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  1. I played this on a small con with fairly new players. We had a lot of fun. My players were not that used to gather information about the dead fixer. But luckily my "Sector Ranger" was there for advice. The whole group wasn't sure at which event their "contract" with the Sector Ranger was fulfilled. I had to clarify, that the Hutt isn't the "drug dealer" the Sector Ranger is looking for. Let there be a "no flight zone" except the spaceports in Cloud City. There could have been a major freighter crash not long ago and the officials want to keep freighter traffic at minimum. So all the cargo not in the starport has to be transferred with speeder. So they have to rent one. Let them rent one speeder on the planet of the game reserve as well. ~Sofia Corba
  2. Sadly. there's no sourcebook for Bounty Hunters available, yet...
  3. Maybe Otto knows about the criminal (?) past of the characters. he could arrange a false smuggling deal or something like that and catch them. He could be very blunt, just like he doesn't care about to send them to Kessel. But he would be "reasonable" if the PCs do him a favor. Maybe he confronts them with their obligation and makes it even worse for them. Personally i don't like interrogation scenes that much, because many players like to have stonecold PCs which they don't want to be scared. Finding the Pirates is the tricky part. I don't know what the PCs are capable of. Let them search cantinas and ask about the pirates. Give them astrogation coordinates where the pirates attacked spaceships. What's the range the ships of the Pirates are capable to fly without refueling? Maybe hire on a Luxus Liner which is supposed to be attacked by the Pirates and bug them with a transponder?
  4. Looking at the talent trees makes me wonder. Smuggler Talent Tree Do you really have to purchase all the way down to the 25 point talents, then switch the row to get to the 10 point talents "Black Market Contacts" and "Convincing Demeanor"? Sofia Corba
  5. I don't think so. In my opinion the threshold should be 2. You already multiplied the hull, so it would be a double penalty. At least, that's how I would handle this. Yasinde
  6. Thanks for clarification. Yasinde
  7. I'm curious. "Scorch" and "Sev" have the exact same stats and equipment. Is this intended? "Fixer" has 3 Medpacks. As far as I know Healing doesn't consume a Medpack. The "nameless" Troopers are Minions, but the rest are all Nemesis (since they WT + ST)? Yasinde
  8. Nurddude said: I just have two questions about active actions from the core rulebook. It says that after you take a move action, you take a -25 to an attack made afterwards. My question is, if you were to attack first, and THEN move, would you take a -25 to your move (which makes absolutely no sense) or is it just not possible to move afterwards. My second question was on additional attacks. If I understand correctly, you gain a penalty-free attack for every 100 points you have in the attack skill. Does using this extra attack count towards the total number of active actions that are allowed (based on your dexterity and agility)? Thanks in advance, and please correct me if I am wrong on any accounts. Hi. I don't have the book right here, so I can't give numbers and quoted knowledge. Before/during initiative you have to declare the numbers of your actions. These are limited by your Dexterity and Agility. But I can't remember how the penalty works. But I'm pretty sure you can move after an attack. But I can answer Your second question. Every 100 Points you can use an additional Attack. All attacks count as ONE Active Action, but the more attacks you make the more penalty you have to deal with. For every attack after the first one there's a cumulative penalty of -25. <100 Attack = max. 1 Attack 100<200 Attack = max. 2 Attacks -> 1 Attack = no penalty; 2 Attacks = penalty of -25 for both attacks 200<300 Attack = max. 3 Attacks -> 1 Attack = no penalty; 2 Attacks = penalty of -25 for both attacks; 3 Attacks = penalty of -50 for all three attacks. ~ Sofia Corba
  9. In my opinion style is only for rpg-benefits. Yes, I really like this skill. Honestly it's my favorite. But I took it only fluff-wise. Our gm never allowed it in combat and I didn't want it as a benefit in such situation. And blood drops looking cool on your face isn't an attack bonus in our group. But he allowed it to be "used" in some social situations. Dancing in the ballroom and you just missed a difficulty. Yeah, you're not as good as the other dancers, but hell you move somehow special and it looks great. You missed the Etiquette roll and normaly it would be some little faux pas, but hey it was something amusing even the offended party couldn't be serious mad about. I'm talking about small misses and not by 40 points. But hey. It's only my opinion and if it suits the playstyle of your group to give some benefit in combat then do it. It's your game. ~ Sofia Corba
  10. Arikail said: Edit: And Sofia beat me to it. Awesome job, Sofia. WB, good to see you again. I liked your techs you wrote up, and am using them with an NPC paladin the group may meet later on down the line. I do hope you get the chance to solve the mystery of your father, that sounds interesting. Yikes! I'm truely honored my techs are to your liking. ~ Sofia Corba
  11. Yikes, just looked at page 10 Anima Rule Book: "Combat Abilities are the following: Attack Ability Block Ability Dodge Ability Ki Abilities Weapon Modules Martial Arts Wear Armor" Here you have a rule clarification. ~Sofia Corba
  12. Sadly i don't find my link to the official statement. But if you may look at this: cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php "2. Yes, modules, like martial arts and Ki, are paid for by Primary Combat. " You have the right to disbelieve all our postings, but officialy MA are paid by Primary Combat DP. If you take your time and look in other forums you'll eventually may find a link to an official statement from Anima Studios. With spending DP from your primary combat DP you may not have the max. Base and Dodge/Block Value possible, but you have other bonuses. Initiative, more damage, energy based damage, additional attacks, attack/block/dodge modifier…. I could also say that Wear Armor penalizes Fighter classes since they are paid with the primary combat DPs. A Wizzard for example has no problems with ist. And worse. With the rules of DE for purchasing MK with DP it's even more penalizing for "warrior-classes". A mentalist for example can spend his COmbat DPs (ok max. 10% of all DPs) in MK without penalizing his psychic power. But think about a "warrior"-class. He can't use his 10% DP für MK and also maxing his attack/defense. But that's the way the rules work. Of course you and your group have the possibility to create your own houserules. If my posting looks agressive please be said, it isn't ment this way. But english is a foreign language for me and so I may make mistakes a natural speaker won't do. Sofia Corba
  13. Elric of Melniboné said: I can confirm Martial Arts DPs are from combat pool. I asked it once in the spanish forum, where Anima Studios post regularly to answer such kind of questions (and was probably insulted for being the 100000000000000th person to make the same question without searching the forum first…). To Sophia Corba: Welcome back! It's been a while since you last posted! I remember you posted some interesting Ki Techniques back then, some where paladin-related if I'm not mistaken (elemental binding light-earth, if I remember correctly)! Your character is very nice and your handling of rules is very nice (I really appreciated the Cultural Roots advantage granted for free, it's very flavorful, and not really worth 1CP) Have you really no idea about Elan? Although the master should secretely track elan, players should notice if they developed some new power… To Adrassil: Nice character and welcome to the forum if you're new, by the way. For a TRUE trickster in full Loki-style I would have gone for a Thief (well…I created a Trickster variant class for Thieves, so I'd go for it, actually), rather than a Shadow, but a Shadow is surely more playable and combat proficient. Also Illusionist (with Illusion and Darkness paths and at the very least Sin Subpath) would be a perfect class for a "Loki character". Elric of Melniboné said: To Sophia Corba:Welcome back! It's been a while since you last posted! I remember you posted some interesting Ki Techniques back then, some where paladin-related if I'm not mistaken (elemental binding light-earth, if I remember correctly)! Your character is very nice and your handling of rules is very nice (I really appreciated the Cultural Roots advantage granted for free, it's very flavorful, and not really worth 1CP) Have you really no idea about Elan? Although the master should secretely track elan, players should notice if they developed some new power… Thanks for remembering. Your quite right. It was the light+earth elemental binding Ki-Technique. I'm really astonished, since you've read all the Ki-Techniques and mine was only one of dozens (although the most were your own creations). I' ve never left, but since we stopped playing I had no reason to ask some questions, so I really only lurked in the forum and was reading what all of you were discussing. About Elan (as well an Sofias father) I can only speculate. He never gave me some power to write down. Since I haven't read the whole book (our GM wanted us to be protected of spoilers) I can only guess so far: It must be the Beryls and either MIkael and/or Azrael. But it can't be much I think. At least two angels, one beloniging to Mikael and the other to Azrael (Sofia still thinks about them as Archangels - Mikael and Azrael not the Maiden of Lights - is this the right name?) made contact with her. It really was quite shocking, since I never thought, that any prayers would be answered. It's fun not to know the game - you feel like a child and get candies from time to time. And there was a situation where nearly whole Americh was in some kind of fear and they took sort of comfort of her presence. But I don't know if this has anything to do with Elan or was some kind of scheme of the gm to let Sofia feel special. But the GM has a gift to hide possible powers a player is evolving, so there may be much more / something different. I'm much more curious who Sofias father is. Lucanor Giovanni (Sofia got **** scared abou his pet - please don't tell anything about it) said he would know him, and that the family resemblance is quite obvious. He called a name of a fortress where I may find some clues. But since this evening our group has only met two times and I can't see any posibilty to solve this riddle during teh next months.
  14. Since I really enjoy reading other characters I post mine hoping others also enjoy this. I’ve translated her into English. Because I’m german there may be many errors (grammar, wording and content). There are more information about Sofia, her family and her mentor, but I want to keep it readable. Her true father is an ingame-plot, but his identity remains hidden so far (our GM thought it would be nice to implement it in the game – I still have no idea about him). Sadly we haven’t played since half a year, so I don’t know if we’ll ever play this game again. Description: Sofia is a young woman of 20 years. She tops most of the people since she is 1.95 meters tall. Although she is tall, weighing 99 kilograms, she looks rather athletic and muscular than skinny. She has a straight but not stiff bearing. Her reddish to reddishly blond hairs lay till her shoulders and are properly combed. It seems that her haircut is something in between good-looking and combat-suitability. Almost emerald-green eyes complete her nice although not beautiful face (Appearance 6). Her lips are fine and show a real nice smile which can mostly be seen, when she’s looking at playing children. At these moments her eyes are sparkling of joy. There are times she seems to look at something other people can’t see. But maybe she’s just daydreaming. She has a fine and quiet voice which sounds calm and smooth. But there are times she raises her voice and then it reaches a great distance. You can see that she is familiar in giving and following orders. Her whole manner inspires confidence. In the way she behaves there’s something that most people are more open-minded and less reluctant that other times they meet strangers (Charm). Her body is well-groomed. She is an extraordinary warrior since she has no apparent scars – not even sword calluses. The only special mark is a birth mark in form of a horse on her right shoulder blade. It’s probably a freak of nature. Her equipment and her clothes are fitting like a second skin. Everything seems to be tailor-made for her. The only jewelry she’s wearing is a small and simple necklace with a cross made of silver. It’s a keepsake of her mother. She proudly wears the sign of Tol Rauko on her shield and the back of her cloak. History: Sofia grew up without a father as a daughter of an innkeeper. Her mother Anabelle Weisz never told her who he was. The inn was in a small and unimportant village named Corba in Helenia. Her stepfather Marek Rudy was the blacksmith of this village. She had a half-brother named Andrzej, who was seven years younger. She was always tall. A twelve year old girl, rather skinny and awkward-looking girl naturally got bullied. But this was only the casual teasing children used to do. She had a very good childhood. She had to help in the inn, of course, but the work was not that much. There weren’t much traveller and the few visiting the inn only stayed for a night. The rest of the time she secretly watched her stepfather taking care of the horse shoes of the beasts. It was forbidden to help, because her stepfather didn’t like it to have a girl in the forge. Her mother never said anything regarding this issue. The rest of the day she spent with rollicking and day-dreaming. Since she never met her real father she pictured him in her thoughts. In her mind he was a gigantic and strong man. Wearing a shiny armor he rode on a white horse all over the world fighting evil. He was friendly and helpful to the poor. He rescued damsels in distresses and other romantic things a young girl could dream of. She was a young girl when she recognized that she could see things others couldn’t. Talking to her mother about the “Little Wind-Creatures” playing on the street, Anabelle thought this was only Sofia’s fantasy. But since Sofia didn’t stop talking about her playmates her mother became annoyed and talked with her husband. The following beating Sofia received taught her never to mention them again. Sofia was ten years old when her stepfather died because of pneumonia. She felt kind of sad, not strongly – he wasn’t her real father more like a strict acquaintance. Her mother tried not to show her grieve before her children. But Sofia heard her sobbing in the night. She never told her younger brother – he was too young, anyway. But on this day she swore she would help her mother as good as she could. She never tried to sneak away anymore when she was supposed to help. Anabelle recognized this but never asked her daughter about the change of spirit. Sofia always was a tough girl. Bruised knees, scratched legs and hands never took long to heal. In fact they healed faster than the scratches her acquaintances had. But nobody ever thought it strange – at least Sofia herself. It was just the way it was. The day her mother was very ill and had to stay in the bed – a luxury she couldn’t afford – Sofia took care about the household. Cooking a chicken broth she cut herself deep in the finger. She was right on the way to her mother – crying for pain and shock – as she remembered that her mother was ill and couldn’t likely help her. Sobbing she returned to the kitchen, wrapped some cloth around her finger and finished cutting the vegetables and making the soup. At the next morning there wasn’t a cut anymore. If it wasn’t for the bloodstained cloth there would be no evidence that the knife had tasted blood. In the year 982, Sofia was twelve years old, the war came to Corba. Without any strategic or political importance it became victim of soldier’s greed. There was plundering, burning of houses and slaughtering the inhabitants. Anabelle hid her two children but was caught herself on the way to her own hideout. She was raped and killed afterwards. Sofia was in shock and wasn’t able to breath, walk or make any noise. This probably saved her life. Her younger brother began to cry and ran to the body of his mother. A casual hit with a mace stroke him down. Then the soldiers left the remains of the village. Sofia staggered through the smoldering ruins of the former inn taking her mother’s small necklace. Without any clear thought she wandered through the village. The shock, the loss of her family, the smoking ruins – a dirty skinny girl covered with ash staggering around. Then her sight faded. Intimidated. Helpless. That was the way she felt. Her first memories of the room she became awake were a barren room made of stone. She still had the smell of burned wood in her nose although there was no fire to see. She was alone in the room. A simple curtain hid what was outside. Every time she heart steps she closed her eyes pretending to be unconscious or asleep. As soon as she could be sure she was alone she reopened carefully her eyes. There was food and water brought to her bed. Her injuries were tended. Why would anybody treat her like this? “Playing unconscious” continued for two more days. Then a deep voice of a man told her to stop playing dead and look to him. Scared to death and almost crying she opened her eyes. She never knew why she followed these instructions. The look at the man told her, that he had to be about 40 years old and a well-groomed appearance. Although he wore simple clothing there was something special about him. His whole behavior was something Sofia never had seen. He was sitting on the side of her bed. And although he was tall and muscular his presence wasn’t threatening. He said his name was Johann Luminos and asked her about hers. She told him shy. He smiled and ensured her she didn’t have to be afraid anymore. He wouldn’t allow anybody to harm her. There was something about the way he talked and looked at her that she felt confident and believed in his words. Then he stood up and left the room. At the doorway he looked at her once again. It took some days till Sofia was allowed to leave her room. But she stood up and looked through the window. She was in a house a little apart from a small village. It seemed to be a house of an at least well-situated owner. But she never found out who the owner was. The day her rescuer and she left her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Johann wore a shiny armor and rode a white horse. She felt like in one of her dreams and secretly thought of him as his father who came back to take her with him. Everything would become alright. During the following days her shyness faded away and asked about him. With a lot of patience he answered most of them. But some questions he didn’t said anything else but: “You’ll find out, when the time is right.” Johann hadn’t any family of his own. He said it wouldn’t be fair for them, since he is on the road most of the time. So he likely wouldn’t be a good husband and father. And god made him this way. So it would be his responsibility to act like this. He lived on his own principle: “ Be courageous when facing your enemies. Be brave and honest so god may love you. Always tell the truth even when it means your death. Protect the defenseless.” Sofia took the principles and made them her own. At first she only helped in the kitchen, cleaned the equipment of others and learned to tend smaller injuries. Lower services but she completed them without complaint eager to please Johann. All she wanted to make him proud of her. She followed his orders without questioning them. She asked questions out of curiosity, of course. It didn’t tool long and she slipped out that she could see strange things and creatures. But in contrast to her mother who hadn’t believed her he only nod and told her that she was blessed. She was a pupil true to Johann’s teachings. It surprised her that she learned handling a sword without many difficulties. It seemed she was born to hold a sword. Johann took care to give her a proper weapons training. The years passed by. And although Johann was on the road while she stayed in an outpost of Tol Rauko there were times they could meet. They formed a hearty quasi father and daughter relationship. She never sought a boyfriend in one of her comrades. Full of idealism, childish maybe blinded by Johann’s example she wanted to be like him. It was the time she gave herself a new name. She adopted the name Corba so that she would always remember and honor not only her family but her whole village and the harm it suffered. The years flew by and Sofia became promoted step by step. As a former innkeeper’s daughter without any fortune she led half a hundred cavalry. Sure she mostly stood aside and rather kept other people out of harm’s way than to deal with the problem by herself. But her duty wasn’t less important. Filled with proud she travelled the land wherever she was sent. And in the back of her mind there was always the thought that she finally could protect the weak and fight injustice. On the spare occasions she was allowed to accompany Johann on his travels. If it became dangerous he ordered her to stay where it was safe. But her awareness of the supernatural was a tool he knew to use. So she enjoyed riding with him. Once he took her to a social party. He even bought her an expensive dress. And although she didn’t know any ball dances she managed not to embarrass herself and more important Johann. There are times Sofia can’t believe how different her life became. As a Member of Tol Rauko she belongs to a privileged group of people. But she didn’t become spoiled and still does know what it means to suffer privations. But she also knows who nice it is to be able to buy herself a wonderful dress – and wear it, of course. It hasn’t been long ago since her mentor died. The message of his death hit her real hard. She had never believed such a strong and kind man could ever been defeated. At first she demanded to know und what circumstances he died and who was responsible. But as soon as she regained control over her rage the only question she wanted to have answered was: “Is this death a death Johann would appreciate as a good one?” The rest of the day she stayed in her small room in mourning. From time to time you can see the loss in her eyes. But there’s no sign of rage or grief anymore. Her facial expression shows determination but not grimness. All she wants to do is to live by the standard her patron Johann lived. Charactersheet: Name: Sofia Corba Class: Paladin Level: 4 Age: 20 Gender: female Race: human (Aion) Hair: reddishly blond Eyes: green Height: 6’ 5” Weight: 210 lbs Appearance: 6 Build: 60 points distribution-system (+1 Power bought at Level 4) Agility: 8 Constitution: 10 Dexterity: 8 Strength: 9 Intelligence: 5 Perception: 5 Power: 10 Willpower: 5 Fatigue: 10 Movement: (6) 8 Life Points: 235 Mental Health: 80 Threshold to Madness: 20 Zeon: 135 Gnosis: 10 Elan: unknown (GM keeps eyes on them) Regeneration: Ups I lost my notes -> 8 iirc Bravery: 11 | Honor: 7 | Cowardice: 0 | Infamy: 0 | Talent: 0 Advantages: Charm (1) Eternal Blood (1+1 for negating Level adjustment) Hard to Kill (1) (bought at Level 2 instead of trait) Heritage: Helenia (for free – some Skill-bonuses) Regeneration (2) See Supernatural (1) = 7 (6 + 1 bought at Level 2) Disadvantages: Code of Conduct (1) Easily Possessed (1) Suspectible to Magic (1) =3 Free Weapon skill = Long Bow Level 1: (we use the Core Excet-changes regarding skill bonus) Natural Skill = Feat of Strength + Leadership Composure + 10 instead of Banish (Paladin-class) Skill +10 = Ride, Composure, Notice, History + Tactics Level 2: No Trait instead Advantage “Hard to Kill” Natural Skill = Feat of Strength + Style Composure + 10 instead of Banish (Paladin-class) Skill +10 = Ride, Composure, Notice, History + Tactics Level 3: Natural Skill = Feat of Strength + Leadership Composure + 10 instead of Banish (Paladin-class) Skill +10 = Ride, Composure, Notice, History + Tactics Level 4: Trait: Power +1 =10 Natural Skill = Feat of Strength + Style Composure + 10 instead of Banish (Paladin-class) Skill +10 = Ride, Composure, Notice, History + Tactics DP-Distribution: 900 DP -> 540 DP (=60%) Combat Abilities + 360 DP (=40%) Non-Combat Abilities 200 DP = 100 Attack 250 DP = 125 Block 0 DP = 0 Martial Knowledge 0 = 0 Ki 40 DP = 20 Wear Armor 50 DP = Knight Module = 540 DP 10 DP = 5 Athleticism 10 DP = 5 Climb 10 DP = 5 Jump 10 DP = 5 Ride 10 DP = 5 Swim 10 DP = 5 Composure 10 DP = 5 Feats of Strength 60 DP = 60 Withstand Pain 10 DP = 5 Notice 10 DP = 5 Search 10 DP = 5 Animals (Specialization: Horse) 10 DP = 5 Herbal Lore 10 DP = 5 History 10 DP = 5 Law 10 DP = 5 Occult 10 DP = 5 Tactics 5 DP = 5 Etiquette 5 DP = 5 Intimidate 15 DP = 15 Leadership 70 DP = 70 Persuasion 35 DP = 35 Style 10 DP = 5 Dance (Specialization: Ballroom) 5 DP = Housewivery (Invention of our GM) 5DP = 5 Banish = 360 DP Martial Knowledge: 80 40 Use of Ki 40 free (our GM wanted it to develop slowly and uses the Dominus Excet-table-> currently trying to concentrate the KI in her body for Presence Extrusion and Aura Extension) Final Values: Attack: 110 (Longsword) | Damage: 60 (Longsword) -> She almost never uses other weapons. Block: 155 + 25 (Shield +5) | Dodge: 10 -> She blocks everything out of habit (it’s **** hurting to try this with magical attacks, but that’s some kind of reflex) Wear Armor: 70 | AT: 4/3/2/3/2/2/0 + 2/2/1/1/1/1/0 (Partial Plate + Circlet) Initiative: 60 Resistances: Base Resistance: 45 | Physical: 60 (+ 80 special) | Disease: 60 | Poison: 60 | Magic: 60 (/2 -50 special) | Psychic: 45 (-50 special) Athleticism: 25 | Climb: 25 | Jump: 15 | Ride: 75 | Swim: 25 Composure: 85 | Feat of Strength: 55 | Withstand Pain: 100 Notice: 55 | Search: 5 Animals (Specialization: Horse): 55 | Herbal Lore: 15 | History: 45 | Law: 5 | Occult: 5 | Tactics: 45 Etiquette: 5 | Intimidate: 5 | Leadership: 100 | Persuasion: 70 | Style: 100 Dance (Specialization: Ballroom) 55 Housewivery : 5 Banish: 20 I know I'm on the losing side fighting supernatural. I'm planing to develop more KI-Abilities and finally the technique I've posted here a long time ago. But the whole thing is a very slow process (learning table in DE used). Luckily this isn't a single player game and the rest of the group is quiet capable of dealing with strange creatures and enemies. In addition we rarely fight in our games.
  15. Lia Valenth said: summoner having a problem with Zeon Regeneration. The wizard could help a lot, what with the ability to transfer Zeon to the summoner, as could any other party member with Zeon. But yes that would definitely be a problem. Don't you need The Gift to work as some sort of Zeon-Source for the Summoner? I'm playing a Paladin, who of course has some Zeon. But our GM said that I needed the advantage if our Summoner and / or Warlock (both have The Gift) want to refresh their Zeon-pool with mine. As always my understanding about Magic is very very tiny. But you seem to be very literate about the sort of theme, so a little explanation would be fine. ~ Sofia Corba
  16. I really enjoy this discussion. I mean no disrespect. I just like to see different opinions. I for myself would never allow another summoner to bind me if i was a wizzard with chimaera. In our groups, expecially lately, tensions always shows up. That's not bad at all. It's like the missing salt in a soup. We aren't in a happy wonderland where everybody are buddies and don't take a grudge on something another character did. And a pissed summoner with a binding towards me... no thanks. That doesn't sound that good. Another question, just because I'm curious. What happens when the Summoner of the group dies. I guess the bound vanishes and the "evil" summoner could bind the chimaera-wizzard with less effort. ~ Sofia Corba
  17. Kalis said: This is also why the Anima book does not recommend fortitude and breakage on every hit, because not every hit has to fluffwise be a shot that even hits your sword. Could you please telll me on which page this is mentioned? It seems that i've overread this all the time. And since my character tends to block all the time and she doesn't have Presence Extrusion + Aura Extension (yet), there's always the danger of destroying my shield and weapon. We don't fight often in our group. I'm like 4th level (nearly 5th level) and I fought like 5 times (don't include getting knocked out by magic - **** why does this can't be stopped by my shield yet ). So we haven't used the breakage-rules often. It was once used for flavor when a slayer threw stones and i blocked them. First it broke my shield, then my arms. Luckily we were retreading and my healing is very good so i wasn't out of game that long. Regarding the "Merging" you shouldn't forget, that this kind of weakens the characters who can buy both defenses for only 2 DP or gets level bonuses for both. If you give all the classes the cheaper bonus you benefit those classes who have one expensive defense and/or not both bonuses. I don't know how i would deal with this, but as a warrior for example i would feel at a disadvantage. Sure no warrior spends DP in both defenses, but he has the opportunity doing so. Maybe you could give the classes with both bonuses some sort of benefit. Like raising the Max-bonus from 50 to 60 or something like that. But that's only a thought. I haven't testet or calculated it. So I don't know if something like that is necessary at all. It's just that a class who have both defenses cheap and /or both class bonuses has worse stats in other situations. After all each advantage does cost some sort of generation points. ~ Sofia Corba
  18. I'm not sure, but afaik characters can Dodge others into a safe place as well. It's called "Push Somebody Aside" or some like that. If you fail you tanke the damage instead the person to be rescued/as well. But I don't have the books right here. ~ Sofia Corba
  19. Made a mistake. Sofia Corba said: XP needed to reach Lvl 5 = 650 (instead of 550) .... ~ Sofia Corba
  20. Huh? Only 25 XP? Are you sure? I read the rules about LA like this: Example: LA +1 XP needed to reach Lvl 2 = 125 (instead of 100) XP needed to reach Lvl 3 = 275 (instead of 225) XP needed to reach Lvl 4 = 450 (instead of 375) XP needed to reach Lvl 5 = 600 (instead of 450) .... The higher the level the greater the difference. But maybe my reading is wrong. ~ Sofia Corba
  21. 215? OUCH! How did you manage this? I'm just curious, cause i won't be able to reach this. ~ Sofia Corba
  22. @ Elric Here are the translations (you can alter them since my English may be wrong, but you may discover the intention.) Calea di Lumina = The Way of the Light Ucenicii statornic = The steadfast/unshaken Disciple (?) Lumina din întuneric = Light in the Dark Protectia Angels = Angelic Protection Ceresc mânia = Wrath of the Heaven Martiri ai lui Dumnezeu = Divine Martyr / Martyr of God Yeah, my character is pretty religious. That's why i've chosen this names. But she doesn't work for the church. ~ Sofia Corba
  23. Just write your ideas here. There may be plenty of persons who can help you and since it's a publc forum the idea is to get different opinions. I'm not that familiar with the rules but even i may participate in this. And at least Elric is a creative guy building almost everthing. At least so it seems to me. ~ Sofia Corba
  24. Personally i don't see a problem with your method. The advancement is more fluent with your way of progress. And in the end it is the same advancement. And most important, it's your game. Do what suits you best. It may be a little harder to manage all the DP regarding the limits in primary and combatabilities but you can houserule this at well. ~Sofia Corba
  25. Here's a map. I don't know if it's the one you want and it's in French. http://phildeb.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/world-of-gaia.jpg ~Sofia Corba
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