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  1. So bombardment drone can launch a device instead of dropping it, does this not directly contradict the ruling given for deathfire? The reasoning for him not being able to launch a device upon death was because all current devices can only be dropped, this just seems like mixed signals, I always thought the point of a cards special rules was to "break" the rules ie: the golden rule.
  2. Honestly just looked at Launchbaynext and it's just as scrolly as the ffg one with less pictures (less pictures is good) Still feels really long winded, I don't need to see every detail about a ship, put it in a button, I just need the titles and costs.
  3. I was watching a couple of friends play a game of conquest yesterday and noticed the tyranids dial, for those not aware it is two dials stuck together, and it got me thinking about if a ship in X-Wing could utilise a double dial? After thinking about some silly twin ship ideas it struck me that it would have been awesome if turret ships had to set the position of their turret each turn. If this had been done from the start turret ships would be very different, opponents would have to second guess two factors when fighting turrets and the turret player wouldn't have it as easy as they do now. With this said, its not to say this couldn't be done with future turret style ships. I imagine the second dial would have only 4 points allowing the turret to switch to fore, aft, port and starboard, the base plate would just have fire arcs marked from corner to corner and to avoid confusion possibly a token to represent which direction it's facing. Not saying this is a great idea, but it's a great idea
  4. Ok cool, just wasn't sure because moribund has gone and Ghaston triggered in the win lose section of the framework, but if resolution carries on that's fine.
  5. If Ghaston removes the only attacker does challenge resolution stop?
  6. My IG'S wipe swarms but yeah swarm is still powerful! Requires a very good pilot tho to adapt as the meta changes.
  7. hmm i see your point, having reread all the sections i believe you are right it is a replacement. it's easy to be fooled by the line i quoted, i know others who have thought the same. the rule book does state other obstacles may be introduced which makes sense that the debris field rules fully replace the asteroid ones printed in the book.
  8. i believe forgottenlore is incorrect, you will skip your perform action step for passing/overlapping a debris field as the rules state "debris clouds are obstacles as described in the core rulebook with the following exceptions" it goes on to state the 2 specific difference and that you may still attack while overlapping them, it does not say that rule about skipping the action step no longer applies, so Tycho or someone effected by Yorr cannot take an action after passing/overlapping a debris cloud.
  9. Had a bit of success with C and D today, running adv sensors, wingman. Allowed for back to back s loops while still getting actions (mostly boost evade). Increased options for final position, you miss out on offensive actions but will often be avoiding opponents fire arcs. AGGRESSOR: · IG-88C (36) Wingman (2) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Advanced Sensors (3) Autothrusters (2) IG-2000 (0) AGGRESSOR: · IG-88D (36) Wingman (2) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Advanced Sensors (3) Autothrusters (2) IG-2000 (0)
  10. Not sure if this makes a difference to the timing of the two effects but gunner states "immediately" whereas Vader doesn't. Would this mean that the second attack should be done before Vader triggers anyway? Does immediately trump other effects?
  11. No, both are well defined terms and no one is interpreting either one. An Ion Cannon or Turret both require that the defender be Hit. You determine if a ship is Hit or not in step 6 Compare Results, and no other place. At that point, what happens to the uncanceled <hit> and <crit> results doesn't really matter. The defender will suffer 1 damage and receive 1 ion token. You can't have an uncanceled <hit> or <crit> until step 6, until that point they are results in the dice pool. So the answer to your question... No DtF or Xizor can not stop the defender from suffering 1 damage and be given 1 ion token. There is some debate over if the Ion effect kicks in before or after the Ion Cannon/Turret cancel all dice or not. Which one of those going first would decide if you can use DtF or Xizor to move damage or not. This was my point exactly, just to add to this tho, Suffering damage happens in step 7 based on uncancelled die results, since the ion cannon cancels all dice after dealing the defender its one damage and ion token, the are no uncanceled results for Xizor or draw theirfire to "move". Initiative has nothing to do with it as the abilities of each card trigger in different steps. But yes an FAQ ruling is required since DMS is here now.
  12. fair point, we'll see what they say in the next FAQ, cheers for the input
  13. I'm still not convinced that the damage from the attack can be moved (regardless of how pointless it would be) since all dice results are canceled leaving nothing to be suffered by a friendly ship in step 7
  14. Just to add a little more confusion to this topic, this question has been buzzing around our lacal boards this morning, if Xizor is hit by an Ion turret/cannon when do each of the effects take place? 9 In my mind the ion t/c hits (say with a single result) this is determined in step 6, the ion t/c then deals one damage and one ion token before canceling all dice results (as per the final paragraph of section 6) then in section 7 since there are no more uncanceled hits (because the ion t/c canceled tthem all) Xizor has no opportunity to trigger since his damage was suffered out of sequence due to the ion effect. 8 Am I correcct? The timing seems right, but be nice for some official confermation.
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