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  1. The basis of the game is hidden planning and movement, with no turrets when the game was 1st released, therefore, people dont want to get shot, therefore dodging arcs, therefore ergo, arc dodgers, therefore needing re positional abilities ergo, I hate your comment
  2. Wtf? the most common build with Corran is PTL, r2-d2, FCS, Engine Upgrade, that gives him a great dial, two actions per turn if he wishes, and BOOST AND BARRL ROLL, as the only 2 repositioning abilities so far in the game..... and he could use those both in 1 turn and still have efficient shooting becuase of the permanent target lock from FCS wtf are you on about?
  3. I always love reading ficklegreendice's threads and comments. It's like that cold glass of Coke with ice on a hot summers day after coming home from work. A feeling I don't experience all to often reading some of the drivel on this site.
  4. Things have to fkn die you morons.... Accept it and move on. Defence shouldn't ever be on par 50/50 with atk dice. Otherwise 1 game of x-wing would be going on for ******* days, I can't believe this guys original thread. Half of the **** he talks about is either common knowledge, common sense already or just trash /end rant
  5. It's bull that's what it is, lowering agility and doing 1 dmg would have been a fine choice. Therefore making any more attacks agaisnt that ship easier to hit. But moving onto fkn asteroids is bull? Also they didn't mention large ships, so you can't move large ships? Just lower their agility? Or neither?
  6. Arratak

    2-dice TLT

    If it was 5 points cheaper it would be worth it :/
  7. We'll just have to take more TLT's, To be perfectly honest I think the tlt needs a fix, probably 3 points cheaper...
  8. K bra, i'm so shaken up by the thread I cant sleep at night with out meds. All I want is to browse these useless ******* forums and trawl through **** to find those minuscule threads that are actually worth reading with some substance, and helpful insight. You are distracting the good posters of this forum with your trash. Leave them be so they can write something good.
  9. I always take my loaded dice to Store championships p.s. this ******* thread still going? Close it down already I cant resist the urge to fkn troll u dumb *****
  10. what a troll, can this useless ******* thread be locked please, WHERE THE **** ARE THE FFG FORUM MODS!?!?!
  11. I LOVE TWIN LAZOOOOR TURRETS! I LOVE their consistant damage each round, I run a tlt y-wing and stressbot y-wing and I love it! I want quick games, where ships fkn die, not 4 hour games when we each have 2-4 ships....
  12. Because the TIE Advanced got a -4 point systems slot? Or because TIE Defenders are getting a title that, for free, lets them perform a cannon attack and then a primary weapon attack? Or how about when TIE Interceptors get two mod slots? Those are fixes. The job of a fix is to take a ship that performs poorly for the points or is underused and give players a reason to use it. Imperial ships that are overcosted/underused and get fixes get it right first try. The best fix Rebels have gotten is A-Wing test pilot. Guess what? A-Wings still suck. Rebel Transport was supposed to fix the X-Wing, and it didnt. Rebel Aces was supposed to "fix" the B-Wing, and it didn't. HWKs have never gotten fixed. E-Wings have never gotten fixed. The real best "Fix" Rebels have received is TLT, and that was never MEANT to be a fix. This is why when i see people say that "Rebels have it easy" im not sure whether i'm angry or disappointed in them. TIE Swarm has existed since Wave 1, and people still bring it to tournaments and do very well with it. 3 Interceptors is still stupid good. Palp on a thing plus 2 things consistently wins tournaments. 4 TIE Advanceds are straight up broken. Coming soon is 3 Defenders with tractors and ions which will invalidate most rebel squads that havent already been forced out by the current Imperial meta. Face it; The only thing Rebels can do now that Imperials can't do is regen, and who gives a crap when 2 attacks + palp are guaranteed to roll 3 damage every single time, or when you can make 6-7 attacks a turn, and because your ships turtle tokens, have stupid agility, arc dodge like mad, and can stop my ships from straight up just modifying my dice, i can't dodge your hits and you always dodge mine? Like ****, one of your ships was so broken on launch that it had to be nerfed because it broke the meta. And guess what? It's still ridiculously strong. I see it at every tournament, usually in the cut. Imperials are the only faction whose fixes define the meta. Imperials have their wants and desires catered to. That's why we need a good X-Wing fix. About ******* time someone told those whining little brats where they stand! Quality post! And so true, imperials cry so much, and yet, have some of the best ships in the game
  13. Arratak

    Gaming Chicks

    Quote of the year!
  14. Arratak

    Gaming Chicks

    the reason we dont see many and/or none at all is because you fat ******* dirty smell bearded freaks sit at the FLGS and stink up the place with your greasy chip fingers and foul odor. Many a time has my girlfriend commented on the state of game store or the people in there.
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