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    Sofia Corba reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Influence in a darkside campaign   
    Yeah, having a player openly admit that they intend to use mind control on their fellow PCs is the primary issue here, and if Lagspike's response is anything to go by, is going to result in the campaign blowing up and members of the group being pissed at one another.
    Frankly, I'd take the player aside and have a talk with them about this concern, and advise them to not go the route of using mind control on the other PCs.  And if the player in question is hell bent on abusing their perceived power and rubbing it into the other PCs' faces, then this player will probably need to go.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to oatesatm in Critical Injuries "cumulative"?   
    Also read the result text closely as some of the critical results only last until the end of an encounter but many do not, they will carry over, they'll be cumulative ... the result text will tell you if they do.
    For example, "At the Brink", a roll of 91-95, says the target suffers 1 strain each time he performs an action (as opposed to say, "Head Ringer", a roll of 46-50, that says the target ...... until the end of the encounter).  At the Brink will carry over into later encounters if it hasn't been healed, so if another critical injury happens, not only will +10 have to be added to the roll, but the effects will be in addition to those you may already have.
    This is how a series of seemingly small critical injuries can catch up to you ... the penalty that gets added to the roll, as well as the numerous affects that could hinder/hurt your character.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Absol197 in Critical Injuries "cumulative"?   
    Okay, here's an example:
    You're in a fight and you take a Critical Injury (ouch)! The opponent rolls and gets a 26 on the chart. You go to 26 and see that you took a discouraging wound, and a Destiny Point gets flipped. It sucks, but it's not too bad.
    A couple rounds later, a bad break means you take another Critical Injury. This time the opponent rolls and gets a 77. But, because you already took a Critical Injury earlier, that 77 gets +10, making it 87, meaning you're Compromised for the ready of the fight!
    That sucks, but the party manages to pull it out, and you win the encounter. Your skill checks are no longer at +1 difficulty, because the effect of being Compromised only lasts until the end of the encounter. You heal up your Wounds and go about your merry way.
    However, a couple of encounters later, the aggressive negotiations start again, and you get hit with another Critical Injury. Even though it's a different combat and you healed up your Wounds with stimpacks and Heal/Harm, the two Critical Injuries from the last battle are still there. They're not actively doing anything bad, but since they haven't been healed, they add +20 to the new roll. If your enemy rolls a 68, that +20 makes it an 88 - you're Compromised again, and on a lesser roll than before!
    That's how Critical Injuries can be considered "cumulative:" if you have one you haven't healed (even if the effect has worn off), it makes any future Critical Injuries you take worse.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Josep Maria in Ship to ground combat is deadlier than shown in the Canon   
    I'm actually using a houserules that "solves" that problem, but remember that a "deflect" from the TV show maybe is only a cinematic way to say "the TIE failed the attack roll".
    By the way my houserule is: Reflect, instead remove damage, it adds Failure to the roll. It works almost perfectly, at least for our games
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Jamwes in Taking away a "Reward"?   
    What's wrong with keeping it? If they don't have a character who knows how to sell illegal stuff, they'll probably never be able to sell it off. They know what it's worth (by looking up the street value in the book) but no dealer will buy off them. At least no where near their asking price. New guys show up with a load of illegal goods? I'd bet everyone thinks they are Imperial Narcs. They need to make contacts and earn trust before they could unload the goods and make what they think it is worth. In the meantime, they are traveling around with a bunch of illegal goods in their ship for months. One slipup and that could spell trouble, ranging from Hutts (or other gangers) trying to take it by force or the Imperials continuing to sniff around.
    A bunch of drugs is only a reward if you make it easy for them to sell them at a high price.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Plan b in Taking away a "Reward"?   
    If you want to do it without upsetting them, let them trade it for something less problematic.
    Personally i'd wait abit then use it to drag them into something.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to 2P51 in Slamming people/things into walls with Force Move...   
    The honest answer is since the Control upgrade for it talks about using all the rules for a ranged attack that would include total # of successes on the Discipline roll.  I'm sure Yoda rocks the house on his Discipline pool, so it would be silhouette plus those successes.  I rolled a YYYYYG, which I think is about right for the lil guy, and got 6 total uncancelled successes with 2 Triumphs.  That oughta handle a couple red shirt Imperials....
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    Sofia Corba reacted to 2P51 in Slamming people/things into walls with Force Move...   
    He flipped a DP before he walked into the room and looked at his GM and said "Minion guards?! Please, I'm Yoda." and they agreed the guards were just silly...
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Jamwes in Slamming people/things into walls with Force Move...   
    Isn't it 10 + Discipline check Successes (against silhouette as difficulty) - Soak? Yoda is probably rolling a hefty Discipline check. Probably 6 dice against a single purple. Shouldn't be that hard to roll 15 damamge each, with kills all Minions and a good portion of the Rivals with a single hit.
    My group allowed crits on Force Move rolls. So, perhaps Yoda's GM allowed them as well and he rolled well on the crit charts.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to 2P51 in Melee? Is it Me? Or typical of players?   
    I think you could simulate inherent danger with uncancelled Threats or Despairs honestly.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Dbuntu in GM advice on certain situations wanted   
    I guess I misunderstood then. Your statement seemed to imply that you were requiring equipment to attempt certain checks.
    As for the rest of it, I definitely agree. I don't ever really think about comparing dice pools for checks as a player. As a GM, if they are debating in character whether to kick the front door in or pick the lock on the back door that's all good. But if they are meta-gaming for the best results on dice pools, it's time to move things forward, "While you guy are all standing around chatting, a patrol of Stormtroopers happen by. The one with the Sergeant insignia calls out demanding that you identify yourself, the others raise their carbines and point them in your direction". So now the PCs are going to still get into the building, but now they are all in binder cuffs, and have had their weapons and gear confiscated. Maybe next time they will do less meta and more gaming.
    That's my approach to what I consider to be a pretty lame way to play table tops. YMMY of course.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to DurosSpacer in Ship jacking   
    I've always thought of ship-jacking as that lower-than-the-lowest of professions.  In the Old West, most were shot on-sight.  organizations were formed to track down, catch people, and return merchandise (such organizations would work well for star wars, a repo-man-like approach like someone stated above. Bounty Hunters and investigators work for them.)  Sworn enemies put aside their differences when it comes to ship-jackers, much like gang enemies in prison join up against the new pedophile in the prison....a common enemy...a moral code that supersedes rivalry.  That's how I always thought of it, anyways.  I think that I have always liked a sort of moral code among humans and aliens that transcends race and societies. I think that in the old west it was acceptable to steal a man's guns, money, clothes, and food....but to take his horse was especially low. That being said, setting up a stolen-ship ring sounds exciting.  There's a lot of ways to get screwed, though. Part dealers, buyers, dock personnel, cameras, tracking beacons, ship transponder codes, political connections, bounty hunters, private investigators, rival jackers, etc...
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    Sofia Corba reacted to derroehre in How do you handle languages known?   
    Long answer short: Plot and common sense for me.
    Space Station along a big Hyperspace route?
    Same as a very touristy place in my country, every vendor is capable of talking to most potential customers either by himself or a protocol droid.
    Backwater Planet with no regular traffic?
    Nope, ich sprechen nix Basic. You can talk with your hand and feet, but even that is difficult because the local residents have burning tentacles for arms and communicate by whipping their under-tentacle-hair back and forth.
    Also, I had a talk about the campaign with my players before we started about things like micromanaging food for example, and we agreed that language is adjucated by the GM and plot relevant, meaning if it makes sense people understand each other, but if it's relevant to plot (Leia + Ewoks) it's up to me.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to ckobbe in 5 Lost Jedi Who Managed to Survive the Star Wars Prequels   
    We have so many examples of this in our own history, I think to discount it is a grave disservice to the storytelling of this fictional universe.
    The Jedi order is the Star Wars Universe equivalent to the Knights Templar. Maligned, funding seized or stolen and executed ruthlessly by a monarch that feared their power-base.
    I would also like to add, that as an RPG and my game, I couldn't care less about what canon says, because me and my friends are telling our stories, and this debate has begun to feel very silly to me.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to bradknowles in Droid Special Abilities   
    If you’re not a droid, then you are limited by your Brawn rating as to the number of Cybernetic implants that you can install. If your Brawn is two, then at most you can get two cybernetic implants, which might be two arms or two legs, or one hand and one eye, etc…. If your Brawn is three, then at most you can get three cybernetic implants.
    If you are a droid, that cap is six — as if your Brawn was six, but not requiring that your Brawn actually be that high.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to 2P51 in Droid Special Abilities   
    It means they can get 6 cybernetic enhancements by default regardless of their Brawn score.  Brawn score sets the # you can have for other PCs.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to HappyDaze in Melee? Is it Me? Or typical of players?   
    You do realize that if we make restrictions on running away from the guy with a knife, we need to also make such restrictions on the guy charging a guy with a gun. He can shoot you several times as you approach just as you might stab him several times as he tries to break away. The game should cover both or neither, and it currently covers neither. if you switch to both, then most melee guys will be shot to hell before they ever get to swing.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Kael in Book Question   
    Means the power takes up your action no matter what the result is and that something happens regardless of success or failure. Basically you reach into the Force you attempt to do something and even if it fails you still reached into the Force to attempt to do something. Maybe Lukes lightsabre is still stuck in the snow but you see it wiggle and move. Or maybe the X Wing starts to rise from the swamp but it then just falls back in. Something happens, whether or not that something is what you were hoping for depends on if the check generates the pips you need. 
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Blackbird888 in Pick Your Brains: Droids - Computers or Mechanics?   
    Well, repairing droid PCs is Mechanics. You can rule for Mechanics when constructing the droid, and Computers when programming it/building its brain.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to Voice in Encumberance, Pistols and Reloads   
    I'd say it's semi-expendable.  If it needs to be used too often[1], you might lose access to it for a period of time, or even have to purchase a new one.  This is a bit different from the talent[2], which has its own advantages and trade-offs[3].
    [1] GM's judgement call here.  It hasn't come up in play for me yet, but I'm thinking of a mechanic along the lines of the stimpacks you can fetch from the Medpac.
    Or, maybe the ammo mechanic for 'guns' in 4e Gamma World, where if you make use of it more than once in an encounter, you're dry until you have a chance to refill.  Barring that, you can use it as often as you like.
    Regardless of the method chosen, someone who carries 1 Extra Reloads should be more or less immune to running dry (the GM has plenty of options beyond 'out of ammo' to impose on PCs), and someone who carries 2 Extra Reloads will, almost never have to worry about running dry, unless things go *really* south.  (Seriously, 2 despairs that the GM uses to impose an 'out of ammo' condition?  What are the odds?)
    [2] The talent is effectively someone who not only carries plenty of ammo, but is completely accustomed to it (to the point that it doesn't 'weigh them down' any more), and well practiced at reloading to the point where it's second nature (to the degree that it doesn't slow them down when they have to do it, because they're always prepared for it when it happens).
    [3]Of course, the *other* nice thing about Extra Reloads is that it's a piece of equipment.  That means you can give it to another character when life hits the fan.  Wedge's blaster goes dry mid fight?  Biggs can toss him some Extra Reloads, and suddenly Wedge is back in business.  You can't quite do that with the talent.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to ep41 in Creative ways to acquire a ship.   
    Try having your party go to a used starship auction. This lets your negotiating character do what they do best, while allowing other party members to research the ships up for sale, discourage other parties from bidding, and engage in other shenanigans.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to kaosoe in How do you handle languages known?   
    For my games, every PCs knows the language of every other PCs species. They also know any languages pertinent to their backstory. so for instance, if they worked for a Hutt for a couple of years, that character can speak Hutteese. For anything else, I will allow it with a destiny point and a well-reasoned argument.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to HappyDaze in Bribes...   
    Species (or gender, appearance, etc.) shouldn't alter Difficulty, but should be a source of Setback or Boost.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to whafrog in Balancing the Group   
    I'd be radical and suggest you toss all ideas of "group balance" aside.  It's a D&D construct that's required for that type of game, but it's simply not a necessary component of this game.  Instead:  first, adjust any encounters accordingly; second, help the players become "broadly capable".
    Adjusting encounters doesn't mean always playing to their strengths, but if you play on their weaknesses make it a story event that can spin that weakness into narrative gold.
    "Broadly capable" doesn't mean "thinly capable", but rather than having PCs that excel only in one area, encourage them to be good in two or more.  An Ace:Pilot is probably going to be a decent pilot, shooter, and if Intellect is bumped, a pretty decent mechanic...that's a nice grouping.  A face that takes the Recruit spec won't be caught with his pants down in a firefight.  A Marshal or a Gunslinger can easily provide "face" capabilities by expanding into one of the other more social specs in their careers.
    It's also worth noting that with clever use of advantages and destiny points, the players can make up for their weaknesses at critical moments.  When my son's in town we play with just his one PC.  He's strong in intellect, a bit sneaky, but can't hit the broad side of a barn.  So when there's a firefight, he's Aiming, finding cover, and using DPs to make the best of it; it's my job to make the situation tense, but not overwhelming.
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    Sofia Corba reacted to thyrdtype in Resigning membership in the Jedi order   
    Wouldn't giving up your lightsabers be a mostly symbolic gesture?  IIRC, building a personal saber is a rite of passage for Jedi.  So even if they leave the order, they can always go rebuild another lightsaber later anyways.
    Also, the Force and Destiny book seemed to imply (I don't remember where) that lightsabers have almost become a ubiquitous symbol of Force use, no longer unique to a particular tradition.  With this in mind, I want my PCs to be free to pursue the careers and specialties in F&D without feeling tied down to the ideas or philosophy of the Jedi.  It is, after all, Luke Skywalker's destiny to revive the order, not some group of other random schmucks.
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