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  1. Complete AGoT LCG card set for sale, up to and including "The Great Fleet". Everything is 3x, including the first cycle. All cards are sleeved and in perfect condition. The set includes one resin house card for each Baratheon (one ear is slightly chipped), Marthell and Greyjoy. The set is sold as a whole. Please make offers by PM.
  2. Please consider this: both Crown of Azor Ahai and Crown of Meereen in play, so that it is summer and winter at the same time. What will be the effect of playing The Long Winter or The Long Summer. Does they have any? What of the other cards that have different abilities by season?
  3. Six competition legal starter (and thematic) decks, one for each house, sold separately so that it would be easier for new players to enter the game.
  4. The only way it works for me is to overwrite the files (Vulca.xml and Vulca.xml.res) directly into the archive using drag and drop from Windows Explorer to the 7-zip window. Creating the .o8s file from scratch by assembling all the files together and renaming the .zip file never worked.
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