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  1. I never thought I'd say these words, but I love you Tom Cruise! MMM, got all my dark heresy books so I'll defineatly be wanting Genesys for my birthday and using this to RP. And homebrew anything missing from DH1 into it. Great job, keep it up!
  2. Well, so far we've made...let's see. A blood angel assault marine, a blood angel sanguinary priest, dark angel assault marine (i think?), black templar tactical, space wolf tactical and imperial fist devestator. Now, almost none of these are set in stone, the blood angel might want to go psyker, same with the space wolf and the black templar just wants to hate psykers. I did get emperors chosen during the christmas sale so I got pretty much ALL the books now. I will defineatly have to look over the errata and make my players aware of the changes.
  3. Yay, i'm dear! And, i know, but i've gotten so used to this avatar changing it would seem weird right now. Another question (I've been reading reviews and the core book i currently have), how do people feel about using chaos as an enemy? It seems odd, considering deathwatch is supposed to be used against xenos for the most part but it might be a good change of pace. Edit: One more thing, i haven't read over all the talents to see how they differ from the other 40k lines but is there one regarding attacks and dodge? Spesifically one that makes them opposed. Considering that i've found the game often favour autofire way more then singelshots against high agility targets i'm interested to hear your suggestions. Mostly I've dealt it as opposed on all attacks regardless, to prevent eldar and such easily dodging a natural 1 roll from a singel attack.
  4. One of my players expressed his like for the BC crit system as well, as the d5 crit damage feels alot more cinematic and less wonky then the extra damage that's normally done. Also prevents instagibbing on attacks that were supposed to be grave. Not mortal. Hmm, I'm more a fan of giving everyone equal exp, it seems to work best in the group. Some are new to the setting, others are a bit more quiet and "punishing" them for not being extrovert during RP by not giving them more exp. I'll stick to giving them double/extra until they catch up then. Thanks for the tips! And that's dear xenos filth to you, i play Orks on the tabletop!
  5. Another question that came to mind: How are people used to treating new marines (in case someone gets killed)? I've used varied methods before, but alot of them dealt with less combat then Deathwatch. So how do you do it? In other games I've either given the player who's "fallen behind" either due to death or not showing double exp until they catch up. And/or half the max exp on any given player in the group.
  6. It's RAW in all game lines from DH to DH2. Really? I'm certain it wasn't in DH1, and we just used it ever since we figured we wanted a to save on dice rolls. Any premade scenarios you guys can recommend?
  7. True Jargal but they are quite often forgotten (previously I've made sticky posts and inserted them into my books to keep them updated, might have to buy more...self adhesive paper? not sure on the english name). So the newer rules work fine here as well? That's good to hear. It does kind of make suspensors and such worthless but I'm sure I can houserule something to make them worthwhile. So, newer combat and i can't remember if it's part of the new rules or not, but I always turn the hit roll to see the hit loation (so a roll of 13 means a 31, which is arm. saves a roll and thus time). Hopefully we'll like the system. Might use some FFG scenarios (with modifications to make room for player freedom and, well, FFG has never had well balanced scenarios in my experience)
  8. I'd agree with Jargal, cyborgs have by definition replace biological parts with cybernetics. Although their connected to their armor, they're not part of it and it hasn't replaced part of them.
  9. I've been playing the various 40k lines for a long time now and mostly enjoyed my time. However we've always added houserules or looked up which houserules people recommend. Like space combat for Rogue Trader, and we often use the newer combat rules (dark heresy first edition really punishes semi auto and heavily promotes full auto or accurate weapons in our experience). Now, I've looked it over and I'm a bit hesitant to simply push the newer combat rules into it without doing my homework first as certain items work in conjunction with autofire and so forth. So what do people recommend? Should we simply play rules as written? Or do things get wonky later on? Please guide me to the right direction if there's already a good thread on this (like the ship combat for rogue trader). I've tried to find any but have come up empty.
  10. Thanks for the ideas I've implemented a few with success so far, my players and i are having fun and i do feel we're having fun and i can pace the encounters a bit better.
  11. I had one comment like "wow, we heal up fast", and i noticed...they were, not because I wasn't hurting them but because of travel times and resting. I put a stop to that nonsense soon and their barber surgeon with delusions of grandeour has been calling them wimps every time she fails a first aid check since. Good times. Henchmen I'm somewhat...hesistent about? They're still low lvl, soon going into their second career and not alot of things they meet should be easy to kill. Also, if i do start using henchmen, any good tips for none gamy ways to hint that they're henchmen? Because the difference between a henchman and none henchman can be quite huge.
  12. I'll defineatly look into more mooks in the future then But even against them a two-hander may end up being more effective. Let's take an average character, 3 strenght, and a hand weapon. That's 8 damage. With a two-hander he does 10. Pluss whatever action he uses, and some of the two-handers tend to add even more damage, but lets go with standard melee attack. A soldier mook will take 2 damage, or 5. and if he's a mook the 5 will kill him, the 2 won't. So i'd have to scale it up so he survives 2 two-hander hits or down so he dies from 1 1-handed hit. I'll defineatly look into it though Thanks for the tips! Adding purple sounds interesting, but that also makes chaos stars ALOT more likely which is increadibly good for the defender depending on how i play it, and since they tend to suffer it's only fair the good guys suffer too.
  13. Hello everyone. I've played a fair bit of Warhammer Fantasy now and so far it's been great. I love the system, my players love the system and it apart from some players been slightly annoyed with the "draw 3 pick 1" career choice. The thing I've myself had problems with though is scaling encounters for players with two-handers. Even a low level combat character, like a slayer, or even a normal human fighting career can do ALOT of damage to things like trolls, which are supposed to be super scary! And if you only have one-handers, they are. How do you people work around the whole two-hander dilemma? I don't want to take away my players weapons but i also struggle with the huge difference in damage depending on weapons used. Any tips are welcome!
  14. Personally, most careers I don't care much about. They pick peasant? Frankly, most are peasants of some description anyway. In fact, when i introduced the system to some friends one guy pretty quickly pointed out "this is 50 shades of peasant". So i mostly don't mind. No one has a career as a graverobber afterall, they just happen to have robbed a few graves, and probably picked up a thing or two doing it. As for a person becoming a sergeant (i hate trying to spell that word), to me that's more a person having aquired or growing into the skills a sergeant has. Afterall, unless he's in the army or a mercenary company he has no rank. Certain careers I have reservations and I've yet to meet any opposition from my players. Noble? You got to become a noble for that. We have a fop, he wants to be a noble lord and was told he'd need to own land or be given land to become a landed noble. He was fine with this, in fact he started scheming immediatly, which has me....concerned. But he went duellist, mostly because he had had a few fights and quickly found out that although he's skilled he's not....brave, and duells are thankfully not against chaos worshippers and undead. He also has the rich talent, which makes sense. Frankly, this system is the best I've had for making players make characters and not combat sheets. In fact, most of the party (which is huge at the moment) is strenght 2, toughness 3 fellowship 4. They make people, they are afraid to die and they naturally make characters around a core concept. The fop is foppish (willpower 2, because willpower is for peasants). The gambler is a coward, he loves taking risks but hates taking the consequenses and works hard to avoid them. The pitfighter is good at scaring people and fighting. I'd only restrict careers with major impact on the character (hey, you're a witch hunter! or a knight, or a noble! or a slayer...) and the same with talents. Use common sense and talk with your players how they like that idea.
  15. I went with Racco as well, and bought some simple business card plastic storage containers to keep NPc's in. Basically I store a set of npc's and actions by type, or prep one specifically for a session and just open that up and all I need is there. Thanks for the tips guys, you helped alot
  16. Why, specifically? Planets just give bio material equal to the amount of credits...meaning money works normally. Actually I can not think of a single reason why the basic mechanics would need to be different for nids other than maybe fluffy reasons. This is just me though and I might be missing somethig. Because tyranids strip planets bare and move on. At least, that's what I assume he means. The same goes for objectives. Their only objective is biomass.
  17. Eldar also have 6 tier0 frigates, while all the others only have 3. And ork ships suck, apart from the suicide squad they'll be fighting an uphill battle.
  18. Pretty much the card is there to stop an enemy that you're assuming is going to pull a token heavy attack (hi csm khorne cards), adding some nice tokens to your pool and stopping your troops from dying that round. OR you use it the last round if you see things are going pearshaped to save your troops.
  19. Indeed, those are big. Differences! We haven't encountered those issues yet, so thanks for the headsup!
  20. I've used both those cards and I really don't see why they need to be rewritten. Heck, aren't both specifically explained in the rules? What would you have them say?
  21. What cards need FAQ'ing?
  22. Interesting! I'll defineatly have to run it by him. Quick question: how do you guys organize NPC cards?
  23. That looks absolutely lovely, do you have any measurement marks or plans? I live in an apartment so not much hope of making anything complex here, but maybe I can ask my dad to help me out.
  24. I've tried searching, mostly found the big boxes for all the small stuff. Where did you find the boxes for the career sheets? I've yet to find that.
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