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  1. I adapted the mission to my campaign, so the players had to collect the money on site as their crime boss won the mine in a card game. They believed that the mine was attacked by pirates until it was too late. As soon as they found the money, they changed the plan to keeping the money (and the rented ship) and get away from their boss... aaand from that point they somehow did not pay as much attention as they should have To keep it short, they freed the workers and helped in securing the mine. The three main droids (including the medical droid) escaped with the cargo hauler as the players secured their own ship better than the hauler. Nevertheless the medical droid had enough time to rig the life support system with anesthetics (the mechanic found him near the consoles but he did just kick him out). During their escape, the droids were contacted by pirates nearby and exchanged their free passage with the location to a medium freighter with a stunned crew. The droids for sure will return as one of the PC droids also want to free all droids, but I didn't managed yet.
  2. We are using Lego Star Wars figures. This might not be an "serious" option for everyone, but my players are happy to be able to customize their characters as they want to.
  3. We switched to the english books right at the beginning as the German translations take so long. We just use the translated core books. All other books are the English version. The last batch of books was bought at US shops (thanks for all the sales to compensate the shipping) due to the nonavailability in Europe.
  4. No matter when it will be available, I'll have to add at least +6 months until it arrives in Europe... I got my copy of Knights of Fate last week.
  5. Unfortunately 2.0 does not change the mindset of my fellow players ? That's my problem.
  6. I'm still undecided, but not due to the fact that they updated the game (I think there are good reasons to do that). I brought a lot of friends into the game and most of them switched to the competetive scene after a while, but I never did. I don't want to condemn competetive play, but it is just something I don't like. I want to try new funny/strange/whatever lists to have fun, but most of my friends stick to maxed out lists to train for the next event (with the attitude that only the victory is important). In the end I played less and less as I did not find people with the same motivation. In 2017 I think I managed to play one game, this year none up to now. Therefore I just see the new edition as a good point to stop investing in the game. And no, you can't have my stuff
  7. You could try the old WEG module (Star Wars Planets Collection) from 1994 . It contains rules for the design of planets.
  8. A picture of every vehicle which is already in the rules but with no artwork at all. There are several new vehicles with no artwork (no wiki or something else) and quite unclear descriptions. My group likes visual references as not all are deeply into Star Wars.
  9. So I am not the only one . We started a new "some-sort-of rebels"-Group yesterday and I really like my Lego Lannik Demolishionist with his thermal detonator. One of the players asked: "what if I want to play a hutt?" - then I have the right mini for you too More reasons to buy Star Wars Lego...
  10. Exactly. Especially for some small (one evening) adventure/world/whatever ideas we have, the narrative dice are nice. And explaining this to new roleplayers is also quite easy. 10 minutes and they know how to play. But what FFG obviously never manages is to design easily distinguishable icons. The SW ones already are sub-optimal, and in my optinion, these are even worse (only star-like icons?). We had to paint the SW icons in different colours and this really sped up the whole process.
  11. I live in Germany and also could not get it (except on ebay for 80€ and more). So I had to order it in the US. Fortunately, Minature Market offers quite affordable shipping options if you are willig to wait for a while. I'm also quite annoyed by this reduced print runs. It started with Special Modifications, I had to order it from a belgian shop and they had exactly 1 copy.
  12. Well if I look at my gaming group(s), I could not name any who is willing to play the available missions. They are all focussed on the 100pt 1 vs. 1 games and tournaments. I would like to play more missions and even a campaign, but from my (very) personal perspective, if FFG would remove the missions from the ship expansions, not many people would even notice.
  13. How about a book with art for all new vehicles which have been introduced stat-wise in the three lines, but no picture was given. My players and myself are a bit annoyed by that. Usually my WEG library an the internet are good sources, but there are completely new ships and we would like to know how they look (e.g. the ARC 40b Scout Fighter). For EotE I would like to see a book about other crime cartels/syndicates in the style of the Hutt-book.
  14. Ghrik

    Make the cardboard POP!

    I did the same for easy recognition. Token edges in green and green card sleeves.
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