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  1. I have to agree with Tibs. Dance is perhaps a bit overdone, yes, but that was clearly what the author was going for, and anyway, it's impossible not to see Lovecraft himself as overdone from a modern sensibility. I can't speak to any of the others, since I haven't read them, but Dance is a fun read. As I said, it's slightly overdone, and there are some less-than-interesting sections, but the writing is generally good, the mystery is engaging, the atmosphere is conveyed well, the beasties are suitably disturbing, and it contains one of the most improbably awesome characters I've ever encountered.
  2. LiTaS is one of the great hidden boons of the game (that is, being LiTaS as a result of an encounter, not being driven insane or knocked unconscious in an Other World). I mean, yeah, it's a real pain when an Other World Encounter boots you back home, but in Arkham (etc.), it can be exceedingly useful in the right circumstances (like when you absolutely need to get to another town but can't seem to find any cash, or when a Dhole is parked in the streets next to you; heck, with a slow investigator, it's often more expedient than normal movement, assuming you don't care about encounters along the way).
  3. I agree that Yig makes things go a bit too fast. Thus, I would agree with Julia and suggest Azathoth or Nyarlathotep (since Azathoth is so simple, I would suggest Nyarlathotep provided that you are willing to give him a chance and try for a seal victory; he's too easy otherwise). You should definitely stay away from the old Hastur, but the new one can be fun (although probably too hard for a new player). I'm actually not a huge fan of Ithaqua, but that's mostly because I find his ability annoying. You can give him a try if you want, assuming neither of you are terribly interested in monster slaying. And this probably goes without saying, but if you do end up going with Yig, don't use the new one.
  4. And so the day has come at last! I've been away from the forums for a while, what with finals and holiday festivities. Little did I know that I was missing history in the making. I'm mostly satisfied with the answers given, with a few exceptions. For one, I'm irritated by the lack of an answer regarding Falcon Point. I mean, was giving an extra encounter really the intent? Or has no one at FFG noticed that yet? In terms of answers actually given, I'm rather surprised by the ruling on the Dark Druid. Not only is it somewhat unintuitive, but it can lead to some nasty situations. (Imagine a Dark Young perpetually parked in the streets.) Although I'm troubled by the Find Gate/nightgaunt ruling (as detailed by others in another thread), the most frustrating for me is the ruling on the Acts. I mean…WHY? What is gained by having ancillary draws trigger them? Why would the creation of a Servant of Glaaki speed the play along? It just seems pointless, both thematically and mechanically.
  5. My preferred explanation for base Fight bypassing Physical Resistance and Immunity is that, during what research on the Mythos the investigators conducted before the game, they happened upon a basic offensive spell which is channelled through the body and thus can be made more powerful if the body is able to endure more strain (Fight here being taken to represent strength, as is often the case in-game). This spell can also be used to add to the power of other combat spells or used at the same time as normal weapons. It's not all that strong, however, so using it alone is no more effective than using your bare hands, and, though it doesn't actually take any hands to use, it still requires a certain amount of concentration and prevents you from putting your all into your physical attacks (thus, you cannot both use the spell and enhance your physical attacks with your Fight as normal). A similar explanation can account for the use of Fight to close Gates.
  6. I have a system that I use for monster tokens which requires polyhedral dice: line the monsters up in rows of ten. Then, whenever you need to draw a monster, count the number of rows and roll the die with the fewest sides that still has a number of sides equal to or greater than the number of rows. If you roll higher than the number of rolls, reroll. Otherwise, roll a ten-sided die to determine the specific monster. If you roll higher than the number of monsters in the row, reroll both dice. I tend to shift the monster back (or just relocate the last monster in the last row) to plug any empty spaces that appear. I made this system because I'm a real stickler for randomness, and yes, I'm aware that I have issues. It works surprisingly well, the only issue being that monster surges take a while to work out. But then, monster surges aren't all that common when you play with all expansions…. Of course, now that I think of it, you would need a lot of space to use this method with the figures, since some of them are so large.
  7. Jake yet again: Father Iwanicki isn't necessarily going to appear in a game, particularly if you have a large number of expansions with Allies (or, you know, don't have CotDP). Ditto Sister Mary; what's more, she passes her story if two investigators are Blessed (which will take a while unless you're lucky and get an encuonter that Blesses someone or some such) and fails her Story if she gains a Curse card, which, as you might imagine, is rather easy with the new Yig. Skids can only use his ability on skill checks. Incidentally, I've just thought of a combo for the masochists out there: new Yig plus Dark Pharaoh. Any takers?
  8. The real question for me is the encounters that say "pay $X for X effect," some of which say "if you can't or won't pay, X happens". Does this second clause imply that not paying is always an option in such encounters.
  9. Tibs: Yes, is is rather strange…wait…isn't he from… FFG, you sick, sick people….
  10. Just weighing on Bind Monster: keep in mind that the check for Bind Monster is not actually the Combat check, it's a Spell check that grants you an auto-pass on the Combat check (sort of like how Mists of Releh gives you an auto-pass on an Evade check). Of course, that raises the question of whether things cast just to affect a check take place at the same time as the check. My ruling, honestly, would be no. I don't see that there's a fundamental difference between a bonus-granting Spell like Shrivelling and an auto-pass granting spell like Bind Monster. jgt: I'm going to get a bit wacky here and do not just a thematic interpretation, but a thematic comparison, utilizing an entirely different kind of game. Bear with me here: I haven't read any stories in which the Elder Sign (the Derleth version) features, so I'm going to go with the Call of Cthulhu RPG version. In the RPG (on which, after all, Arkham is based), the Elder Sign, just drawn on something, does nothing. You need to activate with a sacrifice of life energy (in Arkham represented by 1 Sanity and 1 Stamina), and this process of activation is a spell, no different from any other (I think that here we must assume that the Elder Sign Unique Item represents both the knowledge of the spell and a previously-drawn sign large enough to plug a Gate). I'd also say it's a safe bet to assume that the wackier effects caused by reading Unique Tomes (Naacal Key, De Vermiis Mysteriis [sic], Eltdown Shards) are also caused by Spells, yet they are losses and so activate even if you go insane (by my interpretation, at least).
  11. GREAT SCREAMING SPAWN OF AZATHOTH! That is a nasty update. In an all-expansions game, investigators are virtually guaranteed to be Cursed permanently after a certain point in the game, which further means that the Final Battle will almost certainly end immediately with everyone dying. I…wow. Anyone want to speculate on how strong he is now? I would now place him on the "I feel like losing today" list with Atlach and Rhan, but I might be overreacting. Certainly, he's significantly less dangerous with fewer boards.
  12. jgt: If you want, you can designate Darrell an Innsmouth-only investigator (that is, one you only use when Innsmouth is in play). That way, he can hit the First National Grocery for some Research Materials. Sure, it's still kind of dangerous because you might get a clue from an Other World encounter, but that should take off some of the sting.
  13. Yeah, there's no good explanation of the trophy thing. Even with the "reputation" idea, it still doesn't quite explain how everyone manages to coordinate their gratitude. (Gossip would have to be near-instantaneous and very far-reaching.) Also, there are a number of indications that trophies are physical, or, at least, sometimes are. Take, for instance, the Science Building's Dissection ability, which is clearly supposed to represent the scientists dissecting the corpse and giving you information they gleaned from it, the various Graveyard encounters which give you a trophy for finding a corpse, and this encounter from Miskatonic: "Harney tells you that the critters have tried to break into our world before. He shows you a strange object of wood and stone, tied together by iron bands. Draw a gate marker from the stack of gate markers and keep it as a trophy, even if it is an Endless gate."
  14. jgt7771: You took the words out of my mouth on the Feds, although I would like to point out that the suggested house rule actually makes the Patrols more effective than the Feds (how those knucleheads ever manage to take on the Deep Ones, I have no idea….). Also, since it's the latest print of Dunwich we're dealing with, Jacqueline is technically a phychic, not a psychic.
  15. This is is a nitpick, but: the thematic explanation is actually that Nyogtha is largely undergound. The first player is always pulled underground at the start of the round (or, well, after Upkeep); this means that the investigator has a good chance of being eaten, but it also means that he is able to attack Nyogtha directly, whereas the others aboveground can only attack its tendrils. This why Nyogtha's The Creature Surfaces card, which (surprisingly enough) entails Nyogtha surfacing, gives everyone the bonus to attack.
  16. Wow, I must that I'm sort of surprised this thread hasn't brought the Wrath of Avi down upon Shorty_Monster. Anyway: not quite, no. I do love the story, but I never quite get into the role of the character. Well, not in a serious manner, anyway. However, like Mike Eldredd, I do insist on people reading their character's background aloud at the beginning.
  17. Well, school has been rather hectic and I haven't had a chance to come here in a while. Nevertheless, I think I'll pick up where I left off. Tbla: Yes, but why, precisely, do the people want the trophies? Yes, they're a sign of the investigators' prowess, but why do the people actually want you to hand them over? Are they going to do anything with them? And, most of all, why are trophies transferred to the new investigator upon a devouring when nothing else is? Gamemaster: Hmm, I hadn't noticed that. However…the last page is a summary, a recap of rules that have appeared previously, and the bit about adding the Doom token at the moment when the Terror Track hits 10 appears nowhere else in the rules. Thus, I'm inclined to stick with the main body of the rules. Does anyone know if this ever received an official response?
  18. I'm…probably not the best qualified to answer, but I'll pitch in anyway. Probably the most common type of acronym is that used to refer to the game or its expansions. Thus, Arkham Horror is AH, Kingsport Horror KH, Dunwich Horror DH, Innsmouth Horror IH, Miskatonic Horror MH, Curse of the Dark Pharaoh CotDP (or just DP), King in Yellow KiY, Black Goat of the Woods BGotW, and Lurker at the Threshold LatT. There's also AO for Ancient One and LiTaS for Lost in Time and Space. And, of course, FFG is Fantasy Flight Games. Other than those, none come to mind at the moment. And if I'm being honest: there are still some acronyms that I don't know, even though I've been here for a year or so. IIRC, for example. Could anyone enlighten me on that one?
  19. Tbla: Fair enough, I suppose. But, well…there are a great many things in-game that don't really make sense, such that I've more or less given up on things making sense. I have a feeling that this will turn into an extended argument, but how do you explain, for instance, trophies? florrat: Again, there's no really way to tell with Devil Reef. From a mechanics perspective, I would say this: the Hound only goes for someone in Devil Reef/Y'ha-nthlei if there's no one else to go for. If, on the other hand, it is in Devil Reef/Y'ha-nthlei, it would go for anyone in the adjacent location first and then count closeness from Falcon Point thereafter. From a logistical perspective…well, the Hound isn't really operating on a logistical perspective to begin with, since there's no way you could argue that a train station is closer to a train station in another town than to a building on the other side of town because the two stations are connected by a railroad. Of course, the Hound doesn't follow human rules of space-time…. Gamemaster: Are you sure about there being a Doom token added when the Terror hits 10? I can't seem to find it in the rulebook. Can you specify the page? Also, I distinctly remember someone saying that any investigator in an infinite loop is driven insane. Can anyone back me up on this?
  20. Ah, drat. Well, there goes my theory. I had always ruled that you fought monsters, then you picked up Clues, then you dealt with any special effect that applied. But, it would appear not. It doesn't even make any sense; if the Innsmouth police were looking to stop you meddling in their affairs, and were willing to do you in to ensure it, wouldn't they just let the monster kill you? In fact, the monster might even be an Innsmouth native. "Mornin', Jim. No worries, I've got this one…Yeah, I know, they've changed the orders on us. Killing the guy on the streets seem a bit inconspicuous, so I'm gonna take back to the station…Yeah, it would probably be safer to have the murder done by a random civilian than by the police, but…uh…tell you what, I'll feed him to a shoggoth. Probably. I might just leave him in a cell and discuss the Evil Plan with the others while standing right next to it. I'll see how I feel…Yeah, see you. And hey, you see that Banks guy around, you go ahead and off him. Trust me, a hobo's death is going to draw much more attention than an FBI agent's…." ….When is the FAQ coming out?
  21. Alright, I'll weigh in on questions for which the answer I espouse has not yet been put forward: 1. To be blunt, I don't know. Personally, I would play it that you do place monsters in the Outskirts. Anyone else have any thoughts? Also: you do not add a Doom token when the Terror hits 10, only when it increases thereafter. 9. Just wanted to say that I'm with The Professor on this one. When you use a spell or item that costs Sanity and it drives you insane, its effect activates, and then you are immediately sent to the Asylum/LiTaS. That means that, while you will indeed get the bonus of the Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, you'll be packed off to the Asylum before you can make a Combat check. 16. I'm going to have to disagree with you here, Tbla. It says the item triggers on a Combat check, so it triggers on a Combat check and a Combat check alone. Why would it be ridiculous to say it doesn't trigger on an Evade check? 19. At first, I thought you were asking something else and The Professor had misinterpeted your question, but then I realized that I had. I'll give my original answer anyway, since it's related: strange as it may seem, the Hound traces proximity along the railroads (thus, if the Hound is on Joe Sargent's Bus Stop and an investigator is on Bishop's Brook Bridge, the investigator is considered to be one space away from the Hound). Yes, I know it doesn't make sense, but the depots are the only standard point of entry for inter-board movement, so…. 25. I would definitely say that you must make a choice to which you can "fully commit", if possible. (In other words, if you have two clues, a spell, and a skill, you must choose to discard the skill.) As to your second question…I really don't know. Personally, I would rule it that you have to choose the option for which you can discard the highest percentage of the requisite item, strange as that may seem; there's just no easy way to rule it, so that would be my solution. Your final question touches on one of the more annoying points of Arkham rules syntax: whether or not it is a requirement to "pay" something. This also ties into your Bank Loan question, and honestly, I think it could be either one. I generally rule that "pay or else ____" situations give you the option to do either, but then, some encounters seem to treat "pay" the same as "lose", so I really don't know.
  22. The Dunwich rulebook: Q: Exactly where, when, and what can investigators trade? A: Investigators may trade any time they are in the same location except during combat.
  23. I always found it odd that Father Michael is more concerned with the tattered clothing of the "homeless" than their tendency to attack anyone who walks by. Or do they somehow differentiate investigators from normal people?
  24. Yeah, Rita's is kind of annoying, but it's not quite the slap in the face that is Norman's story being specifically called out as useless against Azathoth.
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