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  1. "Normal" shootout are quite clear: the one with more dice rolls first a number of dice equal to stregth+cart - (strength of the opponent + cart of the opponent) and after that is a roll each until someone dies. Can someone explain me the final shootout with an example? I didn't really understand how it works...
  2. I have friends that like board games but don't want to listen to me for 30 min to understand the rules... Make more simple games like "Hey, That's my Fish!" (the rules are simple, the game not!) and i will buy them all!
  3. lino_87


    I'd like to have an italian version of the reformatted reference sheets (i have a friend that doesn't really understand english!), but i don't want to make a new sheet with wordpad! Is it possible to submit my translation and have it published on the site? (also an editable version of the file would be a great solution!)
  4. I don't get the point: you was hoping for a board game with the same rules of Blood Bowl? That game was invented long ago, it's called Blood Bowl! I have at least 4/5 friends that will never play BB in their life but will surely like this game, i think FFG made a great work: i hoped for more teams, but i think they'll arrive
  5. SirFozzie said: And Arrows yes: For example: If a card has two arrows on it, you can draw up to two cards from your team deck (it is optional, but since it cycles through your deck faster, I'm not sure why you wouldn't), and then put the same amount of cards you just drew into your discard plle (shuffling the discard pile as needed) I don't think it works like you said: the rulebook says that you can't use 2 abilities in the same time! So i think you can draw and in case you have to discard (first arrow) then you can do another draw/discard. It's not the same cause you have less choice...
  6. Page 13. You reveal all the token and resolve them in order: if ejected there's no reward!
  7. Kryyst said: This is an important distinction between those players that have Cheat, Tackle vs Tackle, Cheat. The later would not gain a cheat token if they fell down on their tackle result. You have to use the skill in order?
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