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  1. Thank you kindly, that was very clear.
  2. Just so I don´´´´´´´t use this wrong. When I use the R4 token mechs, would this be the correct way of doing it? 1) Kimogila with R4 agromech and deadeye shoots out a Harpoon missile using it´s focus, can I then use the target lock to modify the attack? 2) Kimogila with Overclocked R4 and deadeye shoots out a harpoon missile using its focus, can I then use the new focus to modify the attack?
  3. Hey guys, I'm pondering storage solutions and would like to see some of yours! In the meantime, my buds have been sporting some folio pages made to contain dials and/or base token. anybody got the directions to find those?
  4. Honestly the meta is pretty much always tale except perhaps the first 2 weeks after a release when people try some new combo's and realize that Dengar still beats all.
  5. A large band of semi-competitive hobby players coupled with a medium group of hardcore players.
  6. I thought the problem with "Denim" was the "Den" as in Dengar. Also isn't there any chance that the biggest issue with Nym is the fact that he's got infinite bombs? Shouldn't Bomblet generator always have been a bomb with 3-4 charges instead of infinite uses? If you take away the Scurrg's EPT then every single Scurrg would be rendered absolute crap.
  7. Yeah we had Rex and Zoey, he slaughtered the clue game and I lightning gunned every threat we came across, sept the Unseen enemies who we were able to manage and kill with relative efficiency. I will say that Hard is a much more fun play experience if you like a challenging play experience. I also greatly enjoy the huge differences in solo, duo and trio gameplay. Also we did our second play of Where doom awaits and it was dramatically different. I guess being well read (Wink wink) really mattered the first time around.
  8. 45 points would be really pushing it. I bet the PS8 guy is going to be fielded at 33-37 points. The Upgrades of choice: Salvaged mech: R4 Agromech or Unhinged Astromech. Ordnance: Anything with 4 dice, probably Homing missiles. Elite: Vi, expertise or predator, probably VI every time due to the bullseye mechanic. Illicit: Glitterstim or Cloaking device. Modification: EU or Guidance. The total for VI, R4, Homing missile, Glitterstim and guidance is: 36 points. Honestly though I don't see this ship keeping pace with Dengar, which leaves it DoA.
  9. Mabe when you spend a target lock another friendly ship gets to throw in it's own attack simultaneously then takes a weapons disabled token?
  10. I figured it was the best ship for pulling "The Punishing one" from a certain meta king.
  11. Karthakk Pirate. -Synched turret. -Adv. Homing missile. -Munition Failsafe. -Boba Fett. = 33 points. Bomblet generator optional.
  12. Fair ship rebels are now a thing. Lowhrik and the new Selflessness card and Rex in the Tie fighter to make Biggs unkillable, coupled with a fourth cheap ship you got yourself a squad with a LOT of survivability and 11 attack dice. Captain Nym is good, he's kinda like a new Miranda that likes weaving through the battlefield with weird Advanced sensors maneuvers dropping bombs along the way. Couple with Dengar or Rey to get a new and scary 2 ship list. Tie Aggressors haven't made much of a splash, perhaps because the other two are still dominating player interest, it seems like a dependable ship though. It doesn't seem the new ships pushed out or made space for any old builds that weren't already dead, perhaps the rise of fair-ship rebels is going to give rise to some clever Ace players? In other words: Welcome back, the game is the same but it does have a few extra viable options.
  13. I'dd love to see this become a widespread action among many ships, unlocking the "Fighter-Bomber" archetype. Even ships like X-wings and Tie Advanced could legitimately field this action, remember how Poe and Luke both had several shots to fire.
  14. The Gunboat is such a fun ship to speculate about now that it's been revealed. The dial I bet is going to look like a Khirax's, with a green 1-forward. A White 3-turn would be a little bit crazy, but it seems very probable that it'll sport a white 4-forward. Can you imagine the distance this guy can cover with SLAM!? Linked battery looks cool, at the moment it's text is predicted as being: When you fire with a (cannon) or primary weapon you may re-roll X-dice. The popular opinion of X is 2 dice re-rolled. Also there is definitely no double slot cannon. I guess the double cannon slot is for equipping a Flechette + this card. It seems like a really good card, since it's such a specific and slot dependent card I hope it costs 2 points. The only other prediction that makes sense is: When you fire with a (cannon) or primary weapon you may reload. The only thing wrong with the above that usually the wording would be: "you may perform a reload action." The other upgrades that are remotely predictable: Saturation fire. The text is hardly readable but with what little I can decipher i'm pretty sure it net's you the ability to reload a Missile or Torpedo after firing one of your other missiles or torpedoes. The text mentions "squad" which indicates "Another ship in your squad", perhaps the ability allows 1 friendly ship to reload. If FFG has gone crazy perhaps a friendly ship would be allowed to perform some kind of attack (a-la snap shot)? Jamming beam seems really obvious. If this attack hits assign 1 Jamming token to the defender, then cancel all damage. Assuming the predictions are correct then you could build: Major Vinder. -XG-1. -Linked battery. -Flechette cannon. -Proton torpedo. -Veteran Instincts. -Guidance chips. Est points: 36.
  15. Right, I'm looking at salvage operatives as the Imperial player and it seems pretty clear to me that if the rebel side has an inkling of a clue what they must do then this mission is a huuuge bust for me. Its mission 7 and when I played it they jumped at it knowing that Influence missions give +100 credits if the rebels win, which in their minds was a clear winner over the last chance at some character side missions. This means i'm not only defending my influence spending but also fighting to prevent a huge buildup of power for them (I have to agree with their choice, +100 extra credit reward is simply delicious at this point in a campaign). So, seeing the extra long timer they have and relatively easy objective, how on earth does the imperial player win this mission? It'd be the fourth win for them in a row (with two missions lost by a literal hair's breath, sometimes involving quadruple dodges and somesuch). The rebels are pretty much snowballing through this campaign now and it looks like I made a huuuge mistake buying that mission, does anyone have any advice for this Imperial player who's on the edge of throwing this campaign? Spending influence just to power up my opponents by more then what they'd gained otherwise might be the final nail.