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  1. tsuruki

    Rex and Shortcut?

    Yes, that helps!
  2. Good job i'dd say getting 2 cultists and the boss on the first try.
  3. Just a rather simple but important rules question. What happens if you play Shortcut in the player windows between starting a skill test (Investigate) and before revealing the token? More importantly, if I start investigating one spot, and shortcut to another, where do the clues come from? What's the difficulty of the test? For example: - Can I start investigating a low difficulty location, and scootch over to a high difficulty one with the lower difficulty test and get the clues there? And/Or -Can I use this to "split" a test and get a clue from two locations at once? Or -Do I get all the clues at the original location?
  4. Yoric really gets pretty much every card he needs from Carcosa. Cards like the .45 upgrade, Fight or Flight, Madame Labranche. And the rest from the core set. A second core takes priority over all else I say, if you cherry pick just one Dunwick pack then the standout pack is "Blood on the Altar". It has all the permanent skill booster cards (Scrapper is absolutely great for Yorrick). It has Lone wolf, Preposterous Scetches and Prepared for the worst too, all good and commonly played cards (And that last one can help you find the upgraded .45).
  5. Yeah, i had enough stocked up to kill 2 but I drew an autofail when I triggered my Pantalone mask. Had to settle for just the one
  6. Thanks, good to know I didnt mess this up, even though my Finn wasn't able to beat more then just one of the beasts before I bowed out.
  7. I just drew "Towering Beasts" twice in a row (Rounds 1 and 2) and there isnt a target, did I do something wrong or is this stone cold luck?
  8. tsuruki

    Modifying pistols.

    Yeah I checked out that Special mods pistol but was rather disappointed to see that "Quickfire" or something similarly named in Fly casual is pretty much the exact same thing, but better and easier to mod!
  9. I have by no means play tested every iteration or game mode of the proposed custom rules below. TL:DR. Randomly roll an encounter set and add it to the deck! Suddenly you might need to deal with Byahkee's in your Study, Rats in the County Express or Naomi's crew in the heart of Carcosa! All of the rollable encounter sets are scenario neutral or altered to function in any scenario. . These are the rules: Only ever gather Treachery cards and enemies that do not have acts or agendas on their flip side (or would otherwise be given away by their flip-side). Never gather cards that refer to named locations or unique location types (Such as "Altered" or "Historical Society"). Never gather cards that refer to information in the campaign log unless you are playing the relevant campaign). Never gather cards from a Scenario that you havent played yet! Re-roll any result involving cards you do not own. After gathering encounter sets for your scenario roll a d100 until one of the numbers below is rolled, gather the appropriately numbered encounter set and add it to your scenario's Mythos Deck. Re-roll until an encounter set that has'nt already been gathered is rolled. 1- Dark Cult 2- Rats 3- Striking Fear 4- Ghouls 5- Anchient Evils 6- Chilling Cold 7- Nightgaunts 8- locked doors 9- Agents of Hastur 10- Agents of Yog'sothoth 11- Agents of Shub-Nigurath 12- Agents of Cthulu 13- Bishops Thralls 14- Beast Thralls 15- Naomi's Crew 16- Sorcery 17- Whipporwils 18- Bad Luck 19- The Beyond 20- Hideus Abominatios 21- Delusions 22- Byahkee 23- Inhabitants of Carcosa 24- Evil Portents 25- Hauntings 26- Hasturs Gift 27- Cult of the yellow sign 28- Decay and Filth 29- Midnight Masks (Only the 5 treacheries). For some truly strange challenges, add the following encounter sets to the list. 30- The Gathering (Only the three Enemy cards) 31- The Miskatonic Museum (Void rules apply, shadow spawned starts in play) 32- Essex Country Express. 33- Blood on the altar (Do not gather Silas Bishop nor Kidnapped!) 34- Where Doom Awaits. 35- A Phantom of Truth (Twin Suns Places doom rather then removing it.) 36- The Pallid Mask (Do not gather humanoid enemies) 37- Black Stars Rise. I recommend using the D66 version blow, it's a little more straightforward and has the potential to double up! The D66 version. 1- Curses! -1 Anchient Evils. -2 Decay and Filth. -3 Chilling cold. -4 Locked Doors. -5 the Beyond. -6 Sorcery 2- Monsters! -1 Agents of Shub-Nigurath. -2 Nightgaunts -3 Inhabitants of Carcosa. -4 Ghouls. -5 Beast Thralls. -6 Hideus Abominations. 3- Madmen! -1 Dark Cult. -2 Cult of the yellow Sign. -3 Bishop's Thralls. -4 Hasturs Gift. -5 Naomi's Crew. -6 Delusions. 4- Madness! -1 Striking Fear. -2 Hauntings. -3 Agents of Yog'sothoth. -4 Agents of Cthulu. -5 Agents of Hastur -6 Whippoorwils 5- Lies and Hindrances! -1 Midnight Masks. -2 Bad Luck. -3 Evil Portents. -4 Rats. -5 Byahkee. -6 Roll a D8 and add 29 to the result, gather the appropriately numbered encounter set above. 6-Double! Roll Two more times on this table, re-roll any result that would trigger more rolls on this table. (Alternatively, to stay on the safe side, the participating players democratically decide upon and choose any one encounter set). Disclaimer: Some encounter sets may absolutely break your game! Also, all rolls are final! PS: A D66 is rolled by: Roll a D6, this is the range, then roll another D6, this is the specific result, in this system there are 36 possible different results. If you rolled on the table above, a roll of "2" is a "Monsters!" roll, and then a roll of 4 would mean you have to add Ghouls to your encounter deck.
  10. I've found that with added cards my deckbuilding has mostly grown more varied at the same rate as new strategies became possible, for example the new seeker event that cures 2 sanity or the guardian events that fetches enemies from the encounter deck. Suddently a Roland can go actively looking for a face to smash and proc his clue ability rather then risking another Frozen in Fear draw or Rotting remains, a pretty good alternative to Perception if you ask me.
  11. tsuruki

    Modifying pistols.

    Working on it, my other hand is gonna be rockin a Dr-45 Dragoon or X-30 lancer as soon as I can get my hand on it.
  12. tsuruki

    How many play throughs do people have?

    Beat the gathering like 3 times. Dunwick never beaten but 2 forgotten campaigns stopped at the 7th scenario and half a dozen at around the 4th and 5th scenario mark. Carcosa beaten once, one promising campaign about to undergo scenario 4. This list does not include the large number of failed campaigns or abandoned ones due to terrible performances and death spirals.
  13. tsuruki

    Modifying pistols.

    So, combining the extra hardpoint slot from my tinkerer feature, and a variety of successful checks, I now have a weapon that theoretically has..... 4 blue dice??! Is this even legal?? Bantha Eye accuracy mod +1, Fast Aim, regular Aim. Custom Grip Accuracy +1. +4 Blue dice. Oh and the single Actuator mod for a total damage increase of +3. This SE-14C blaster pistol is going to tear up the outer rim like no other pistol ever has!
  14. tsuruki

    Modifying pistols.

    This is a great tip. It's super thematic to be putting stuff that is cancelling out each others disadvatnages on a mechanically obsessed characters' pistol Do you nkow any more tricks like this?
  15. Hi guys, i'm relatively new to this system and I'm kinda digging deep for way's to enhance and modify a pistol. What are the fan favourite mods? What are the fan favourite pistols for that matter? I'm as much interested in the weird and the practical but I guess the effect I'm looking for the most is the Accurate+ trait.