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  1. Hi all, I played a melee game recently where by BWB deck got wrecked by the Eastwatch-by-the-Sea location. My opponent politely pointed out to me that it ruins my deck by virtue of the fact that the BWB agenda uses the phrasing "you may not" when saying I cannot move power to my house card and must instead place it on a brotherhood character. I popped onto the forums and did a search on the topic to find that the consensus of answers here appears to support that. However, I'd like to know if anyone has had an 'official' answer from a game dev, because if by the context of 'you' the agenda is referring to the you in the literal sense of taking the action (as opposed to you in a more general sense of 'your cards'), then this would make the BWB unworkable even without Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. I say that because the act of moving power from house to house is not done by 'you' when you win a challenge. It's your losing opponent who does this, it says so in the rulebook under power challenges. Not seen anyone bring that point up before. Apologies if they have and I missed it, I mean no offense. So, what do you think?
  2. Bomb said: I don't have a favorite haracter, however I do really like Jon Snow thus far. Hooraaayyy for getting back on topic :-)
  3. All the big characters are going to get lets of love in a thread like this, and with good reason no doubt. However, I usually find myself more interested in some of the characters with smaller roles to play. Partly due to the element of imagination that goes with trying to understand their motivations, where they came from and where they're going in the story, and also partly just to (I admit) try to be a little different from the crowd, which is pretty lame but I admit to being that way One of my favourite characters is Arys Oakheart. Most of the Kingsguard are reviled through the books for being a poor shadow of what they should be. They Kingsguard should be the best of the realm and in the past they were. However, this bunch (with the exceptions of Jamie, and later on The Hound and Ser Loras) meant to be a relatively weak. However, I like Arys because he's one of the only 'good guys' in the King's Guard and the only one who protests when asked to hit Sansa Stark. However, when he's pushed to do it anyway he does so but pulls his punches (I think I would have acted exactly the same way, without quite the guts to refuse) and later, when asked to escort Myrcella to Dorne he succumbs to Arienne Martell, just as any real man would and makes common cause over having Mycella crowned Queen. At the last, he finally shows that he's actually an exceptionally tough warrior with that final glorious charge. So, in summary, he's one of the decent souls, flawed, ultimately doomed, but capable of exceptional feats of courage and endurance when it's required. Very human.
  4. Just if anyone's interested, I did find out what the problem was. The problem was that the back of the box was identical to the non-revised boxset and as such stated that the box included a resin house card. I can see why this would result in a recall due to the legal implications of stating something is contained when it's not. However, pretty poor show by FFG to let this slip out en-masse.
  5. Cheers guys, makes perfect sense. Thanks I should probably start a new topic for this, BUT, while I'm here.... does Narrow Escape force the player to make a choice between putting cards into play from their Dead OR Discard pile, or is it just worded so that it could be read that way if taken out of context, and in fact puts cards back into play from both the Dead AND discard piles?
  6. Hi all, There's a bit of background to this question but to keep it simple and direct I'll jump straight in If you use A Game of Cyvasse on the Vipers Bannermen, are the Vipers Bannermen able to respond to reveal two cards and place them into their controllers hand? Arguements I've heard today are NO because the 'bounce' effect on Cyvasse is after a 'then' as can only be responded to with save effects (FAQ 3.0), and YES because they're reponding to themselves leaving play which they will have an opportunity to do regardless, after Cyvasse has finished resolving. Thanks in advance
  7. Alright, like most people I've been waiting FOREVER for a copy of Kings of the Sea and Lords of Winter. My local shop owner drops me a text yesterday to say he was getting Kings of the Sea in today (WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!) I get a text this morning - "Sorry, Esdevium have said Kings of the Sea won't be shipping due to a typing error on the back on the packaging. I argued with them, but they said FFG won't let them release the stock" WHAAAAAAAT???!!?!? FFG ARE YOU KIDDING ME???! How bad can a typo be to stop the card shipping? Unless it's a picture of Emilia Clarke's norks or something about kids then I can't see why the hell you'd upset your customers so much. What a joke!! And in case anyone was wondering, this post was FACT
  8. Alright, I have no right to be... maybe it's true. I have to legal ground to be irked here, but I can't help it anyway. I've been playing this game for four months now and in that time I've not been able to locate a single copy of Kings of the Sea or Lords of Winter for sale. Nor have I been able to procure most of the older expansion packs, those before the BWB cycle. I've tried ordering online and importing from the US (I'm in the UK) but those retailers who say they have these items in stock suddenly e-mail me to say they haven't. I've got many people in my local community interested in playing this game, but we've been playing with little more than Core sets for the past four months and it's coming to the point where we're wondering if these previous LCG expansions are actually vapourware and the joke's on us! Come on FFG, forgive me this moan and please get on with re-printing, re-distributing and selling us some more of this great game. We won't wait forever. My friends and I are pretty faddy. Make us wait too long or we'll find something else to go crazy about and spend our money on. One last thing; you don't want to wake the dragon, do you?
  9. Core set back in stock tomorrow so it was well worth the time as that's two new players to the cause from one night :-)
  10. Please keep us updated! Some friend and I are looking run 'official' events in the North of England and we may be interested in travelling down occasionally (with our army of Dire Wolves) to show the Southerners how to scrap for power, and to maybe pick up a few tricks to take home I'm personally very interested in Melee tournaments, which are the sort we'll be looking to run up here. The official playtime for melee is supposed to be 105 minutes, but this can be adjusted up or down 15 minutes at the TO's discretion. You shouldn't need to worry about finishing the rounds in that time. First of all, when people are playing competetively there's generally less banter and side-talk and more planning ahead and being conscious about how long your own turn is lasting. The main problem here would be newcomers to the game jumping straight into the melee and slowing things up. A terrible conundrum, as we all want people into the hobby but we also want our games to run smoothly Also, if you do find that your time runs short, then the game freezes when the TO anounced time and whoever has the most power at that point wins the table. Jousting is alright and the game format holds up well against other games, but the melee format is the one true advantage and unique aspect that the Game of Thrones LCG has over all other similar games, and is a major appeal for many fans! FFG already have a recommended tournament structure available for download, and it's pretty good.
  11. I'm a friend of the above ^^ and will also be involved in this setup... we're a friendly bunch and the venue is spot on, so if you're in Teesside (or within driving distance!) and fancy participating in organised play, let us know as we're looking to arrange these nights / weekends in the very near future
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