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  1. They are very hard to get and probably not worth massively inflated prices. The books are fine, bite sized reads. Each is finished in an hour, tops. I wouldnt pay this price for such short books so the player cards make or break them in my opinion. Dont buy without cards. Speaking off, which cards make enough impact to be worth the price? Here's my opinions. Hour of the Huntress: Skip. The new weakness is rather horrific, mostly for her teammates to deal with, and the new strength is of questionable usefulness. Can be funny when youre sitting on 30+ XP in scenario 4 or 5. Dirge of reason: Get. The alternate weakness is annoying in its own right but much safer in the long run, the strength helps shift Roland into much clue-heavier territory. Fight the black wind: Skip, these alternatives kinda just suck. The weakness single handedly ruins scenarios while the strength isnt much help at all. The books is really fun though, a shame. Deep gate: Get. The strength and weakness cards are really cool, this is one of those weaknesses that is actually a lot of fun to work around and get wrid of, but can still kill you if youre doing badly. The strength is also super thematic and makes full use of Silas's skillset. Not to mention that Silas hasnt been released yet, he's a tonn of fun. Ire of the Void: Get until Norman is released, then skip. The weakness is really mild, it'll eat an action or two to kill, ammo from a spell or a friendly gun. The strength is one of the most useless i've seen, the card is just bad and doesnt mitigate or accentuate Norman as a character (for comparison, Skidds's strength is a real MEH but is still more useful than Norman's). Norman is really cool though so if you see this book on a shelf somewhere before he's released officially then grab it.
  2. This is absolutely clear, the bonuses are not mutually exclusive since the second bonus to hit does not specifically replace the first.
  3. And they are very impressive indeed
  4. Im iffy on this card, though I havent tried it yet. In praxis the idea of failing tests and getting money is nice. But I play pretty much only ever on hard and inviting failed token effects is a recipe for disaster with severity levels ranging from dropping clues and taking damage, to summoning enemies and piling up doom.
  5. Agatha's staline is doubtful. it's daisy's exact lineup, meaning that this would be the first overlapping skill setup in the game (That I know off).
  6. Theoretically Skidd's can prolly mount more actions then anybody else. Practically it's gotta be Jenny or Wendy. The actions in question are: Quick thinking. Leo De Luca, Ace in the Hole, a new card in the next Mythos pack, Track shoes, Pathfinder, Skids and Ursula, Elli Horowitz (tutoring and playing a Relic feels like a lot of actions in one). There are probably more but I forget. Jenny has cash to spend on her assets and she can tech in extra actions in from elsewhere and with XP, focusing purely on action count is gonna get you a lot of failed tests and not much benefit though. Wendy can get a lot of actions per round and has abilities and cards that a bit more easily leverage into beaten tests, stack quick thinking on top and youre golden.
  7. Rogues can get tonnes of work done. Finn is outright crazy, he can obtain clues with his high intellect and the right set of seeker card splashes, and/or lockpicks, easily robust enough to play the primary clue dude. Then he has enough fighting ability to clear a few threats per map too. Or, he can go full ham with the rogue guns. In my opinion Finn is the face identity of the faction, slippery and flexible. Jenny is the perennial gambler, she can be built in a number of ways but always it's the healthy influx of cash that keeps her going. I don't like her statline myself but I've seen and played enough of her to respect her ability to win campaigns. Sefina is the funky doodle. But the right build can smash scenarios, she loves her some Double / nothing. On the flipside Sefina has proven to be really sensitive to bad draws and incoming damage, so her teammates gotta keep her safe. Havent tried Preston, but as I understand it he's Jenny's strengths and weaknesses on steroids. That leaves poor old Skids. That dude was build for the game the designer though he was making, turns out it all ended up too different for Skids. A useless strength card, iffy lineup of stats and cardpool. This guy is the reason this class got a bad rep in the first place. I do like to try and make him work though.
  8. I think its terrific. First off, with or without charges its +1 fight. You can use it to hack at 1 and 2 hp enemies without care and to help finish a bigger foe that some other attack has taken down to 1 hp. The +2 to hit is very nice, flexible characters like Skids and Diana can use it to match a Guardian in strength for a few attacks and because of the +2 strength you have more incentive to play it even if Machete or .45 is already on the table. The charged bonus in combination to infinite use means that you might "save" lots of charges as compared to another weapon when fighting odd-hp foes. In bigger player counts where Machette isnt quite as useful Enchanted blade really closes the distance, meaning that machete is not quite the end-all Guardian weapon anymore. I can see an endgame build for a combat character being: 2x Enchanted blade, 2x Lightning gun, 2x Survival knife + Bandoiler, Prepared for the worst and other combat support. All in all, Enchanted blade will replace .45 and .38 completely in my decks until the fresh-new feeling is gone and even then, I predict it'll be a long term staple.
  9. Holy **** bonded cards are awesome. I wanna see more! Gang leader: Shuffle enforcers in your deck. Grenade belt: Shuffle grenades into deck! Etc etc etc
  10. Something worth fighting for: Gotta say, not impressed. Guardians struggle on resources more than anybody and a 3-cost asset that's exclusively a soak doesnt call out to me the slightest. The teamplay factor isnt impressive either, Guardians are typically the class that needs economical support, and in return they Guard the entire team. This card helps you guard friends at the cost of other, more classical, kinds of guarding. 1/5, because you just cannot afford it. Crack the case: 0 cost fast conditional event that grants a financial infusion. Theoretically you'll chuck 4 resources at a buddy and both of you smile and holler and go about your merry way, in meatspace you'll spend a good while wishing this were something completely different an wind up angrily chucking 2 resources at your guardian to make him stop begging for it. Humour aside, chucking 2 resources at a Guardian/Mystic is actually a perfectly valid strategy so do consider picking this card when such a friend is in the team (or if said friend is actually yourself! Roland! Joe!) and smile and wave every time you give them 2 or 3 resources, they can easily leverage just a couple extra resources into safely dispatched monsters for you. 4/5, because it's good even if you play it in non-ideal circumstances. Intel report: 2 Resources and action for a clue unconditionally is below the curve. 4 Resources and an action for 2 unconditional clues is a fresh mechanic, so this IS the curve? Quite expensive as opposed to just playing Fingerprint kit or Rite of seeking. 6 Resources for 2 unconditional clues up to 2 locations away? Fantastic! The thing is however that 6 resources is on par for the most expensive cards in the game, 4 resources is up there with the most expensive events in the game and 2 resources is already asking for quite a lot. This card is good, but only in the decks that seriously make gathering money their shtick. Hot-streak Sefina, Jenny and Preston, these three will routinely be playing this card with at least one of the boosts, if not both. Everybody else, even other Rogues, just cannot afford this kind of luxury. Intel report is a perfect card to upgrade into Lola Santiago when you get the chance. 4/5, good but very narrow investigator pool. Sign magick: Expensive expensive! 3 Resources, card slot and hand slot for.... Nothing?? No seriously, this card doesn't actually do anything, its the other cards that do stuff! This one does nothing. Close though! This card should very definitely have text for card drawing or risky tutoring ("Action, search top 6 cards of deck for Spell, if you see weakness take 1 damage" or "Fast, Exhaust: Gain +1 on the next Spell skill test this round") something like that). The reason the old book that never sees play, doesn't, see, play, is that it just doesnt do anything by itself, it's far too expensive! This asset is much the same, except being fast is actually a miraculously useful trait. You dont play the sign magick until the exact moment it becomes useful. The problem remains, you play a useless card, in the hope of gaining flexibility with other important cards, I just don't see the need and when I see the need the extra charges the book offers seem like a MUCH smarter bet because it's useful even if you only got one spell, at least Sign magick is a very natural card to replace the book at level 0. 2/5, it's enables deck designs that assume 3 spells until you upgrade into the book. Banish: Willpower evade test that then puts extra space between you and the bad guy. You can haul a nuisance away into an unimportant location, for example if you encounter a Cultist or criminal in scenario 1 and 2 of Dunwick you can move it to a location that's finished and out of the way, OR you could just kill it with a shrivelling charge. This isn't always useful and the big issue I take with it is that its expensive (2 resources) and it has no innate + to succeed, so as with Blinding light beating the test isn't actually a given. Blinding light is a very good comparison here, Blinding light can target elites btw, how often do you play that one? Not often! Every resource spent for a mystic event is a resource not spent for a mystic asset, I.E, leave it in the binder. 1/5, circumstantial and even when the circumstance arises the benefit is peripheral at best. Meat cleaver: Whoo-eey! What a beaute! 1-Hand survivor weapon with +1 to hit, a conditional +1 more, a conditional +damage and a conditional horror heal. There's a lot of conditions but with so many moving parts the card is guaranteed to be OP for someone. First off because peter Sylvestre and Cherished keepsake exist, ****-near every Survivor can obtain a board state where Meat cleaver is by and large the best 0-xp weapon in the game, this involves sitting at 3-4 sanity with Peter in play to soak self inflicted damage. As for flexibility and outright usefulness Machette wins out, but the cleaver is a strong contender and a few of the characters that can take it actually LIKE taking some horror. 4/5, very powerful in many builds, rarely outright bad, but the circumstance can arise that you just cannot freely take horror. .45 Thompson: Big, expensive weapon that gets the job done. there isn't much to say about this card except, there is a LOT of concentrated power in this card. It pushes out playing other cards, a beat cop or Scene of the crime for example, but the sheer card - to - effectiveness ratio is great, you can win a map on the back of a single Thompson. Even 3-fight characters, Diana, Skids, Jenny, can bring this beast and expect to blow away lots of threats. The big issue is that while youre paying for and driving the Thompson youre not doing much else, no flashlight. 4/5, good at what it's made to do but so expensive that it's hard to do much else. Scroll of secrets: An alternative to Book of lore, much cheaper but limited to charges. I actually think it's quite fine in 3-4 player where a clue focused seeker/mystic can focus on just clues and support, the low cost and charges make it actually interesting even if youre not playing THE tome character which is why I rate it higher then book of lore. Suddenly a Marie / Mateo with Sixth sense, Scroll of secrets, Rite of seeking and whatever other clue tech you can find seems like a workable build. With luck you can help a buddy get wrid of a weakness, draw a key card for them or kill/relocate a mythos card. 3/5, support cards are often underrated, I think rather highly of this one. Tenessee Sour Mash: Turn 3 resources into a total +4 on willpower tests and one +3 attack. The sheer cost -to- stat efficiency is great. Ideally you use the willpower triggers to beat something like Frozen in fear or other nasty text-heavy treacheries and then you break the bottle to finish the remaining hp on an odd hp enemy. 3/5, this card is way way better than it looks. Enchanted blade: This is one of the best weapons in the game, I dont think it completely invalidates .45 or .38 but the sheer flexibility makes this weapon THE best backup weapon in the game and it actually shakes the foundations of Machette. The +2 to hit means that it replaces .45 in most decks, for example because the +2 to hit might be useful even if you already got Machete in play, not to mention the +combat icon. The flexibility to deal 1 damage without a charge with +1 to hit means that you might be willing to save charges while killing weak enemies, with a .45 you either waste a bullet on the Ghoul minion or you punch it with no +hit, and against the Ravenous ghoul a second bullet is wasted to get the last hitpoint, Enchanted blade gives you the +hit in all of these cases. This also makes it a great lategame sidearm to a big gun, where the extra security of +2 to hit and the flexibility to choose between attacks that deal 1, 2 or more damage at will, is awesome, against a 4-fight 4 or 5 HP enemy for example. Machette is still a better weapon, especially in Solo, but as soon as you get other players sitting at that table the machette becomes dramatically less dependable and Enchanted blade closes the gap on potentially being the best, or at least the most flexible, level 0 weapon. Also, the larger +hit makes enchanted blade a very interesting choice for 3-fight characters who perhaps dont need to spend quite as much time fighting as a guardian, heads up Skids, Jim and Diana. 5/5, not the strongest weapon in the game but extremely dependable and easily worked into a huge variety of decks. I cannot wait for the XP variants. Grisly totem: Funky card for very specialized decks. The net gains from Grisly totem are by nature very slow, it's unlikely that you'll get enough to warrant the card slot, equipment slot and cost of this card without a deck that's predominantly Skill cards. 2/5, powerful in a very small number of special decks.
  11. The stuff that jumps out to me as improvable: Knife feels bad on a 1 combat character, perhaps magnifying glass or Fingerprint kit instead? Emergency cache outclasses forbidden knowledge by miles and miles, unless you're Agnes. With just Shriveling you dont need Eldritch Inspiration at all, especially once you drop Forbidden Knowledge. A bit too many hand slots? Since you boost intellect with Alyssa I recommend Fingerprint kit and/or Magnifying glasses as well, especially in multiplayer. Skills will take your far, and cheaply too, can you fit in more Perceptions, Guts, Deductions? The free test security and bonus draw can really smooth out a deck. Is lucky taken? If not go and get it! Eldritch inspiration looks like the natural thing to drop for it. Alternatively Live & Learn is fun on Mystics.
  12. At this point there's 8 unexplored 2-class combinations left. Seeker|RogueRogue|Seeker These are movement and wealth-explosive factions, Milan, Lone wolf, Streetwise, Education, these guys are gonna be rolling in Perston Fairmont Levels of cash and strong methods to leverage it, then you have Pathfinder and Shortcut and Leo De Luca and Quick Thinking and..... Yeah, absolutely drowning in actions and cash. I'm predicting some extra deck limitations and interesting stat lineups, personally I bet that the Rogue|Seeker is gonna have a relatively low intellect and be more fighty/sneaky then clue-y, basically a Roland mirror, "Whenever you evade an enemy discover 1 clue at your location"? Seeker|Rogue on the other hand I wouldn't be surprised to see acting in a support role a-la Minh, perhaps and in-built ability to share resources? They opened the can of worms of funny statlines on 2-class investigators in Diana and Preston, statlines that don't total 12 stats, I'm guessing this trend will continue. The exact investigators? I'm guessing Monterey Jack for one. Mystic|Rogue Yeah, no idea. it took me a while to learn to like Sefina (And I really like her now, tarot for the win!) but I really don't know what this combination has to offer. Spells + actions and money? I hope it's sufficiently different from Sefine though. The cool thing about getting the other half of a Class combo is that it really defines/refines the character's role, what does Roland do that Joe doesn't and vice versa. That Magician guy seems like a sure thing, Dexter Drake. Survivor|Mystic We already have the other combo and manipulating tokens, manipulating tests doesn't seem a theme for her moreso then other mystics/survivors. Wendy and Mateo are the only token interacting characters so a combination of their primary classes might be a natural token seal ability of some sort? It'd also be fun to see a left turn and have this one be a high-intellect character with clue collection affinity, a researcher/explorer with a penchant for getting in trouble with the arcane, it'd be a new take on survivors for sure. Guardian|Survivor From the other games we can surmize that this'll be that cop on Close call, Tommy Muldoon. From the outset I can see typically high strength guardian attacks and survivor cards that scavenge poor token draws going well together. Another 2-2-4-4 statline? 3-1-4-4? Survivor|Seeker The only /seeker(2) character so far is Roland and his intellect is just 3, there is plenty of design space for a cluey survivor or flexy seeker and this seems like the right place for either of those combinations. A 2-4-2-4 or 2-4-3-3 statline? Card draw and speed + Test manipulation and discard mechanics are proven to be good in Minh, I expect that to continue here. Mystic|Seeker Speed and spells baby, though this one is definitely going to be completely defined by the statline, high Willpower or High intellect? Marie exists so it probably cannot be equal, perhaps a mechanic that boosts Intellect by the number of spells you have in play? Guardian|Mystic This one is hard, I dont actually see much potential here, the two most expensive factions spliced together. Diana has a whole cancellation theme going and is pushed a bit away from relying just on mystic tricks, so I guess the ability is going to define this one too.
  13. Yeah, my guess is that we'll first see him in a novel, to be announced in 3 weeks.
  14. Core: Roland, Skidds and Wendy can all go solo these days. Roland has always been a good solo choice, beefy brute who simultaneously clues and kills. Of all investigators in the game Roland is perhaps the most at the mercy of the mythos deck so be careful. Wendy having gained her Bow, Pickpocketing(2), Lockpicks, Track Shoes and a variety of other interesting options has become a powerhouse Skidds is still a risky pick but campaigns are generally easier on him nowadays (Dunwich used to be a nightmare but Return to Dunwich suits him nicely), the upcoming Guardian ally who gives +intellect will also be nice on him since he'll be able to Evade -> Clue - >Damage the thing he just evaded. Dunwich: Jenny and Ashcan are famously strong solo. Ashcan comes stock with Duke, that dog is so strong a card that people argue that Duke is the actual character and Ashcan's the ally. Jenny is very flexible and doesnt require much support to operate self-sufficiently, especially when she obtains Streetwise. Carcosa: None of the Carcosa folk are ideal solo folks. Forgotten age: Finn is good solo, Calvin arguably so. Finn has workable stats in every stat that generates scenario progression, whether it's obtaining clues, running around or killing stuff. Calvin is a funny sort, in my opinion he's just too slow but when the stars aling he can literally explode through a scenario, try this at your own risk. Lots of characters can be argued for, Rex with Fireaxe, Certain Jim builds, Leo with flashlights and keen eye, lots of folks become solo capable after certain mechanics get added via XP (Minh getting her Acidic Ichor and cornered. Sefina getting a proper weapon, Hot Streak. Agnes with a Bow.). You can try these but keep in mind that you're at the mercy of not only the mythos deck and token bag in these cases, but you're extra sensitive to bad draws, a Rex whos'e fireaxes are at the bottom of his deck for example.
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