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  1. I agree with you on reading their charge and meeting them with a heavy melee. But sometimes their impact comes into play that can destroy your plans. Thats what I love about cavalry in this game. They shred archers, flank very effectively and they cause devastating morale effects. Which is why if you caught them they shouldnt be able to escape before at least one spanking is given. Spank or get spanked with those cats.
  2. True. Im thinking of putting it on spearmen specifically to reveal a 3 attack as a way to stop the cycle of two small leonix holding down a larger unit of spearmen with cycles of charging since if you reveal this i will get multiple hits off in one round. just marching into my unit is a good counter they could do but then I could switch my dial that round to a 7 speed attack and probably kill off one of the leonix riders. Just as a thought.
  3. One of the most enjoyable feelings ive had in the game is playing elven archers with a wind rune on them and having them shoot, shift and turn like a matador out of the way of melee units.
  4. The leonix rider disengage was the only thing that ever made me use a support golem. until i saw them I would never choose it over the brutal one. But i have a problem justifying using it for just one match up. Especially when not all the elves here run leonix spam and leonix spam players lose some of their games anyway and might die off to just using them like every other cavalry that factions have. This is an amazing build that works for many match ups. I like this as much as the File leader solution.
  5. Its a shame you deleted the well thought out post. This post itself is good. On point number 4 I like having single carrion lancer blight towers with archers near them. They have strong synergy with each other on top of the protection it gives the archers. The first time I was hit with the leonix shift It was the most surprising obviously because I had overlooked the fact that the march and modifier were both blue and I opened up the rule book to see that this move was legal to do. It was much more devastating because he had pinned me in range of archer units he had. So he disengaged on a three and then I swung at nothing and received two squads worth of archer fire for the turn. Needless to say that never happened again. Wont ever engage the Leonix with so much support near it without my own. I had an opportunity to jump on that leonix squad and i took it and it turned out to be a trap that I didnt see coming in that particular game.
  6. Im going to be using a lot of them and I also suggested to some of the elf players to try using raven tabards so that they can disengage with impunity unless they are dealing with lord hawthorne. The truth is that the Leonix spam strategy hasnt simply won every game either in our meta. Daqan wins most of the time here especially since Waiqar is a very hard faction to play well with. I didnt think you were serious or that hurtful. I was much more worried that I angered anyone or insulted them. Also rune wars the board game is great too. very excited for the Role playing game to truly deepen the lore for Runebound universe.
  7. On 10/23/2017 at 1:18 AM, Darthain said: The onus is on the opponent to play correctly with initiative and engage favourably, sounds like a good learning experience. Letting them hammer you , grab initiative and run is probably bad play on your part. The British learned this some time ago. Also, you are running a 9 tray, you are giving up mobility (heavily) in a maneuver game. Expect to pay for mass with inflexibility. I don't fully understand the dealing with x death star threads, as less units and bigger units means more room to run circles on them, which it sounds like your opponent did. You just got outplayed, hard. above is is what I was responding to when I wrote the words you are quoting as an insult. I never responded with just no. You can look over the entire thread and see I am attempting to explain my points and responding to everyone who has suggested counter tactics and upgrades etc.. There are plenty of them and they are not dismissive. This is the post that was edited and before this was posted it was: Im not trying to troll you. On some things we disagree and you have explained why you dont think what I am saying is valid and provided tips on how to counter it. I feel its still a strange part of the game. Other people have gone in depth with upgrades and tactics and what they forsee happening with future releases etc.. Again I am not trying to insult anyone. I am not trolling. I am not **** posting. It is ok to have differing opinions and it doesnt have to get snarky. If I came across that way I was wrong and I apologize for that. I also dont think im just being a moron here. I appreciate that you responded and that you also took the time to share your opinion and went in depth with it. Everyone on the thread did that even if they added a bit of condescension to it as well. Maybe the snark was an unintended modifier on their dial that was overlooked in design.
  8. Yes. But they will also receive a panic when they collide with you each time they move again to square up.
  9. OK. And I think its out of line. Its as simple as that.
  10. I like this but I find the file leader is a more safe solution. Someone else brought up file leader upgrade earlier and thats the most viable one in my mind currently because it doesnt have a figure upgrade needed. That is important because the leonix riders are very good at being able to remove those before you can take advantage of this ability and punish them while engaged. Almost all the upgrades in the game so far are excellent. You get that excellent dilemma of so many options and not enough points/slots to use.
  11. I guess ill repeat what I've said several times. The speed at which you disengage is outside the normal speed which is specifically listed on every single dial in the entire game including future unreleased units. You dont start magically engaged with Leonix riders either. Things had to happen during game play for you to become engaged with that unit and be able to melee attack it. Ive mentioned earlier that stunning and support golems will shut down their modifier but I found that Cavalry are very effictive at triggering strong morale effects that can remove your upgrades if they dont aim damage your rune golem away. On another note I dont see how it matters what Daqan or Waiqar have for this. This is an issue for all the factions because it effects them all equally including Latari. All of them hit before normal disengaging. Also it was pointed out earlier that the upcoming Scouts for Daqan can take an upgrade that will allow them to do a similar disengage at preattack speeds in the same way where you take a march action fail it and shift with your modifier. The issue isnt that elves are OP at all. The issue is that this disengage speed is out of line with the game mechanics as presented on all the dials of all units in the game currently and that will be released in future as far as have been spoiled. I dont know why there is a condescending tone that needs to go along with all the responses. Im continuing to have this discussion and everyone is having excellent points and feedback but the sarcasm and accusations of insults from and earlier poster are just weird. I dont see why they are needed to have this discussion.
  12. Yes it gets worse! And most of the attacks on 3 are yellow so they can't even match you on initiative anymore. Lmao.
  13. I haven't insulted anyone. In fact you insulted me in an earlier version of this post then edited it. In general I have been told that I don't understand things and I responded explaining what I feel is not understood from my end that makes me believe that the ability to disengage at speed three isn't punished enough for people doing it. Several suggestions have been made including my own by people asking me for what I believe I should do to counter it. Many of these suggestions were great and I plan on using them. I haven't been insulting anyone again. I'm responding saying I've played a bunch of games and they have also played games I'm sure but this doesn't mean we reach the same conclusion. It also doesn't mean that if we both don't immediately agree with each other there is some sort of insult or hard feelings. In regards to the dials I've played ffg games for years and years and they make the best designed games in table top with the best rule sets. They also have really small design teams and I've been a playtester for games like x wing and I've seen first hand how honest errors can be made and how things can be emergency fixed even before a rule, miniature or card for an lcg is even released. It's not beyond the realm of possibility. Either way it's just my belief that in accordance with the rest of the entire game disengage on speed three is probably not intentional. Third oathsworn cavalry engaged with a dedicated melee unit even with its defense will lose. The cavalry units of all armies are excellent at charging to break a unit, wiping out soft targets like archers or small infantry units and especially for flanking. Please don't take anything I said as some sort of Attack or insult. That's not what I am trying to do. Just consider me stupid or something if you disagree that much. So far I'm most excited to counter this with file leader because it's the most secure option to use and it's relevant in matches that don't include units with Leonix Rider spams. But I think file leader is only really great when you put it onto a maxed out spear blob which I don't always play.
  14. Yes as long as you have it revealed first. So you swing on a 3 if they are there. If they are not and charge you you swing. This also pulls you out of being pin chained by two of them. So many good upgrades. Not enough slots.
  15. You are right they can do the same thing with a Lance corporal. I don't always build stars in every game I play. Buy file leader is a great card because they can only remove it with morale effects they cannot aim the figure away. Good points.
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