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  1. agashmirv

    card sleeves

    I'm using Mayday sleeves for both card sizes. Check their website, they've got a huge pdf or spreadsheet if you prefer with about every game you can think of and the size of sleeves it needs, and how many packs you'll use for the game. You can order from them direct or get you FLGS to get them in.
  2. I'm using 2" for all my axis infantry. The KR foam looks fine, but the cases look like they're just cardboard. Army transport and battlefoam cases both have good pockets for books, tapes, tokens, dice, etc.
  3. We play Thursdays at Gateway Games in the West Erie Plaza from 4:30-9:00
  4. We know top 4 got falcons, but what were the prizes for first place?
  5. I"m thinking alt. poses is a way they'll use to expand the line since it looks like it will be kind of limited, unless they can go beyond canon and make new stuff up.
  6. My personal favorite is the Army Transport by Sabol. It has pluck foam that you pull to customize your trays the way you want them. Battlefoam makes pre-cut custom trays. They're great, but invariably you have slots in them that you won't use, taking up precious space in your bag.
  7. Torresse said: So I got the Gamenight kit. The main thing about the league rules is tug of war between Imps and Rebs, I got two nice accrylic range finders. The graphic is only on one side of the range finder, and I noticed there is a 1/16-1-32 of inch difference in the size between teh rebel and the imperial range finer (imperial was longer) The Imperial range finder was the same size as the normal kit. However the range is a little off with it giving me a tad bit more range 1 to shoot in. Its 20$ that will give you a slight edge on your opponent, so Ill definently be taking mine to any Kessal runs near by…. Weve got the poster up at the store, and will be doing the league soon. You also get a ton of rebel and imperial stickers (black and white). If anyone has any questions or want pictures let me know and Ill get you all the information you need I have 2 problems with that. First, FFG made a mistake, in quality control if they let that out at the wrong length. Secondly, I have to say, really? You totally intend to cheat in a tourney? That's pretty sad.
  8. agashmirv

    Wave 2 Februay

    Are there any details on the kessel tourney??
  9. I like it, but what do I know, I wear Hawaiian shirts all the time.
  10. That's pretty cool. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  11. The comment about not being able to play certain stuff isn't really valid. There are 3 factions (for now) in DW. Each faction has 2-3 different platoons you can build, so it's like having 8-9 different factions. No one complains in 40k that you can't play your Dark Eldar units with your Eldar (in the latest edition, you can play allies). Once you start playing larger battles, you can play multiple platoons, so you could be combining different platoons.
  12. We played a 4 player, 2 per side game, and it worked fine. The Dust Warfare Zverograd book has 3 player scenarios for that game. They work pretty well. I might try using them (with some obvious changes since it's a skirmish WWII game) and see how they work out.
  13. That would be cool, and I'd probably buy it. I already have Dystopian Wars, so I've got that scale of terrain.
  14. I've only been putting all the ships at 1/2 as tall as 'normal'. I planned on keeping up with that..
  15. Not sure why I can't get the link to paste in. Let's try this: javascript:void(0);/*1350863521033*/ javascript:void(0);/*1350863568690*/
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