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  1. So it turns out that he has also had a "vision from the Emperor." I've sent the apoth to take gene seed samples, but the results havn't come back from the lab yet. (Life has gotten in the way of us having a gaming session for almost 2 months.) It looks like I may not need to kill him. Which is strangely dissapointing. And we have had at least one friendly fire incident. We were assaulting an Ork camp in our first mission. They had a big wooden door that we needed to make a hole in. I told everyone to fall back and asked the Librarian to use Smite on it. For some reason the apothocary decided not to listen, and he got caught up in the Smite. He was ok though. (He died later on from excessive lasgun exposure.)
  2. It would appear that most of the Emperors problems could have been solved with better communication, and not being a **** and keeping secrets from those he supposedly trusted. If he'd told his sons about Chaos and given them at least some small bit of knowledge about it, then who knows how things may have turned out? Though i'm pretty sure Curze would have still gone bad. As for my theories as to why the Emperor did things the way he did, here goes: Essentially his plan is to ascend to godhood. Through wiping out all other belief systems, all that was left was the Emperor, and he knew that it was inevatable that he would become worshiped as a divine being. Mankind is not enlightened enough to not believe in a supreme being. Individuals maybe, but most people are not. (A person is smart. People are stupid.) With the removal of all other belief systems and a few generations of people not even knowing about alternate belief systems, the stage was set for the creation of Emperor worship. There would be no other belief systems to get in its way. Through prayers to the Emperor, he would gain power through the warp. This was done before only slightly differently with Slaneesh. And with the Emperor researching Webway travel instead of Warp travel, the potential corrupting influence of Chaos would be greatly lessened. It could be argued that he knew that Horus would betray him and that he set in motion plans to make sure he would come out on top eventually. If the Cabal could see the potential outcomes in the future, surely the Emperor, the most powerful human psyker to have ever lived could have a go at predicting the future. And now with ten thousand years of trillions of people praying to him, when he does die, rather than being reborn as a perpetual, there's a very good chance that he'll truly become a being of the warp and essentially ascend to godhood. Unfortunately most of the human race will be killed by Chaos, but at least the Emperor gets what he wants. That's just a theory i've been thinking about for a while now. I've never really seen the Emperor as Space-Jesus. He may look like him, but his actions and plans, (ie: The Great Crusade,) dont really fit with the nice guy model. I've always thought that the Emperor is pretty much just in it for himself. He's just useing the human race to get what he wants.
  3. So, Robin Graves' comment in the Legions thread; "Well not quite (in my opinion) Angron is noble to in his broken way. He was all ready to die along with his army of freed slaves and then the emperor just whisks him away leaving his allies to die! (That still baffles me! He's the friggin emperor! he easily could have defeated the slavers , probably on his own, definatly together with Angron, and very definatly with the spaceship he had in orbit over the planet! Sometimes i wonder if the emperor isn't really a blonde under a black wig.)" ...Got me thinking. What are the things that you think that the Emperor did wrong, or could have done a lot better? There's the glaringly obvious ones of: - Not telling his sons about Chaos. - Not telling his sons why he withdrew from the crusade. - And Robin Graves' aformentioned, not helping Angron out. So what other examples do you think there are, and what do you think His reasons were?
  4. In regards to the Dead Station Vigilant, I see it more as a knowledge and lore class. (I dont have the book on me at the moment as I lent it to our Librarian. So this is all off memory.) It really depends on what your games are like and which direction your apoth wants to go. If you guys play combat heavy games, then I wouldnt pick DSV. There's not enough combat stuff in it. However, if your games have more than a few lore checks in them, then a DSV would be handy to have around. I'm actually thinking of having my Raptor Tac Marine become a DSV in the future as I dont really like the other specialities, and the guys I play with have very little interest in anything not combat related. So much so that we pretty much always fail any knowledge checks that we are required to make. But I do want to have a chat with our GM about making the Tyranic War Vet an advanced speciality. If I could swing it, it would be pretty cool. I really like the Tyranic War Vet. He's pretty much the best all rounder out there. Good combat skills, some knowledge, and Medicae! (We really need medics in our games. We tend to get hurt a lot.)
  5. The Fire Hawks have had a couple of homeworlds. Here is an extract from their wiki entry: "They have the dubious distinction of being one of the few Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes to have lost not one but two Chapter homeworlds. After being nearly driven to extinction during the Badab War, the Fire Hawks' mobile fortress-monastery, the ancient Void Fortress Rapturous Rex, was lost in the Warp in 963.M41. It is now believed that the survivors of this disaster became the cursed Astartes known collectively as the Legion of the Damned. The Fire Hawks were a fleet-based Chapter, though they have in the past ruled over at least two former home worlds. Today however, these worlds are blasted wastes, consumed by the wars of the Age of the Imperium."
  6. Minor update: We have just completed our mission of stopping the Tyranid threat. This involved crashing our Stormraven into the Hive Tyrant, which luckly killed it's Tyrant Guard, and then we finished it off with grenades and Hellfire rounds, and a trusty Hellfire flamer. And since we're only rank 1, this was a big achievement for us. Though it did kill the Grey Knight and the pilot. (It's ok. The pilot was our red shirt. He didnt have a name.) We ended the session with us standing victorious and the Imperial Guard proceeding to mop up any surviving nids. So next session we will be heading back to our watch station for a debrief. -On the way back I plan to have a quiet word with our Apothocary and ask him to have a full work up done on all our kill team. I'll get him to say it is because of potential xenos contamination from the nids, when in actuality, i'll get him to check for corruption. -I'll then go speak to the Chaplain and get him to interview each brother looking for any mental corruption. Since we came under mental attack from the Hive Tyrant, he can use this as the excuse for doing it. -I'll then speak to the watch captain to see if there's any special missions that any of the kill team are on. -And then if needs be, i'll have the assassin follow any of the brothers around who I suspect of potential heresy, and go through their room to check for clues. I'll make sure to occupy the brother in question by challenging them in the practice cages. And have the assassin cover his tracks by tasking a servitor to clean the brothers room so that if anything is out of place, there is a legitimate excuse for it. So, any other suggestions to add to that plan? I havent really included any ways to kill him yet. I figure that I need more evidence before I go that far. But if it comes to ambushing him in the bowels of the ship, i'll make sure I have the assassin with me as a contingency. The more I think about it, if I do decide to shoot him myself, I reckon i'll do a fair bit of damage. My gun scope adds my perception bonus to my weapon penetration. So with normal rounds, I have a pen of 8. Or 12 if i'm using Kraken rounds, so his armour isnt really going to help him much. So stay tuned till next wednesday!
  7. 1. Yep. Personally I dont think our GM should have let the dude play as an assassin. Since he had about 13k of experience to spend to get him up to a space marine standard, his guy passes pretty much every test he attempts as all of his stats are maxed out. The assassin ran once ran about 200m in 2 seconds. He's way overpowered and is a completly unbalanced character. 2. I had thought of that. It's something i'll do if we survive our mission. We have a tendancy to barely make it through alive. I had to burn 2 fate points in our last mission. Which also happened to be our first mission too. Only problem with this is that our GM will basically tell us to deal with it. Essentially the end destination for this course of action is the player having to create a new character. And I really doubt that the GM will be forcing him to do that. 1. Not something I really want to do. He's an assault marine, and a pretty good one at that, and i'm a tactical marine who's good with a gun. He'll kick my arse. 2. That's what i'm trying to teach the other members of the team! 3. Good idea. I had thought of that one too. And if we survive, i'll quietly get it done. We lost our last apothocary to a squad of Stigmartis with high intensity flash lights and we've only just gotten a new one. I'm pretty sure that they do have a scheme concocted for the assault marine, but it's just annoying. It takes time and energy away from the rest of the team and is inhibiting our character growth. We're having to pour all this time into one guys personal story line and it is simply not fair to the other players. It would probably be ok if we had more information and we were actually working to solve the problem. But he plays his cards close to his chest which really draws this thing out. Either stop this personal story line, or hurry up and let us solve it so that we can start to move forward as a team. The game is not about one person! I also have another theory in regards to the vision from the Emperor. The assault marine isnt actually going bad. Everything he's doing is sanctioned. The real threat is the Black Sheild, and all this stuff is designed to make us look in the wrong direction. If this is the case, then that's bloody annoying too! We should be focusing on the missions and forging a team! Not investigating our own! (Can you tell i'm frustrated?)
  8. Heya peoples. So. In our kill team we have: An Imperial Fist Librarian, A Black Sheild Tac Marine, A Grey Knight, A Vindicare Assassin, A Raptors Tac Marine (me, squad leader), An Apothocary of unknown chapter (he only joined us last session so we havent had much time to get to know him yet), And lastly, a Storm Warden Assault Marine. Now, our assault marine is starting to become a bit of a problem. In our first mission he dissapeared up a stair case after he had been told to stay with the team, did his own mission which as far as any of us know, wasnt sanctioned or for the good of the Imperium, and somehow appeared behind a shroud of dark energy working on a computer with a dead Alpha Legionary. When asked how and what happened, he was non-commital and vague. After it happened my character slipped into a coma due to his injuries, (fire really hurts,) and had a vision from what I assumed to be the Emperor who told my character that one of our kill team was going bad. And now on our current mission, the assault marine was injured by Tyranids. When my character went back to get him, his body had dissapeared from where he had fallen and despite my character searching for him, couldnt be found. When we later re-grouped, the assault marine came jogging in from the desert with no injuries. When asked how he had gotten away from the Nids, he was non-commital and vague again. And my character also rolled one degree of sucess on his perception test and had a very strong feeling that he was lying and couldnt be trusted. So, my main question out of all this is; If it comes down to it, what would be the best way for my character to kill the assault marine? I already have the assassin ready to pop a bullet in his head if I order him to. But if it comes down to a one on one fight, what tactics should I use? His character is very good in hand to hand where my character isnt really that great unless he's wearing his armour. (+10 WS Gauntlets of Xirion.) And whilst my character is pretty good with his bolter, his character would be on him before I could finish him with bolt rounds. I'm pretty sure the Grey Knight would help if I can prove that he's gone heretic. But right now all my character has is a feeling. Out of game, the guy playing the assault marine has said that there's a good chance his character is either going to get killed by something, or one of the other guys in the team is going to have to kill him. The guys I play with also play Black Crusade. So even in Deathwatch they dont really work as a team. They all want to be one man armies. Which is very frustrating. An example of this is when my character ran back into the invading Nids to pull the injured Librarian out, and the guys around the table said, "Why are you going back for him? Dont you remember that he's the one who set you on fire last mission?" (I did it because it's this weird thing called "Teamwork") Really, I dont want to kill him. I want my team to act like a team and stop all this cloak and daggers bullcrap. It's affecting our missions and it's taking up too much of our game time. We have enough to worry about without having to constantly watch our backs from our own guys. But if I need to kill him, then so be it. Thoughts?
  9. Green and gold! Aussie marines FTW!!! I like what you've done. Pretty cool back story. I've been thinking up a scenario for a while about a kill team being sent after a rumored STC, and a marine from this chapter would make a cool addition to it. My only criticisim, (and it's a very minor one,) is that the codex does allow for different designations for rank and veteran status. There are plenty of chapters who use different ways to show this stuff. Like stripes and/or different colours on helmets, knee pads and other places on their armour. So it's not really a divergence. It's still in the codex. They just use something different than what the Ultramarines use. Keep in mind that the codex has a large section in it about uniform and also about camoflage. The Ultras just use one small part of it. (I recomend you read Insignium Astartes to get a bit more info on it.) And it's good to see a skill tree that has both Lore skills and combat skills in it rather than just one or the other. I'm really tempted to give one of these guys a go one day. I'm pretty sure my spelling is wrong in a couple of places, but I dont care because i'm sick.
  10. Awesome stuff mate! That's really impressive. Any plans to add the Raptors?
  11. If your intention is to make a Tactical marine sniper, then you should go a Raptor. Whilst you dont get the +5BS that some other chapters get, you do have access to Marksman as a starting skill (at 600xp), and you get to choose a Marksman Gun Sight as your chapter trapping. Your first choice should always be the Focal Targeter. It adds your Perception bonus to the weapons armour penetration. So a standard bolt round is now pen 8. And it also means you could fire a Kraken round with a pen of 12. And that will take out pretty much anything. (Dependent on a per bonus of 4.) And Raptors get +5Per at character creation. And for your second choice, the Laser Tracer, which gives you +10BS on single shots is ok, or you could choose the Long Range Imaging. That adds +20m to the range of your gun. So, here comes the maths part; A Stalker with a Focal Targeter and Long Range Imaging, using Kraken rounds, could potentially fire 990m, with an armour penetration of 12. 200+20=220 220/2=110 220+110=330 330x3=990 And if you had Marksman, you would have no penalties for the range. You dont need to worry as much about someone hearing the shot from that far away. The bullet would reach them before the sound does. ****. I wish I could change my sight now. I shouldnt have taken Shadow Light. I should have taken the Long Range Imaging instead... Edit: I should have read the rules more clearly in regards to range. It appears that you can fire up to 4 times your base range. Therefore, you could potentially fire a Kraken round up to 1320m. And that's pretty darn good.
  12. So, as we all know, there are times when using a swear word is the only thing that's going to make you feel better in a bad situation. ie: The rapid combination of toes and coffee tables, explaining to the driver in front of you why he can't drive and shouldn't be on the road, doing something at work that you know is going to get you into trouble. But I really can't see space marines swearing like we do. I just can't picture them using the same words. Even GW swear words like "fraging" and "fugging" don't really fit marines. The guys I play with don't really swear much. (Despite one of them being ex-navy.) So i've been trying to come up with swear words that aren't swear words. And whilst calling someone the "son of a motherless goat" is insulting, it doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "F*** you!" It's not short and sharp enough. And sometimes you need an epic line to say to the bad guy before something cool happens, and that epic line may have a swear word or two in it. So, my question is, what are some swear words that marines would use?
  13. You could always just issue all the PC's with a camo cloak at the start of their mission. Whilst it wouldnt help them with silent move, it would offset the penalties for concealment.
  14. G'day peoples. So I just found a copy of this expansion pack at a local op-shop, and so I bought it for the miniatures. Now, after looking on the net, i've found out how much it's actually worth, and i'm looking to sell it. But, unfortunately, it seems to be missing one of the Market Item cards. There should be 52 of them but there's only 51 of them. And I think it's also missing one of the three shadow counters. So, my question is, am I short a Shadow counter, and is there a way I can replace the missing card? And what shoul I put it on ebay for? Oh yeah. I bought it for $7.
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