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  1. Avii said: OOOOhohohoho I sense endless spelling slinging in my near future.... endless ... mmm.. but limited ! one spell cast during other's turn , remember ! The warlock can cast 3 spells during his turn (even 4 if you get your hand on the Totem stick in the Dungeon expansion, a relic from the treasures chamber) and gain his full complement at the start of his turn, but you could consider also the Sprite from the Highlands, she has always 2 spells, and when she has less, she draws one, this leads to a nice spell choice. Compare this : The warlock has Immobility and say, Mesmerism. No player has followers. His turn has ended and he casts Immobility on the player just after him, then 3 other players play and his turn comes back, he draws 1 spell to add to his unused Mesmerism since his craft his still at 5 (starting value)... Same situation as above with another powerful caster, I am The Sprite with the same spells, Immobility and Mesmerism, and no one has followers, I'm sad not being able to steal one...but, as my friend the warlock, I prevent my neighbour from playing by casting Immobility and then draw a spell right after it ! I draw Transmute and cast it during the turn of the 2nd player after me, now all his weapons are pieces of wood ! ..oh.. I can draw another spell now ^^ ... the 3rd player gets his turn, yeah, I think it's time for me to throw acquisition on his talisman and get another spell.. and now the player next to me (to my right) have to discard all her spells since I picked Nullify ! ... My turn comes.. I am a happy Sprite , godly spellcaster.. and mmm.. everyone hates me I admit my little scenario seems extreme and a lot lucky, but trust me this happens more than often and I consider the Sprite as a great spellcaster when I'm playing it... and a little $^*ù*$^ of $^ù*$ when I'm not lol !
  2. ok thanks Elliott, as the game goes and grows, some old characters (and looking even deeper in the game, maybe even cards) need a bit of upgrade or refresh and what you've done is nice
  3. Thanks for your infos JCHendee. This sounds interesting and we'll test this ending as it seems to be an improvement of the original one and prevent such weird situations as the "invincible genie" playing alone.
  4. Hi, some questions about the Sacred Pool cards. 1) Someone is on the Crown of Command, the other player draws the Spiteful Imp, is he teleported to the CoC space ? (the card only says to choose a character in a Region.. not mentionning any exception) 2) I have the Oathsworn guide which allows me from 1 to my dice result, can I use this ability while using a Riding Horse ? the same question goes for the Gilded Compass ... can I throw 2 dices using my horse, and reduce 1 with the compass ? can I even combine all three effects ? In other situations (I don't remember precisely, but like praying maybe), one card/space says "roll 2 dices" and the card we wanna use doesn't mention the possibility of multiple dices but FAQs says to consider as if it would be written.. how about these ones then? 3) Strength / Craft on the Shield of Defiance text... does it mean (as I think), base values + blue/red counters + item bonuses (not "for a fight") ones + followers bonuses (not "for a fight") ones ? shall we add everything with the weapons as well and maybe bonuses from "Tunnel fighter" type follower (Dungeon card) ? Does this item mean the combat is only a dice fight and who makes the highest win ?
  5. Thanks Elliott but what are the status of those "new" versions ? official ? soon official in a future version of the game (or I don't know.. an upgrade pack) .. or homemade versions.
  6. Ok. A new review on the Genie (elliot's one) ... He is almost invicible.. and that leads to situation like the one we experienced last game we had, here it is : the Apprentice Mage (elliot's version) reached the crown of command after like 3h gameplay, then the Martyr eventually died from the CoC spell.. but the Genie has been ok for almost an hour, just roaming around the board, alone, having fun... improving his char, gaining items and stat points.. 1 hour ! The mage was just, as the rules states, using the CoC spell ... rolling a dice ..not really fun.. while the Genie was discarding trophies and trophies and trophies.. almost infinite lifes ! ...one hour of "solo" playing.. it was almost a disadvantage for the Apprentice to have reached the end space ! ...finally the Genie reached the Apprentice Mage and hopefully for the Mage, made a mistake by using the "bad luck" (black cat) spell on someone who had the sword of truth (stupid move!).. which made him get a 6 since 1 on dice (by the cat) made him get a lower attack dice than the Genious.. thus he took the best object of the Genious and finally won because the Genious wasn't able to get infinite life with trophies.. not really fun, super boring.
  7. I think we only played once with the Reaper original rule... then, thinking about it, we always played without the choice of using a Fate since it's more thematic with the Reaper imo... It doesn't take you to the world beyond straight away.. you still have a chance by rolling your dice so it was clear that getting one more chance with a Fate wasn't really suitable for us and that card. .. It's the Death, afterall ^^ I also thought about making it more active by putting it in the players cycle and each time all players have played their turn, it moves (the one moving it would be the one with a death token, which he passes to the player to the left after playing the reaper's turn). Never tested though. That idea of "every 1 with a Dice make it moves" sounds cool too.
  8. Hi, a little question about the Gambler, my bro made me re-roll by paying a Fate, that's his first ability, but I had a Fate too and since I didn't pay for this dice, I used the common rule and used a Fate to re-roll the 2nd roll the gambler made me do. Was it ok to do this ? One more question about Elliott's version of Jon New's Pathfinder, say you rolled a 5 in the Crags.. you can't add 2 with your first ability since it would be a 7 and the space only mention 1) to 6) ? or do you consider that it is as if it would be written 6+) to win a Force ? Thanks
  9. Thanks all for your enlightments, here are my further thoughts and comments : 1 - I know killing the sentinel for your quest teleports you immediately so you can't really do the "down/up" move, but as someone said.. it's not clear at the sun that you can't do it in the rules, it's not written (I wanted to do it to save a turn of course) ... ok basically in Talisman moving system you can't have your char twice on the same space in the same move but for the fact you have your quest, this is also not happening since you're teleported (you're not landing back on the upper space !) 2 - I'm still unsure why making a difference between quests. The Warlock quests rules (see The Reaper expansion) says you must accomplish them as fast and as soon as you can and when you can, you are forced to do them (like when you must discard a weapon and you have a great one, you can't wait to buy a basic sword to discard it for the quest) and being teleported for your Talisman (or Reward with latest expansion) ... Dam said above, for example, "Discarding an object" and you can do it... you do it and you're teleported... "Kill a dragon" .. you can't so ..just ignore This is pretty unfair.. getting an easy quest puts you in an horrible situation where you're pushed away from the end that you were about to reach while having a hard quest is ok since you can't do it.. I think you can do it ...it's just longer, you have to reach "Draw 1 Card" spaces and try finding a dragon.. 3 - A big confusion on my part probably... I have re-read the rules carefully and yes it's clearly mentionned you cannot move back from the Crown, maybe I had the "moving back" in the Inner region chapter in mind, and the text on the Queen of Ice as well ( 5-6 on a dice). My bad ! 4- The Cleric riding a Warhorse is definitely a strong card combination ... I would like to ask The Wizard what he meant by "adding your craft value" and not your "total craft" ... the figure written on the character card ? that figure + blue bonuses ? that + magical object and followers bonuses ? Because as we play it, it's like this : A Cleric holding a sword on a Warhorse, 3 points in blue bonuses, a Solomon crown and a Unicorn as follower has a total attack power of : 4 (base craft value) + 3 pts + 2 (crown) + 1 (unicorn) = 10 2 (base strength value) + 1 (unicorn) + 1 (sword) = 4 14 attack score before the dice !! 5 - I was pretty sure about that answer since on previous edition of the game it was explicitly written "Instead of attacking a player that you land on, you may Trade with them." but on the 4th edition revised, The Reaper expansion, the merchant card says "You can trade with a char that is on your space by exchanging one of your objects....", but the text in rules about Characters encounters actually says you must choose between attacking or using a special ability on him, clarifying this, thanks The Warlock for pointing me on this. 6 - Unfortunately, this happens quite often when newer cards could influence older ones texts, especially character cards, yes, it's obviously not written on the merchant or the thief since these are older than the pedlar, but I think we will use a house rule as The Warlock suggested since it seems all right to think their abilities can have an effect on this stranger as well as on the village, market, and so on.. and as Thels noticed, this would improve them a bit since when you play with a lot of cards, those abilities are less and less used (and the same goes with spaces... when you add boards around, it changes the probability of landing on the village unless you never go to Highlands or Dungeon... this effect is also noticed playing with pvp chars.. it's easier with only one board, since encounters occur more often)
  10. Hello, I am new on this forum and would like to salute everyone here. I am french and thus, the card names I'll be using might differ from the original ones but I hope you will get what cards I am talking about, in case there are ambiguities just ask for more details I will answer. I have a few questions about Talisman and I am hoping someone can help me with them, here they are : 1 - We must accomplish the quest "Kill the Sentinel", the character is located in the middle Region, can we use a move dice to go down, kill the sentinel, and climb again in the same run ? The rule says we can't change direction in the same region in one move, however, it also notices that we can do it while changing region. Nothing in it says we can't go down and up in the same turn. 2 - The character is located on the Valley of Fire, another player cast the spell "Destiny path" at the beginning of our turn, and the quest we draw is immediatly doable (as "Lose 1 Force", "Discard an object", ...), shall we accomplish it and does it prevent us to climb to the Crown of Command and teleports us to the Warlock cave ? The rule says we can't cross the Portal of Power if we have a Quest, however in this case, it was already crossed. Let's say we kill the Lord of Darkness in the Dungeon with more than 8 points, and we have a quest but not doable immediatly (if it would have been, then it would have been done already anyway) as "Kill a dragon" and none is on the game board... We are teleported to the Crown of Command and no one forces us to go back and Draw cards to try finding a dragon ! Where's the truth in all this ? What shall we do or not ? 3 - In the base rules, it is said we can move back from the Crown of Command ... For what reason would we do this ? (If we can't kill the Ice queen maybe to improve our intellect... get some more lives ...fates... ok but what about the simple ending of the base game) 4 - The Cleric can lose a Fate instead of a Life, ...which makes it really hard the fact he loses his Warhorse if he got one ! Does he lose it after he loses a fight and the attacker asks him to lose a life or is he really unbalanced and too much advantaged compared to other chars (knowing the Warhorse is already a card that provides a huge advantage) 5 - Can the Merchant use its trading capability at any time ? For example, not at his turn, on a character that comes to his space, wether that player attacks him or not ? Or, when a character is on his space at the beginning of his turn and not only on one that he ends his move on ? 6 - Can the Merchant and the Thief trade / steal the pedlar ? Thanks a lot.
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