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  1. Kingsguard said: I've played a number of different card games in my day. The biggest thing that kills a card game in my opinion is that removal effects become so consistent that the only cards that end up mattering are ones that either get played for free, are immune to most removal effects or are removal effects themselves. That's why I quit yugioh and lost interest in magic. It's all the meta was. Removal, stuff that get's played for free and stuff that is immune or resistant to removal. It's not fun, especially in A Game of Thrones where the story is supposed to revolve around the various interesting personalities presented in the book series. I completely agree on the 'free' to play cards. I'm a little too hungover to give a compelling arguement here, but I think the game would be a better game if all zero cost cards were also 'limited'.
  2. Alando said: Yeah it's an auto-include now in any deck. Maybe that's intended though to increase the value of attachments? At least that other auto-include, Retaliation!, beats it. Haha... when I lost my OCTGN quarter final, this happened to my detriment, and my opponent joked that he'd seen someone in the forums mention this that very morning. I had no idea it was YOU who'd done so
  3. DerBarchen said: I dont want to spam the forums with this but its been almost a year and Ive had no luck so please forgive me, I already posted this in the meta page but Im going to leave it here to just in case... Im still looking for the other players in Ireland, Dublin. I know youre out there, you bought the whole Defenders of the North reprint before I could get to it...I Will Find You! I have a small group of 3 (sometimes 4) people meeting ever Thursday (sometimes Friday) for both Joust and Melee (and sometimes booze) and we need new players! Come on, dont make me have to play on OCTGN, its not nearly as much fun! Thought you guys were meant to be lucky?
  4. ktom said: Nitro Pirate said: .... is absurd. This card will end up banned. ~ Yeah, because if there was one thing Martell couldn't do before, it was draw. There's never too much draw. Can't wait to see vengeful Hotah kicking about.
  5. .... is absurd. This card will end up banned. *edit* - okay re-read him once I'd had a glass of water and a lay down. He's not as bad as I thought (read it as draw a card for each character at first), but he's still the best of the agenda characters that have been revealed so far. Another top Martell card. We'll be seeing a lot of this guy.
  6. This is a much better card for Stark than is it for Bara. Stark have real trouble getting characters out of the dead pile. Bara have less of an issue. the top 4 card search is okay, but not nearly as useful. You're replacing a card for a card, with no guarantee that it'll be what you need, at the expense of a power. Handy in a pinch, but unimpressive. For the melee restriction and the power cost, I expect to see better. No double the Lanni/Martell equivalent will be 'remove all opposing characters icons 'til the end of the round or inititate an additional intrigue challenge this round. Gain 5 power.'
  7. For all those decks that 'outrush' Ghaston Grey Martell... who are you playing against and why are they not using the Viper to punish you for rushing?! Martell are ridiculous, they drop tons of claim soak that replaces itself with draw or search, then take advantage from losing challenges. I've never seen a side so favoured in any game I've played
  8. For all those decks that 'outrush' Ghaston Grey Martell... who are you playing against and why are they not using the Viper to punish you for rushing?! Martell are ridiculous, they drop tons of claim soak that replaces itself with draw or search, then take advantage from losing challenges. I've never seen a side so favoured in any game I've played
  9. Has this set been spoiled yet? Id love to see the complete list of cards
  10. I had thoughts about posting a tourney report after my first game with Maekar in round two (my round one was a bye due to a late withdrawal) but then I thought better of it...mainly, as we hadn't agreed anything about wider deck disclosure and I didn't want to step on anyone's toes but blurting their deck secrets all over the place. I'm kinda glad I didn't, because in round three I was specifically asked to enter into a gentleman's agreement on that very thing, which I was happy to agree to. If there was one thing I'd like to see for a future tourney, it would be to require submissions of deckslists before the tournament, and then to ask a non-participating regular to look after the decklists for publication in the later rounds (maybe around the quarter finals?) as in most tournaments word will have gotten around on what's going on in whoever's deck at that point anyhow. Maybe if people have a super-secret-tech that doesn't always come out, they can ask for x number of cards to omitted from the published lists? Maybe I'm overcomplicating things, but I think it's easily manageable. Would also be cool if people agreed to have the games / conversations recorded for later replay. I'd love to see how some of the other rounds panned out, Getting back on track with the current tourney; it's been tons of fun already and, whatever happens now, I can be glad I entered. For anyone who just missed out, and who is thinking of participating next time, you should. OCTGN was completely new to me at the outset of this tourney and I learned how to use it only three days beforehand, and it's a doddle to use, so don't let that put you off!
  11. verdealex79 said: It sounds like this guy works for Skylabs. This is such a suspicious post that I don't know what else to say. This makes no mention at all of the abominable server structure and frequent crashes. If you aren't a shill, there's a Skype group that you can join where all you need to do is shout out that you want to play and you'll be able to get a game. Just ask and you can join. Hi guys, i am the suspicious one... sometimes things are much simpler than you'd think: i am not a Skylabs infiltrate... I am just who i wrote i was: a guy looking for other nice people to play with. It wasnt exactly a "hi, and welcome to our forum" by your side, to be honest! :-) About what you wrote about skype group, I'd be grateful if you could provide me some informations about how to use that thing, and thank you. I really care to. About Octgn3, well i couldnt try and test for myself all its bugs because i never played a game with anyone: as I said, AGOT users all use OCTGN2 as you do. All i could try was deck building and solo game, and i was able to see that - once the game has been started - all its the same with the old OCTGN2. Maybe i just was lucky. Anyway - BUT I HAVE NO LINKS OF ANY KIND WITH THOSE PROGRAMMERS - i have to say that no software is perfect since the beginning. I remember what OCTGN1 and OCTGN2 were at the beginning - surely not bug free - and if noone supports new projects, they are doomed to go nowhere. Working or not atm, the "central server" thing is a promising one - the lack of which always forbade me to effectively use OCTGN, because my connection doesnt have a public IP to join direct - and i thought that we could have a look. But, just to know: if i was - and I repeat I am not - a skylabs programmer inviting you to see what me and my crew are working on, what was there in my post so hurting for you? I am a programmer indeed in RL - but not working for Skylabs - and programmers trying to do anything for people without asking anything only have to be thanked... so a simple "Hey, come to see what we are doing" doesnt need so harsh answers. Remember to have fun! LOL... welcome to the forums, Skylabs
  12. DieMyDarling said: I haven't been doing too well up to this point, but if I lose to BYE, I think I can just throw in the towel right now. Up for a friendly game if you don't want to miss out on playing?
  13. Daario is terrible. Maybe that will change in time, but right now he's a complete liability. The tricons is nice, but Targ are the house of tricons anyhow and there are better options. Now and again he's going to be amazing and people will say 'I told you he was good!', right before going on a run of five games where they can't even drop him. Maybe, just maybe, if people want to play fortified position he could be a decent gamble. Otherwise he's destined for obscurity.
  14. Yep, my opponent. Now I have to wait a week!! Could kill you Staton
  15. Arrrgh, just realised that my opponent hasn't responded to me because his post is just a few posts up saying he can't make it :-(
  16. ktom said: It should also be noted that the timing structure does not really allow you to save something that has been discarded for cost. In order to get to the point where you can use a save, the effect must be initiated completely. In order to initiate the effect completely, the cost must be paid in full. So by the time you could trigger the save, the location should already be moribund/discarded completely. This particular understanding of the timing rules has never been confirmed outright by FFG, and the "cannot be saved" clarification that appears in a lot of costs seems to imply a save is possible, but it really is a correct application of the timing structure. And would prevent you from doing something like discarding your Narrow Sea just to save it with They Shall Not Cross in order to put a +2 Boon attachment on your favorite Stark character. Haha.. thanks :-)
  17. Hi all, Was hoping for some clarification around when to play 'after you win' passives and responses... For convenience, this is the part of the challenges framework I'm interested in - 1. Determine winner of challenge 2. Challenge result is implemented 3. Reward for unopposed challenge is awarded 4. Renown is awarded When exactly can/do I play a card such as Die By The Sword? And as a bonus question, how far through the framework would a moribund character remain moribund? (I'm expecting this just to be until all save/cancel, passives, responses have been exhausted after point of death, rather than being linked to the window...)
  18. Hey all If you discard Narrow Sea, then save it with They Shall Not Cross, is your next Stark character still reduced by two?
  19. Not had any e-mails from you yet, this still on target? :-)
  20. Southpaw, what would really help you is finding a local game scene where people are playing the game and go along and observe a game or two. You'll soon see that things aren't always as cut and dry as calculating whether or not you can wish a challenge with the cards on the table. There are also plenty of times when winning a challenge wouldn't be the optimal outcome for you.
  21. Fair point, but we'll be there next year. Three of us at least, but probably more. That's my FFG related wish for 2012, anyhow :-)
  22. Dobbler said: For the European community: An announcement that GoT World Championships will be held at Stahleck. Wouldn't it be fair to do alternate years between GenCon and Stahlek? No reason why it should be confined to just one continent, if the demand from players is there. Just make every other year at each event their continental championship, with the title held for two years. Dobbler said: For myself: Enough money to fly to Stahleck and attempt to crush the Europeans. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....*deep breath*...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA !!
  23. BARF said: Thanks guys! Another question.... How even are the Core Sets divided initially? Friends and I were considering mixing the non house specific Event cards and then dealing them out at the top of the game to mix it up. Same with Event cards and non-house specific character cards. What are your thoughts on this? The non-house specific event cards, and even the neutral cards (characters and locations) have been carefully chosen for the pre-constructed core decks to prove some balance and variety. This does mean that they work best within their intended houses if you're playing from the core set pool only... however, this goes completely out of the window when you're making decks from scratch. The best example of this is the plots, which are with a certain house in core for a reason, but when you make your own decks you'll find some are much more useful than others depending on the build you go for, rather than the House.
  24. JerusalemJones said: I am ashamed to admit that I will likely build my first ever, non-draft Lannister deck after the expansion releases. But I really, really hope that this doesn't put them back on top. Why not? Someone has to be one top, and it'll make a change from the usual suspect.... at least until they bring out the Princesses of the Sun: Myrcella and co. deluxe expansion pack
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