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  1. Basically the ruling is that Nikolai cannot use Take Aim in a walker since the "Pilot" keyword is not listed with the ability in Nikolai's unit entry, like it is with Red Yana and Koshka. Hopefully the new F.A.Q. will fix the errata, because it doesn't make sense that it wouldn't apply to Walkers since his marksmanship in a Walker is unparalleled.
  2. Check out the new Full Warfare Battle Report at PDX DUST.
  3. I've compiled a list of questions and answers. Have a look! PDX DUST LEAGUE Good Gaming!!
  4. Support our brothers in Arizona! http://portlanddusttactics.blogspot.com/2012/07/dust-world-expo.html http://www.advancedgrafixonline.com/expo/index.html
  5. We have a League in Portland and have made a few trips to events in Olympia. I could talk to my fellow players and maybe figure out a Friday that we could make it up and join in the fun. Maybe we could even get some of the Olympia players to join us as well. If you have any contact info you can email it to pdxdusttactics@yahoo.com. You can also check out our League on our blog. We just wrapped up our Operation Blue Thunder v2.0 League.
  6. Here's a good link for the SSU First Wave Battle Report
  7. Just wanted to share the things we have been doing in PDX. Just finished our first League with Operation Blue Thunder v2.0 (Terrain Tile Set) and are taking a break for a few weeks before we start our next league. Enjoy! SSU First Wave Battle Report. SSU Battle Report June 2012. PDX League Page. PDX Final Operation Blue Thunder v2.0 League Report.
  8. 04-14-2012 Saw the third official Dust Day come to the Pacific Northwest. Follow the link for all the pictures and details. Demo's for DUST and DUST TACTICS were available. Painting Competitions. And the "Golden Hot Dog" Trophy for the tournament winner. Enjoy!!
  9. Hmm... for whatever reason the link doesn't work, so here it is again.
  10. Just threw this together to help try and jump start a local league. I will be working on a more "local" image in the future, but feel this generic image might be good for other players who want a banner for league play, or inspiration to create their own images. Good Gaming!!
  11. daniello_s said: O gosh... what a bull***t... Don't know even what to say... I'll stick to declaring Reactive Fire units before rolls cause otherwise (I'm sorry FFG but that's a fact) it doesn't have any sense. Now close combat specialist unit is a 'one hit' unit (if even one hit) which can be shattered even before attack the opponent. Agreed!
  12. I thought I read on an earlier post a few months back that while yes, an infantry unit with Jump could not jump onto the top of a building (unstable, or slipper roof being the cause), it was possible for them to jump off of the building if they were already on the roof. Does else anybody remember that clarification and discussion? I can't seem to find it on the board anymore.
  13. Loophole Master said: But you raise a good point ktj1138, can we decide to try Reactive Fire with another unit, after the 1st one has failed to do its job, or must we declare which units will attempt reactive fire before rolling any dice, and stick to it? It does kinda break the rule of simultaneity if we can add more attacks one step at a time. That's what FFG is saying. The ruling is yes, you can keep declaring reactive fire on the same target between the same actions for each eligible unit that is in range one at a time regardless of success or failure or previous attempts. So an AXIS player can attempt with a Heinrich, then after the fact declare another attempt with a second Heinrich, then after the fact try with a SturmKonig, then after the fact attempt with an infantry unit, etc... as long as the unit hasn't been activated already and are in range. What I am saying is that this ruling makes little sense with establish game play since everything is supposed to be declared before acting. So I feel to stay in line with establish game play a player must declare each unit attempting reactive fire, and any unit that wasn't needed is still used up by the reactive fire attempt much in the same vein as using weapon lines. If you assign 4 weapon lines on 1 target and get the kill after the first weapon line then it's tough **** and all other weapon fire is wasted. I feel this should be the same with Reactive Fire. Each unit attempting should be declared before any Reactive Fire roles are made. If a player wants 3 units to attempt Reactive Fire, and the target is destroyed on the first attempt, then (much like with weapon lines) tough **** as the other 2 units were also Reacting at the same time. But those are just my thoughts.
  14. So here is the response from FFG, which like the artillery clarification, makes very little sense: The ratio of Reactive Fire attempts per activation is not 1:1. It is dependent on the number of units in range with line of sight that have not yet activated during the game turn, and are therefore eligible to make a Reactive Fire attempt. A single unit may never make more than one Reactive Fire attempt per game turn, even in the event of a Stim Pack where multiple actions take place on a single activation. If a unit has not activated, it may attempt Reactive Fire in the same activation where other units have attempted Reactive Fire, regardless of the success or failure of other units. Yeah, a player can choose units to engage in reactive fire one at a time, regardless of the success/failure of previous units. As ridiculous as this clarification is, I can get on board with multiple units attempting reactive fire, HOWEVER it should be treated like everything else in the game where you have to declare all your intentions before doing anything. After all, the time spent in an action is considered "simultaneous" which is why a player can't decide to shoot their weapons at another target if they destroy a unit before getting through all their weapon lines, but a unit reacting to another unit can take all the time in the world and decide who attempts reactive fire on the fly. Makes absolutely zero sense. If a unit (or units) are reacting between actions, then this should also be simultaneous and not dependent on the success and/or failure of each unit as they make their attempts. Again, many people are debating the one vs. many aspect of reactive fire, and I can see how both arguments are valid, even though the rules clearly state that "one unit may attempt" instead of "a unit may attempt." So one = one as in one unit because one will always mean one and never two or three or four, etc... where "a unit" implies no such limitation. What I cannot see is how the reactive fire is used between actions and isn't considered simultaneous, yet pretty much everything else is considered simultaneous. No consistency and that bums me out.
  15. I sent this into FFG in accordance to my post directly above this one. Hopefully I asked the question in enough ways to illustrate the question as best as possible: Hello there! Just me again asking for another clarification. The Revised Core Set Rules state that when attempting Reactive Fire that it "temporarily interrupts the action of an enemy unit to allow one of your units to open fire." The debate of a Stim Pack was brought up to see if a unit could attempt Reactive Fire between each activation. This then also brought up the issue of attempting multiple Reactive Fire attempts on a normal 2 action activation. Reactive Fire is available to all units and the rules on page 16 of the Revised Core Set imply that only one unit is allowed to interrupt the activation when attempting Reactive Fire. I guess what I am trying to ask can be broken into 3 separate questions that will hopefully provide a similar answer for each: 1) Is the ratio to Reactive Fire attempts per activation 1:1? 2) Is Reactive Fire limited to 1 attempt per instances between actions? (normal activation has 1 instance, Stim Pack activation has 3 instances) 3) As long as a unit has not activated, may they attempt Reactive Fire in the same activation where other units have attempted Reactive Fire, regardless of the success of the other units? So if a unit is successful in their attempt can other units still attempt, or is it limited to only allowing another attempt if the previous unit failed their attempt, or is it only one unit gets to attempt period? Trying to highlight the possibilities and dangers of essentially allowing one side to inflict "game-breaking" damage on the other side simply through multiple Reactive Fire attempts per single activation. Thank you again for your time,
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