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  1. I've always wanted there to be a bigger, mechanical difference between these two. Ideally, I've wanted slug throwers to run out of ammo quicker than blasters, but in order for that to be fair, I'd have to up their damage and I'm not going to do that. Right now, I'm thinking of giving slugs +1 Pierce for 3 (or maybe even 2) Adv house rule, but I want to do something similar for blasters and I can't readily think of anything. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. SaveVs

    GM Advice?

    Avoid maps the first few times; SW isn't a reliant as D&D on them. If you really need to have one to give everyone a relative idea though, don't draw in the lines.
  3. Look for heavy-duty sheet protectors and dry erase markers.
  4. I should be able to use most of this. Thanks a lot. :-)
  5. I'm looking for way my players can affect their obligation scores and what I can throw into the game when their number comes up. Increasing or decreasing their score should be a voluntary option. I want this to be sort of a spotlight thing specific to each character, but regular means will still be available; a criminal can still increase their score by doing illicit things, even when that character's Obligation isn't a concern that session. Criminal: Player isn't allowed in the Core Worlds. We haven't gone into why, but the Empire would love to have this player in their custody. When triggered: If the setting allows and the player isn't on a core world, stormtroopers will show up in the session and make it tough for the character to do things. Increasing OB: I'd say attacking stormtroopers would increase Obligation, but what I really need is another option since I expect that the player will never voluntarily choose to attack the Empire and if I put the player in a position where they have to attack, then it isn't an option. Decreasing OB: Uhh... yeah, I don't know. Bribing an official? Obsession: Player wanted to have an obsession about finding secrets, but that's really more of a motivation. I'm going to suggest the player has an obsession about one, specific secret. When triggered: Something pertaining to the secret reveals itself, like a clue, or a lead. Increasing OB: Choosing to ignore the lead, or not following up on the secret. Decreasing OB: Making headway toward the secret, finding another piece of the puzzle. Oath: Player is force-sensitive and has a sense of honor. Player hasn't gone into anymore detail. When triggered: Pff... Give them some sort of moral dilemma?? Increasing OB: Uhh, choosing to break their sense of honor??? I can't see how that's a choice, really. Deceasing OB: Maintaining that sense of honor???? Early on, the party came across a dead Jedi and I gave the player a drop in Obligation because the player took the time to carry the body and bury the Jedi, which delayed the party during an adventure. Betrayal: The player hasn't decided what exactly happened, but the player is the betrayer. I made the player part of a gang before joining the group. When triggered: similar to the criminal, they player's old gang shows up. I've decided that I'll roll a d10 and use that to determine if the gang is a group of minions or if a rival sows up also. Increasing OB: Umm, maybe killing the rival? Decreasing OB: I was thinking killing all the minions would reduce Obligation some because after a while, it's just not worth sending people to get this player. So that's everything I have so far. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. http://thealexandrian.net/wordpress/1118/roleplaying-games/three-clue-rule This might help you in the beginning.
  7. The Bothan play in my group named their ship the Jastra. She said it's a Bothan word she found online. Ship names I've used in the past: The Persever (like sever the tendon, not like Perceiver :-D) The Gauntlus
  8. IIRC, D&D 4th had an option with summoned monsters that they did their own thing unless the player spent his action to command it. The creature's normal action, if it had one, was always inferior to its commanded action, but hey, it was better than nothing. So for your turret, assuming its like a gun, its standing action could be to fire at one target within close range (two green dice). If the player takes command of it, you could have a list of things it could do, like Move (player spends a maneuver), Shoot (players spends an action, but turret benefits from Auto Fire), and Suppression (player spends a maneuver, modify the Barrage Action from AoR). If you're worried about your player thinking up to many commands, limit the number the turret knows by giving it a computer skill (or Intellect score) and allowing one per rank.
  9. Wow, yeah, totally forgot about crits. That's what I get for making that up at 1 in the morning. You could split the difference and have a crit of 4, then modify that by +/-1 per 2 Advantage/Threat. Alternately, you could have the player opt for a better/worse crit by taking on setback/boost dice. Darn, never thought of hard points either, lol. Armor might be tougher to do. I'd say try this as a jumping off point. 1 Soak, 1 diff 2 Soak, 2 diff 1 Defense, 2 diff 2 Defense, 3 diff
  10. If the GM kills off canon characters, it shows the players that they are the protagonists in the campaign, which may make the players feel special thus feel more invested in the story. If the players kill canon characters, well be prepared for that scenario (see previous suggestions above); Richard Garriott learned that the hard way when the players killed his king in Ultima Online.
  11. Quick and dirty system: All items have the Inferior Quality unless the player spends a Triumph. For Melee/Brawl weapons, damage sets the difficulty: +0 DMG, 1 diff +1 DMG, 2 diff +2 DMG, 3 diff +3 DMG, 4 diff +4 DMG, 5 diff For ranged weapons, damage set the difficulty: 5 DMG, 1 diff 6 DMG, 2 diff 7 DMG, 3 diff 8 DMG, 4 diff 9 DMG, 5 diff Every two Advantages spent adds one positive quality. Each quality can be purchased once unless it's known for being ranked, like Pierce. There's an additional "+1 Damage" quality that can be purchased once. Every two Threats spent adds one negative quality. Each quality can be purchased once unless it's known for being ranked, like Slow To Fire. There's an additional "-1 Damage" quality that can be purchased once. That should cover anything your player wants to do. Don't worry about a new skill; every player can attempt every skill anyway. Limiting player actions are the purview of talents, though if you're up for it, you could create a Crafter spec.
  12. I'd say every two advantage lets him add a quality to the weapon.
  13. Star Wars isn't really known for it's armor, at least movie-wise. The system also isn't that rules heavy either; it's assumed you reload "off screen", for example. If you do decide to layer armor, however, two things I would do is see what the munchkinest combinations are to see if you're okay with them in your game, and to have the -3 encumbrance rule for wearing armor only apply to one set of armor, to simulate the layering as hampering movement.
  14. What if they were shipping some sort of knockout gas that affects short term memory? :-)
  15. I'm assuming this is a What If question and not an active cry for help, but let me jot down points of interest and see where this goes. Your SW universe exists outside canon.There is no Luke Skywalker, or if there is, he's a Luke Skywalker and not the Luke Skywalker. I once ran a Rifts game where Karl Prosek didn't exist. Don't remember why anymore, but there you have it. Your SW universe is in the canon universe and canon is immutable.Your party tries to kill Luke, but something, somehow always gets in the way or delays the party. Or instead, your party corners Luke, opens fire on their target, and then inspects the body only to find out they murdered some fool named Anniken Starkiller and they had the wrong guy the whole time! Right now I'm running a group tangent to The Force Unleashed's storyline. They don't know that yet because I'm the only one that played the game. Next session they're going to meet up with Kazdan Paratus, or try to at any rate. Your SW universe is in the canon universe, but "historical inertia" makes the events immutable.So your party kills Luke Skywalker before he ever makes it to Mos Eisley. R2 still manages to find Obi-Wan anyway with the help of some other force-sensitive named Skunky Tinweasel and that guy fills Luke's shoes, or Leia somehow manages to tap into her force abilities and she fills Luke's shoes. However it happens, the trilogy still plays out the way it will, but some of the names and key players will be changed. If my party somehow kills Galen/Starkiller, eh, no biggie. Your SW universe is the canon universe and all bets are off.Say your players kill Anakin during the pod race and now they're happy with themselves because now Darth Vader won't exist. Surprise them when someone more evil and more powerful takes his place. Or say the party is right there in the trench with Luke as he's about to blow up the Death Star. Imagine the look of shock on their faces when a Despair symbol causes everything to go wrong and Luke's X-Wing spirals out of control and crashes into the side of the trench wall. Now imagine they look at you wondering when Han is going to show up and save their bacon and all you say is, "If you're just going to sit there and stare at me, the Death Star fires..."
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