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  1. Why not use the Assassin career but rename it Sniper? But the special ability shouldnt be as good as the assassins because of the pros the ballistic user has against the melee user. Say he has the veteran ability and lowers the CR with his ballistic weapon of choice.
  2. I would love to read more about Ulthuan and the Dark elf lands in the far west, but there is a problem with that release, because what I have learned is that Ulthuan is closed for everyone except High Elves... So if you are a Reiklander you are probably not permitted and your ship will probably sink a LONG way from Ulthuan. So I hope they dont make a big release with that in mind because I dont want to tell my players to make new characters because we have a new release we have to test... The answer will surely be: NO But I would love to have Ulthuan as a book because I love this world and would like to read as much as there is about it So in my opinion if they are releasing any elf material at all, it should be about elves in the Old world as because I think this is the place where most of us spends our playtime. Right? But It would be awesome to have a whole group of High elf characters adventuring on Ulthuan , but if I gotta pick i rather go with Old world elves or rather a long campaign with a "war" between The Empire and Bretonnia. I would love to have the time and imagination to do a whole 3 book campaign about the buildup to war - trying to find the culprit behind - and then stopping it before its to late. It would be many playnights with alot of "power behind the throne" feelings. And for once it doesnt have to be chaos that is behind, It could be another country or a High ranking Noble who wants the country/throne for himself Sorry! Im ranting once again
  3. If you want I could take a peek and comment about it.
  4. bladerunner_35 said: GoblynKing said: This is an excellent idea! If I had one request it would be TONS of maps. Maps of the city proper, maps of the surrounding forests and lands, maps of separate districts, floor plans of particular buildings, basic floor plans of standard buildings that could be used for impromptu encounters. Also, random encounter tables! I feel these are underused in many modern table top rpgs, including WFRP 3. For a sandbox type setting, such as a city, random encounter tables can be a godsend for GM's that haven't prepared for where their players might go and what they might do. If you want further input for either of the above suggestions, let me know. Cheers! Sorry GoblynKing but I will have to disagree strongly with you here. Instead of taking the time to do lots and lots of maps and floorplans and random encounters you should play to the strengths of WFRP3. I am not trying to tell anyone how to play the game but I personally believe that it is an abstract game that do not really need a lot of maps and certainly not floorplans. Sure, one or two maps of the city and surrounding area would be welcome but I would much rather that Ragnar63 spent his time to make Grunburg come alive, much like Ubersreik has come alive with the information in the various supplements. Use this and build upon it - write about the interests and relationships of various noble families, criminal organisations and guilds in Gruneburg, their motivations. Is there a conflict brewing between various interests. What are the ramifications of the von Saponatheims expanding influence in Gruneburg? How come the Jungfreuds won't touch the town? Which other noble families are strong in this region of the Reik and what are their goals and motivations? Create some colorful NPCs that live and work in and around the city. Create some inspiring points of interest in and around the city. Do not go into to much detail. Leave some gaps. Use a large brush, add some detail here and there and leave the rest up to the imagination. Random encounters can be made by taking a bunch of appropriate cards. Shuffle them. Draw a card. Instant random encounter. You could have one pile for urban encounters and one pile for rural. Mix location cards with unique and general NPC-cards and maybe even add some choice action cards. I agree as well with Bladerunner!
  5. Kopesh said: This is an expansion I've been waiting for a long time. I can't wait to see what "careers" (if that's even a proper word for it) they add for the aristocracy in this one. Ah, what new ways will I be able to make the lives of my player's characters misaralbe? Like the way you think!
  6. I think it´s up to the group to decide how they would like the rules/world to behave and perhaps have the Core rules as a guide to implement their own house rules. I dont see any problem with a wizard "breaking" his spellcasting career and go into investigation, as long as he still reads his spells and memorize them as in D&D or how it works here in the warhammer world. But he wont be able to improve those skills as he is not doing the amount of training in those skill to improve them. Its not like he forgot how he did cast spells from the day before: Hmmm... I know I cast this spell yesterday and I have been casting this spell for 10 years now, but suddenly i forgot how to do it... Strange?! Dont u think? The only way I can come up with how a mage will forget his spells is either: Amnesia, losing his spellbook, chaos or godly intervention. And priest... Why wouldnt they be able to break career? Its not like they stop believe in their god! There are many careers that I personally think is a good way for a beliver to take: Witch Hunter is one, Templar is another, and Scouts for Taal, Fisherman for Manaan etc etc. And again I think the Gods know when their servant believe in them or not. And if they dont, they dont get to use any blessing. If they do they can use/be/do whatever they want as long as they abide the rules for the God. I had a player who where a priest and once and all was well and he continued down the priest careers to become more mighty/better. But while we played he cursed his god, not in story mode but outside when all went against him. I stripped him from his powers and he didnt understand why. After that he cursed the god more and didnt understand why he couldnt cast blessings. Perhaps I should have given him a clue/hint or something but I thought he should have understood why. All in all, let your players keep their spellcasting abilities as long you the GM think its ok, a spellcaster cant cast spells in full armour etc etc. Because its not fun to see every xp a player has invested in their character go to waste because they dont want to invest more into those skills, this is Warhammers strength to change careers and still have use of your old abilities. Sorry for the long post
  7. You get the blessing for the whole encounter, forgot too mention that. Otherwise it would be worse than just using one fortune die
  8. Virtue of Chivalry: Before going into combat, the knight takes a few minutes to pray to the lady of the lake asking for a boon. He then spends a fortune die and gains the blessing: The knight rolls one extra fortune die and selects the better result.
  9. I think the GM and the players should work together when they create a character. If the background story is great why shouldn´t I grant the player some bonus for making an effort? Starting equipment doesn´t have to be expensive pistols or such (Ironbreakers Gromril plate anyone!? :/ ) it can be poor quality: swords, shields or perhaps a lance for your "Knight Errant" But in my gaming group there is lack of background stories... And in my opinion I would gladely reward a player some equipment for making an effort with his background.
  10. Hurlanc: I dont think the idea of having a npc your players have to roll dice for. Instead I think u should give the npc som passive skills you can impart on the character having him as a buddy. Helmût the Ironbreaker have trouble finding his way through the woods so he hires a Guide. The guide then "give" Helmût these abilities: Teamwork: When the guide teams up, you get a additional white dice to your combat check and the flank bonus. Skills: The guide is trained in the art of living on roots and mushrooms. You may use his Nature Lore check: 4 Blue and 1 yellow I think you definitely should use the loyalty thingy as Amedhaus wrote. Give the npc better bonus on the passive abilities, more loyalty means he puts himself at greater risk.
  11. I think its a great idea! I will probably borrow it in one of my future adventures. But as JasonRR says, two tracks is a good way to keep track of things. But... hmm... is your group the most courageous sort? Because if I saw that monster I would run like hell, say alot of stances in reckless. I wouldn´t stop for anything even my friends which may be in the way. Get my meaning? So you could use the characters who are in the reckless stance to bullrush their own friends which are in the conservative stance (hence the delay). And if the characters dont say they stick together the spidergod can only attack the character at the rear (maybe she can spit/shoot webs at those in the front?). In my meaning the reckless are running as fast as they can while the conservative are backing away from the combat. Hopefully you get my point
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