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  1. Most cards have skill icons, they can be commited to skill tests for the relevant icon type granting the indicated bonus. Skill cards are made exclusively for this mechanic and come with perks like extra icons or effects on the skill test. Icons on cards have no mechanical application outside of this use. Evidence for example can be used for that bonus clue, or to buff an intellect test, thus still help you get clues without enemies or pass a key test, such as a parlay.
  2. Eh. Be glad for the xp and less deck clutter. The carnivale rewards can be nice but a couple kinda just dud a better draw.
  3. Problably Events/skills only, like Tony
  4. To respond to OP. Most of the characters are pretty balanced, although making many of them work is a deckbuilding challenge in of itself. It's very easy to get a Roland deck that falls over and fails to do much of anything, if you built an Akachi without Rite of seeking and Shrivelling you dont belong in this faction, get out. Also a few dudes are sensitive as ****, and can shatter like glass if you make a misstep, for example Rita or Roland if they take horror. That doesn't make them too bad characters though, Rita for example is robust as heck, especially with Peter Sylvestre virtually printed in her deckbuilding. If you point a gun at me head and make me choose, then its Lola or Calvin, and I'dd end on Lola. She doesn't have an ability (rather, it's a weakness, she's got a **** weakness printed on her Investigator card!) and the deck-building doesn't amount to the cool combos you might imagine possible.
  5. I agree, popularity and character strength don't correlate. Case in point: Jenny has way more decklists than anybody else. This is a symptom of her tremendous flexibility. She can use her faction cards to lean into whatever role she desires. Even so, she is a far cry from "strongest investigator in the game", although she is definitely up there. I think all these decklists are from the hype when the game was new and people trying her out on differently specialized ways. Akachi has so and so many decklists, but she can be outrageously powerful, definitely does not belong below the 50% line. This lack of decklists for her is definitely because her deckbuilding is a riddle that's been completely cracked and isn't particularly unique among Mystics; All the spell assets and all the cards that make spell assets work better. That said lots of people are really scared of Calvin and it takes a special kind of basketcase to like him, yet from my experience playing with him he's rather quite disappointing, he is weird, and its great that this game has room for weirdness like him. I love these stats and I like seeing them, but drawing concrete data from them is Homeopathic at best.
  6. Oh yes! DUmping skill cards every round like crazy will be fun.
  7. I hope when they make Circle Redone, they make a reference to it somehow.
  8. It's luxurious, You can run 2 Guardians or 2 Survivors or 2 Mystics and not have to skimp out on key cards like Lucky, Shrivelling, Beat cop, ETC. If you really like this game it's a pretty good addition, although if you're a sane person then go look for second hand sets rather then buying them all retail. I got mine by scavenging a defective copy (the encounter sets were in Czechoslovakian) and second hand. (Also you can check Born to play games to get some key singles, I went and got extra copies of cards like Shortcut, Fight / Flight, Rite of Seekin. They update slowly though, really wanna get extra copies of Circle undone cards).
  9. Hard scenario, I have yet to figure out the most effective method but I can tell you that one is a nightmare to do with evasion heavy characters without an Ornate bow, it's mandatory! A 3 or 4 damage weapon and / or Beat cop(2) really greases up this map, along with all the AoE options you can find. a Marie walking into this map should definitely be toting a Storm of spirits(3), if you have a gun build then grab Stick to the plan and stick Marksmanship on it. Vicious blow(2) also helps greatly, especially in the early parts of the scenario. Suspected top tech to bring this map: Flamethrower. BURN! BUUUURN! Terrible tech to bring: BAR. You'll be out of ammo right away.
  10. Well, I guess you got stuck then. How did you manage that boardstate?
  11. I'm a big fan, but he is VERY political, made so by his subject matter in near every show. He is very much using the European perspective to describe America and the world. Picking apart the things Europeans see as bad in America is very much the premise of his show, and the major perceived negative differences between us Europeans and Americans is hinged on the influences of the Republican party. Perhaps after Dreamlands we can get a cycle where we have to rescue Trump's dad from Nyarlathotep?
  12. For that team: A problem solver who ignores clues and just sets up until enemies arrive. With at most 1 or 2 sets of clue events in their deck. These might include: Every guardian save Carolyn. Yorick and Rita. Jenny barnes. Not knowing much about your collection. Zoey or Roland will do the trick.
  13. No. I just think that locked locations ought to have a shared trait and the enemies: "when at -trait- location gain: hunter.
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