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  1. Thanks fot the quick answer! I don't know how many times I'd give up the opportunity to attack in order to do a second move with my imperials, but it's nice to know I can!
  2. Hello everyone, yesterday while playing this mission it occurred to me I might have gotten some of the rules wrong. In this mission the rebels must free a captive and escort him to the exit. The guide says the rebel moves 2. At that pace it would take the heroes forever to get him out. Unless... unless figure with deployment cards can run too. I just assumed from my Descent days that Imperials (and allies with a deployment card) could just move and attack, but I see now the manual only states that those can't attack twice... not that they can't move twice. Is that correct? If so, the mission can be won by the rebels, after all, the shortest path to the exit can be reached in 4 turns if you move 4 spaces. The idea of the rebels having to escort the guy by keeping adjacent to him, and intercepting all of the attacks is really fun! You can practically play that movie scene in your head while playing. This games is so much fun!
  3. Hello, we're in the middle of a session. The rebel scum wants to know if they can keep the interrupt the next turn, if they don't spend it, their reasoning being that it's just as focus works.
  4. Macnme said: You draw webcomics. I'd hate to break it to you, but you were already a geek. Welcome to the club I suppose you're right anyway here's another one! I don't know if the next one is gonna be about Descent, so I'm linking the blog on boardgamegeek, in case you want to follow my future artistic efforts http://bgg.cc/blogpost/17426/the-geek-phase-10-no-such-thing-as-too-much-fun
  5. I would settle for a copy of second edition Descent
  6. I'd like to share with you my appreciation for this game by telling, in the form of a webcomic, how Descent turned me and my friends into, well, geeks http://oddecomics.blogspot.it/2013/01/the-geek-phase-7-dragons-are-hardcore.html http://oddecomics.blogspot.it/2013/01/the-geek-phase-8-descending.html http://oddecomics.blogspot.it/2013/02/the-geek-phase-9-further-descending.html there will be more, this is just the beginning. And speaking of beginning, here's the link to the first ep. of my webcomic, in case you're curious. http://oddecomics.blogspot.it/2012/10/the-geek-1.html you will have to navigate from there, I have spammed enough already Thanks, fellow Overlords!
  7. a few plays later... I can say I like this game! As we understand rules and interactions better, we have more fun with each new play.
  8. so that I can use my custom one! http://boardgamegeek.com/image/1145235/descent-journeys-in-the-dark
  9. Hi everyone, we just played our first game of cosmic encounter, no flares and green aliens only, as suggested. Even so, I found this game more difficult than others to grasp at first.. I'm a little bit scared at the amount of FAQ about aliens powers and conflict in general... questions: can there be more than 4 ships of the same colour on a planet? I ask this because of the 4 ships per attack limit. I havo to defend my planet even if I don't have ships on it. But seing as is already lost, what reason would I have to do so, other than the rules say so? I mean it's obvious I would defend with my weakest card... or is it?? thanks
  10. I just got my copy of Mansions of Madness and was about to ask the same thing, so this was a lot of help. Now, if only I could paint those miniature faster....
  11. I keep reading about 2e being hopefully faster and I'm curious about the changes that will make it possible. From what I see in my games it's clear it's not the rules that make the game so long, it's the players taking so much time to decide what to do and in what order. I mean each turn you move and make an attack. How could it be faster than that?? It's the time consuming process of planning every move, and find an agreement on what to do that makes our games last 7 hours. And this, I don't know how can be fixed. I welcome a shorter Descent but I don't like the idea of a set of over simplified rules to make it possible, I don't wanna loose potential strategy or it will feel shallow. We're enjoying descent, despite the amout of time it requires, and I think I'll buy 2e, but I'm a little worried your thoughts?
  12. Antistone, the problem that i get is that the pieces come apart in the final picture I doubt the problem depends on the number of pieces because as you can see, it happens even if I only place any two pieces. I know about the tile system an plan on using it, I just wanted to make this work as I understand the ffg site only accepts pdf made with their own tool
  13. thanks for the explanation. we're not yet done with the basic scenarios and it seems everytime a new question arise. Last time we were discussing about the Able Warrior ability, which reads: "When you declare an Advance action, you may immediately spend 2 fatigue to make 2 attacks this turn instead of 1" one of the players says what IMMEDIATELY mean is that you have to have those two fatigues altready at the start of your turn in order to trigger the ablity, and that you can't drink a potion in order to recover fatigues before. but the card says 'when i declare an Advance action', so there's no reason it should work differenty than any Advance action, so even if I don't have the two fatigues I can: declare advace spend movement to drink a potion and recover all fatigue spend fatigue to trigger Able Warrior execute the 2 attacks and spend remaining movement as usual so what's the meaning of that 'immediately'? I hope we get better soon at this game because right now it takes us more than six hours to complete a map, so playing at night when you have to work on the next day is out of the question
  14. One Fist and Guard: I assumed One Fist can make an extra attack in his turn. But reading at his ability, it says ALWAYS, suggesting he can make two attacks in the overlord turn if he's got the Guard order. If this is true then it must also be true with the Alertness skill ("When an enemy figure movess into a space adjacent to you, you may spend 2 fatigue to immediately make 1 attack against that figure."). The card does say ONE attack, but then the ability says he can always make the extra melee attack in addition to his normal action so I guess the question is.. does the Guard count as normal action? Does the activation of alertness count as normal action?
  15. I've tried this on two different computer because you never know and they both do this... when I export the map as picture or pdf, even if all the pieces are connected, what I get is this... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/52/62686280.jpg/ I really can't see what I'm doing wrong... thanks
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