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  1. Guinness1759 said: I hope to find where the next DT "hang-out" will be. Same with me! So where do the DT fans meet now?
  2. I suppose a team of 4 soldiers takes up 4 slots and a team of 3 soldiers takes up 3 slots. So both SSU teams would fit in the Transport Helicopter.
  3. I suppose the Terrain Tile Set contains everything you'll need.
  4. The Patmos amulet may be used once per turn.
  5. As the Liturgy doesn't target Hoax, she is affected by it even if she is invisible. Basically, Irina just starts to sing her liturgy without even seeing Hoax, and Hoax can't avoid listening to it.
  6. That's just the way I always played it as well, but felkor is right: The rules don't actually mention this situation.
  7. That will be enough for 3 players. If you want to play with 4 players, you should get the Shogunate characters as well, so you'll have 4 factions for 4 players. If you play with 3 or even 4 players, you probably should use 2 linked game boards. Especially in 3 player games, every player should have the first half of his characters enter the first board and the other half enter the second board. Playing a 2 vs. 2 with each player getting 2 heroes and 1 trooper sounds good as well.
  8. I don't see a 3 point difference in two armies as a big issue in DT. Just play your first casual games with two armies that are as close as possible, or if you play scenarios, try to match the point limit as close as possible. If one army is one point below the point limit and the other is two points above it, it won't matter. In competetive play of course you may not have more points in your army than allowed, so you might want to invest in one cheap unit per faction to have a "point filler".
  9. "Q: Heizinger's Hermetica Occulta requires a non-Obscura Korps figure to make a mental dual to enter a circle on his path. Only one test allowed. Do you need to make a mental dual if you are already on a circle on his path and wish to move to another circle on his path? A: Yes, a character lacking the Obscura Korps symbol must always test to enter a circle on his path." While the rules concerning the Hermetica aren't quite clear in this matter, it was officially answered some time ago. As you see, if a character passes the Mental Duel and is allowed to enter Heizinger's path, he must pass another Duel every time he wants to enter another circle on the same path. It doesn't matter if it's the same or the next activation. Furthermore, I think that you may not try again if you fail the Duel once. So if your character has managed to pass the Duel and has entered Heizinger's path, he shouldn't move around but just gun Heizinger down instead.
  10. ??!

    Crate Tokens

    You can just pool all the tokens that you have and choose those that are appropriate for a given game mode. The tokens from the different expansions actually look a bit different as some have smaler and some have larger crates depicted on them, but this won't be a problem.
  11. The list I thought of looks quite similar. It would just exchange Nadja for Natasha to gain some range. Another option could be Grand'ma, Koshka (both from Operation Zverograd), Fakyeli, Drakoni, Battle Squad (Sorry, can't remember the Russian name).
  12. You shouldn't give up your great idea that easily. Just equip Heizinger with the Obscura Korps Band instead of the Helm and suddenly you can give him +2 Movement points (+1 from a CP, +1 from the Band). You'll even have a CP left to increase his Mental Value or shake off a wound in case he is attacked. The risk of Heizinger being attacked is higher of course as he's lacking the Helm, so be sure to have a character (or more) equipped with a First Aid Kit. Eva Krämer or a Shocktruppen could work fine.
  13. If the Revised Rules are correct in this point, you actually CAN'T increase your movement value twice, as the paragraph about "temporarily increasing a characteristic value" states you may spend a CP to increase the "Combat, Mental or Stamina characteristics by one". The Movement value isn't mentioned, so you can't increase your Movement value using this rule. I have to admit that I don't know if this rule was later changed officially or FAQed.
  14. The soldiers don't actually "place" the mines, they just attack. The mines are just a range 1 weapon with a limited number available (5 boxes to check off on the stat card). The soldiers won't take any damage from their mines as well, but they definitely will take damage from attacks while they move into range to use the mines. That's where the "suicide" aspect comes in: They have to get really close to the enemy to use their mines.
  15. Another option for Panzerprinz could be putting him in a Lothar to have the chance to do an indirect attack and a reload in one activation, but I'm not sure whether this is worth 26 points. Victory, although being quite expensive, looks better. I'll definitely try putting him in an expensive vehicle to avoid some damage done to it, and I'll also put him in an army with the other jump-capable Allied infantry. Concerning the Übertoten: I don't think they are as overpriced as some of you state. After all, they are damage resilent Armor 3 squads with 5 soldiers each, have regular cover saves and there are 2 heroes that can possibly join them. Considering this, they just can't be cheap! I have to admit, what really bothers me about the Übertoten is neither their price nor their abilities, it's their name. "Heilige Tod" translated into English is "Holy Death". Does this make any sense? Even if it does, a proper German name would be "Der heilige Tod" or "Heiliger Tod", but not "Heilige Tod". That probably sounds German, but it is not German. By the way, what kind of weapon does Panzerprinz have? The stat card says "Hidden Lüger", but the pistol they are probably thinking of is called a Luger. It would be really nice if the German names in FFG games could be checked by someone who'd actually speak German.
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