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  1. So a group and I were playing a game this past weekend and ran into an interesting problem. Forgive me if i mangle the wording, its been a couple days since i looked at the rules (and have only played a couple times) The Nekro Virus has the ability to steal racial tech instead of a standard tech (this then acts as their racial tech). I was fighting my friend playing as the Ghosts of Creuss, and one of their racial techs is to place an unused wormhole token anywhere on the map, or move one of said tokens from its existing location to any other location. I believe this happens during the status phase, but I may be mistaken The question we ran into was: The nekro virus steals this tech. Since the tech specifies "Unused wormhole tokens," which are specific to the Creuss, can the Nekro place these tokens? If so, does the Nekro player get his own pool of wormholes? or steal them from the Creuss? Or, can they just move these holes? Thanks
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