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  1. Hi, We played a first couple of missions of Imperial Assault this weekend, and i think my fellow Rebels are cheating me. They used Mak's Ambush ability to pull off impossible shots - through allied and enemy figures for example. I re-read the rules, and it seems there are only two cases he can actually benefit from Ambush - utilizing Covert and shooting around the corner due to non-reciprocal LoF. Am i correct?
  2. You can just use BC combat mechanics and weapon stats. I see no problem here. They even have tables with reference, which skills/talents/traits/weapon traits were changed in BC. Then you have classes, with somewhat strange advance tables. Well, change that for the BC ones too. Just rename them appropriately. The only thing that cannot be fixed with this right out of the box - psychic powers. Well, probably vecause i don't care about psykers and haven't read RT/BC psychic powers section. Maybe it requires complete rework. However i love the idea that any use of power can trigger Anomaly, so i won't go with the BC approach. And all this just because DH has the most appealing setting. Never liked the idea of being a chaos cultist or a rich ****** with a flying city under his command.
  3. Most skimmers are actually flyers in 40k - except probably of landseppeder and tau vehicles. However, im not certain about Tau.
  4. Yes, all the party would be dead right the moment power armored sister was killed. It's much like vindicare assasin in Ascention. So, unwilling to tailor all the module to just one of the players, our GM gave me crappy equipment. However we tried to balance this. I already described how we treat sister's social and combat skills during investigation. Plus, i can always ask for a certain skill, if we both agree it fits (for a reasonable price, of course). And, at least, i made some additions to sisters combat skills (mostly seraphim). It's written in the fluff section that seraphims are trained ancient arts of combat from the Age of Apostasy, and what you find in her advancement section? Nothing really cool and secret. So, i've added some jump pack and power armor oriented tricks, as well as some skills for each type of pistols (you have to choose what tree to advance, though).
  5. Well, they can allways send their objections to Ophelia VII.
  6. What's wrong with killing a witch, even if she is sanctioned? And also, some of the heretics who were hiding her Your party follows a dangerous way, i think, but an interesting one.
  7. If the sister player feels ok about being fooled, that it's fine Cannot imagine myself tolerating that, however.
  8. I'm playing as a sister of battle Unfortunately, our GM refused to give me a power armor and bolter, so i use boltpistol and guardsman carapace - nothing shiny at all . And you know, when the party is doing some investigation i find sister a great class to roleplay. Our GM is a reasonable person, an experienced DnD master and so on, so sisters authority is often crucial for the investigation advance. We usually treat her to have some "conversation" skills when it's about speaking with ministorum representatives, imperial creed fanatics and other "holy men". Just like you expect her to shoot any scum on sight. Also, we expect her to be very experienced in questions of combat. For example once, when we were investigating a crime scene with a man shot down by unknown killer, i said that i can tell from where he was shot. This system works like she has some basic skills that work like full version in certain situations. Want them activated all the time - write a back story with explanation how you got them and spend 100 exp.
  9. Yeah, i'd be interested in some DH adventure too, as our group has broke down. Since Kasatka's party's full, maybe there are some other groups playing online around here?
  10. Thank you for all the wonderful replies However, i'm definitely not going to drop, and not going to be like Conan the Barbarian. I have to find a way of having fun even with this type of a group and GM. Maybe over-roleplay a bit, since Sisters are such devoted and faithful
  11. No, i don't think that they aren't actually interested. They are just new to this thing, and maybe lack of knowledge of 40k fluff is the point. Well, i hope some beer and a good talk with a game master can solve the problem from this side, and my rp'ing efforts would encourage others to do so too.
  12. Well, when we decided to try this game, we all agreed to roleplay. However, i understand, that everybody has his own vision of it, and, as majority is new to the whole rpg thing, it can be hard to do for them. I want to try to show them, that every action they made would have some consequences in the future. As a Sister i can do it pretty good, as she is totally intolerable of heresy, psykers, stealing, and many other "bad" things. I wish we had as many players, as you guys have. It's hard to find yourself a DnD party here, imagine how many people play FFG rpgs.
  13. Thanks for you replies. I was just so filled with rage that couldn't resist. Now it's much better, as i was the one who tasted that LSD-tea So, as you suggested, i'll try to bring more roleplaying myself. At least, i'm an actual Battle Sister, so while i cannot punch a man because his behavior is stupid, she can! With her power of Faith and Bolter she can become a leader of the party and force roleplaying. At least no stealing Arbitres and looting daemons. Prayers and stuff, speaking as an actual Sister can help also, i think. I'll force them to play good or burn them with cleansing fire!
  14. Hello, fellow Acolytes! Have you ever had a problem when someone, or probably the majority, is not really roleplaying? Currently i've found myself in a situation, when all of my fellas aren't really caring about it. Only one, who's a very experienced d&d player/GM is playing as a real assasin (at least what he think he must be), and others are just playing like "ah, dead demon! let's loot him!" It really pisses me of, as i'm a Sister of Battle, and i try to prepare some war chants, prayers and so on, to use them later, while our Arbitrator recently tried to steal an item from a shopkeeper and was all like "hey, what's wrong with it? isn't that what cops usually do? ii don't want to buy it!" The worst part however, is a GM. He has some d&d background, but it's his first try as an actual GM. And he just focuses on battle. We killed, i think, nearly 50 men (i count only those who we were forced to kill by his decisions) and 2 deamonhosts already within 3 5-6 hours sessions. Fist thing he did as a GM was to say "pre-made adventures from the books are boring! i'll make one myself!", so now we are traveling in some kind of a vacuum tube without any storytelling. I found myself always asking "hey, what's the weather?" or "hey, what time is it? is it dark already?", or even "hey, what do we **** see, except o standard **** building?" It really feels that i'm telling the story, not him. So, can i do anything except punch them so hard they'll admit their fictional personalities? Maybe use some LSD-flavored tea, or something? 'Cause i've found one of the players just PLAYING **** FABLE CRAP during the game session!
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