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  1. Hey Larkin, I would be interested in being part of a BC game. I'm also on East Standard Time, which would make it easier to coordinate time schedules since mine is usually chaotic being a college student I often have a very dynamic and varying work schedule. The online format would probably work for me, not posts but an online chat system (i.e. skype, msn, etc.), to have sessions via chating, text, or a mixure for those people like me who lack microphones. However, like you said the character is what really drives the player not the other way around, so I'm not sure it would be a probably to have two sorcerers, though I'm very much interested in having mine be a Tzeentch sorcerer (I know you didn't say what kind you wanted your sorcerer to be so that might make this work).
  2. I'm at GMT-5:00 so anytime other than doing EU morning will work for me most days.
  3. I would also be interested in some online play.
  4. Role: Player Looking for: GM and Players Type of Session: Any (prefer face to face) Session Species: relaxed, fun Region: New England Session Time and Timezone: GMT-5:00, evenings Game Style: any Game Specifics: flexible Comments: I'm new to the game so I'm just looking for some people to have some fun, relaxing, simple few games before we get into the intense stuff
  5. EternallyFrozen, Hanover NH, (Daahrk@gmail.com)
  6. Dok Martin said: Theoretically yes, but it wouldn't make much sense. Dark Heresy chars are more like investigators. Deathwatch chars are legendary heroes and by far more powerful. Also the theme of the game is completey different. DH is about horror and mystery, DW is just epic. My advice: play the Deathwatch Intro adventure and see how you like it. You don't need the Core Rules for that, the basics are in the pdf. www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/deathwatch/minisite/support/final-sanction-web-quality.pdf Isn't the Grey Knights supplement part of Dark Heresy though?
  7. Are Dark Heresy and Deathwatch mixable in any sense of the word? Would I be able to use a character I made from Dark Heresy along in a Deathwatch mission?
  8. Alex: With the regular 40k tabletop game, the games were always so brief and impersonal. Sure, your controlling an alien army but don't really go beyond that and than you win the game after an hour or two, after which you would start all over again. There wasn't any persistence to the game, you just kinda had your army and that was it. I'm a hardcore completionist in some ways so I like games were I can slowly build up the power and deadliness of my personal character (I'd kinda compare that to Oblivion). Readhead: Well, I'm a college student at the moment so I need to make sure this is an investment I'll willing to make before I spend a good $200 ish on the rulebooks and supplements, though by comparison that's alot cheaper than the other games workshop games. I guess my main concern is the amount of rules and accessibility of games. Are the rules extremely complex (because 400 pages is a big book)? Or is it something that after one game of actual play I'd be able to know what to do? Also about game accessibility: is it easy and quick to find and start games? Would it be like "oh, I feel like playing a game is afternoon *call up players* hey guys let's play a game this afternoon" or are games something you need to spend a solid amount of time preparing for?
  9. There's no chance any agent of the Emperor would work side by side with orks let alone space marines under any circumstance, they would probably just let them fight each other until there was only one enemy to deal with. It might seem like tactics below mighty warriors like the Deathwatch, but it would be considered an incredible waste of gene seed resources to lose marines fighting two opponents when they would have better tactical odds against a weakened single enemy.
  10. Hey everyone, I came across talk about these games (DH and Deathwatch) while I was searching the internet for information on Warhammer 40k Necrons 5th edition codex release date and the idea of the game interested me, since I've been playing Warhammer 40k for several years now and I've always wanted to find some way to be on a more personal level with the characters and there creation. This game seemed similar to what I was looking for, so I was hoping I could talk to some of you about your experience with the game and details about since I want to be sure I'll like the game with the required books being ridiculously expensive like all other games workshop products. If your interested in helping me out, my AIM is Darknessofdoom3 but you can message here too, it will be alot slower though.
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