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  1. The Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Spartacus) tv show into a game. The main characters are the owners and as you go along you can gain gladiators, weapons, and specials moves, permanents, and quick action moves. Certain women provide added abilities. And The concept of the game is to collect a certain amount of characters and at the end of a certain of amount of rounds you fight each other. Dices can be implemented for luck. Territories can be implemented later to better the gladiators or for more game options. An arena tournment for more than 3 to 6 players rules can be added. That is all the ideas I have for the game. If anyone wants to change it for the better or add on to it go ahead. Thanks for reading, and I hope this game idea happens in the near future.
  2. Does anyone know the date and time it will start? I want to buy several games? My wife and I love board games. My son is 2 so when he gets old enough in the future we are going to be playing quite a bit.
  3. I would like to know too. I have been looking forward to the sale.
  4. A video really needs to be made to further sales. Like me I won't buy a board game tell I see the game mechanics to make my wife and I will both like the game. Thanks for the responses and suggestions. Much appreciated.
  5. Lightdarker thanks. I will research some more, but your suggestions are a great help. Thanks
  6. Is there an expansion coming in the future? My wife and I love this game.
  7. Quantum Leap Board Game. It would be that you win by owning territories. You have cards that effect the past and future of the game. This results in losing territories tours the end of the game or at end game time. There would be cards that are placed face down each turn and then turned face up at the end of the turn effecting the game play. And so on.
  8. How about a Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained type game. Maybe LLG or Standalone.
  9. How similar is this game to well know game? Just want a comparison so I may envision the game better.
  10. I have both. My wife and I both like Citadels better. I do agree that they should come out with some more expansions for replay value. Dominion is time consuming yet fun. It is more fun with multi people as my wife and I found out. Citadels is a great two to three player game that is somewhat quick. Overall, these are two great game from different companies. I'm happy to have them both and plan to teach my 2 year son both when he gets old enough. Right now i'm buying 1 to 2 board game a month for future use (teaching my son). I have already bought thousands of dollars worth of books for him to learn how to read quick. Now is board game time.
  11. The Neverending story board game. It can be a co-op, strategy (land collection), or good verses bad type board game.
  12. I'm new and the steps please. Thanks in advance.
  13. How do you use the point system to register to win games?
  14. Looking at buying the game with expansions. Which ones should I purchase? Thanks in advance.
  15. Any know of the best website that has the best deal for this game. The price varies a lot I notice from website to website.
  16. How similar is this to the LLG version?
  17. I'm buy a few game from FFG and would like to know of a video that best explains the game mechanic for this game. I'm looking at buying: Battle of Napoleon War of the Ring A Game of Throne Second Ed Choas in the Old World Lord of the Ring LLG Ventura
  18. I'm looking at buying this game and a few more from FFG, but would like a video that explains the game mechanic. I need to see if my wife and I enjoy this game.
  19. What video online best explains the game mechanics of this game??
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