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  1. New To Game - What To Buy

    One more thing. Hard is actually hard, and very very hard to do with just the core set. So think of hard as something to do when your collection and experience grows.
  2. Speculation - New Product Type

    On the note of wishlisting, I'dd love some mini-campaigns, the size of the Night Of the Zealot campaign. They can deal with all sorts of horrors and personages not worth a full campaign.
  3. Suggestion is broken

    Isnt this card just split into two abilities? The ability to evade using Willpower as a boost (Infinite). The ability to negate attacks (limited). And then bad luck and careless use of the infinite ability may hamper use of the second one?
  4. The mechanics of destroying the cardgame franchise :Þ
  5. More importantly why isnt it in my lap right now?
  6. Throw the box away and build a storage solution in your multiple core sets
  7. New To Game - What To Buy

    I was sold on this game once I played the second scenario. Play on easy the first time because your limited cardpool and the annoying way the core set only supplies a single of each player card makes the game a lot harder. If you like it then I do recommend a second core set to begin with. Then just pick either Carcosa or Dunwich and work your way through that cycle, one or two scenarios at a time. The one-shot scenarios aren't musts but I really like them.
  8. Questions

    I'm pretty Sure Diane is purely thematic, a bystander who keeps chit-chatting in the middle of a place going madder by the moment. Functionally she forces you to move deeper into the scenario, if you don't empty your first bystander on the first try she'll cover it and force you to move. Then if you manage to fight through some transformed monsters she becomes a roadblock shielding the last untransformed bystanders.
  9. La era olvidada

    The ability to move without AoO is great on such a high Agi character, it reenforces the archetype. Cat burglar for example is great but generally only available to characters who specialize in evading to begin with. But I wonder about the class type. maybe she's like Norman Withers? A highly educated young lady that branches out into less savory routes, becoming agile and rougelike.
  10. My thought exactly. Dealing with 1 and 4 HP enemies with Lightning gun is annoying. And don't forget about 3hp enemies when you don't have lightning gun to rely on. Also on Hard and Expert, the ability to deal damage without revealing a token is exponentially more useful than on standard.
  11. Shotgun or Lightning Gun

    I'm still partial to the lightning gun over Shotgun. It hits the intended target no questions asked and rarely any cards needed to support it unless you want to put down vicious blows (Which are again, further guaranteed to deal extra damage), lest the Autofail token shows up. This is especially crucial on Hard difficulty as opposed to Standard, where you can expect larger penalty tokens to show up and wreck your intended damage. Even Mark can struggle to find the tokens needed to Two-shot a 10hp foe, even with beat cop out you're only blasting at 8 strength, you're always going to need the cards or resource pumps to buff that attack stat to guarantee the extra damage. I'm not saying Shotguns are bad, but those moments where you net just 1 or 2 points of damage with them are going to make you wish you'dd spent 1 more XP. The Extra ammo is not to be ignored either.
  12. A rules clarification question. Can other investigators perform the actions to remove straitjackets from you?
  13. Starting carcosa

    Carcosa seems a little harder then Dunwich, at least on Hard difficulty. With the exception of the third scenario which seems a little easy. And yeah, I go out of my way to include "That card" in my deck for the second part of Carcosa, so good. I'm overleaded on cores (for 3-4 player play) and got every expansion and play primarily hard difficulty, all the different options do nothing to detract from the game.
  14. In my opinion the Investigators work too differently to be directly comparable. Zoey is a lot tougher than Roland and a better combatant, but she is by no means as capable at gathering clues and far less versatile. Rex is faster then Daisy but her free tome ability is massively powerful once you've drawn your book of lore. She is also better at scenario specific actions. Pete is much more flexible then Wendy, having the innate ability to gather clues and kill enemies from the start of the game, Wendy however is by far the most slippery investigator available, she just skips enemies altogether to go straight for objectives. Jim Culver is more flexible than Agnes, being able to leverage his higher combat and intellect stats to kill enemies and gather clues without spells. Agnes however is by far the deadlier spellcaster. Jenny is less the rouge and more the jack of all trades, she cant evade threats the way Skidd's can, she is tougher though, really the only investigator that might actually be outright better than her counterpart
  15. How do you shorten scenarios?

    Perhaps we do take long, we do shake the baggies properly tho so each token is an absolute minimum of 10 secs to draw