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  1. This is from the Cthulhu FAQ: After a character goes insane it loses any tokens placed on it or any cards attached to it. When a character with 1 or more wound tokens goes insane it is immediately destroyed.
  2. Yeah I have a feeling the Cthulhu tournament is going to be pretty light this year. I'm also really looking forward to the AGOT Joust (and maybe Netrunner) which should both be pretty packed.
  3. The Y-Train deck will lose Shocking Transformation and Marcus Jamburg. This might make it a little harder - but it is still a T1 deck easily and will be difficult to beat.
  4. This was a fun event, thanks for running it Dave!
  5. Arriving Wednesday afternoon, and leaving Sunday afternoon.
  6. There isn't much. You can use the Cthulhu event 'Dragged into the Deep' to send a conspiracy to the bottom of its owners deck. The neutral support card 'Foiled!' will black a conspiracy text box, which can be quite useful.
  7. Thanks for the link! I will have to check my cards when I get home.
  8. There has been no announcement regarding any reprints in that format. I think you're probably safe to purchase the asylum packs as is.
  9. I think it's most likely a slight wording error. None of the other day/night destroy effects work like this to my knowledge. Probably something a mail to Damon will clear up?
  10. I think it would depend on how the Day effect is written. For example the Agency support card that destroys all night cards, San Marco Basilica. The destroy all night cards is also a passive effect. Wouldn't the first player get to decide which passive resolves first? So it might not even be an issue unless your day card doesn't have a passive effect.
  11. The way it is written 'Destroy all Day cards" is a passive effect. So any Day card that enters play is destroyed immediately right? I would imagine that was not the intention, but who knows. Probably needs clarification just in case.
  12. I don't believe that actually works. This is from the FAQ, but the same idea applies to Tesla. Can I use Whateley’s Diary (Foregotten Lore F77)to move 5 success tokens on Ritual of Summoning and 5 more success tokens on Ritual of the Lance, to automatically win 2 stories? No. Whateley’s Diary asks for you to redistribute your success tokens onto story cards in play. Redistribute means to take from one set of sources and place them in new amounts amongst that same set of sources.
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