you can not use Optional Advantages with Improvised Techniques. Thanks for clarifying. I only have the Spanish version of that book, and I don't read Spanish hence my confusion. Checking my copy and my favorite translation programs ... *lots of typing later* ...1) "(y consecuentemente, un -4 a sus Caracteristicas)" is the relevant line in Spanish. It is a -4 to the Characteristic, not a -4 to the Characteristic Check. 2) The book doesn't say. I would rule that the copies appear within arms reach of the original or within arms reach of another copy (if the creator wishes to daisy-chain the copies). GM's choice. 3) The book doesn't say. I would rule that the copies suffer the same limitation of being unable to act immediately. GM's choice. 4) Additionally, it should be noted that the copies can not have an initiative higher than their creator's initiative. In light of that, I would rule that the copies always have the same initiative as their creator's initiative ... mostly to save everyone the headache.
  14. Hmm. I must have missed that when i read through the chapter ... I've been making spirits with all the required-to-be-a-spirit powers without taking into account their point costs in the monsters' total points. It hasn't caused any problems in my games ... Your call though.
  15. Lia Valenth said: *bump my own question up with another question* 6) With the Ki ability "Improvised Technique" you can not combine abilities, however can you enhance abilities? For example could you choose to create long range weapons with the ability Physical Ki Weapons using the Optional Advantage: Projectiles? Again: Which book is this technique in?
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