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  1. Inquisitor! http://galefire.com/2011/09/slayde-templus-crimson-turnabout/ Crazy heretek constructs my acolytes ran over, need to make them tougher http://galefire.com/2011/08/heretek-scalpel-constructs/
  2. New one, Imperial Assassin, doin work. http://galefire.com/2011/08/death-cult-assassin/
  3. Well... in broken chains, swift attack is a half action. Why would lightning attack be a full action then?
  4. I'd be more inclined to try the new rules in my games if I had info on a few of these small things. Any chance there will be anything before the full release? Maybe another character that has lightning attack, two-weapon wielder, and blademaster so you can kind of say how those work?
  5. Ah I see N0-1_H3r3, that is interesting. Thank you for pointing that out. Maybe I can surmise that the new version of lightning attack grants a hit for each DoS then, just like full auto. Although I still have no idea how it works with 2 weapons, or how parry/dodge interact with dodging multiple hits (or how it works with blademaster). That book needs to get to print!
  6. So yea I tried this... and do not like it at all. Its very likely you won't actually get all of your melee attacks(55 ws, +10aim, -10weapon in each hand, you'd need a 15 to get 4 DoS to hit with all 3 of your lightning attack hits), which is the exact opposite of how it currently works. Unless they have serious changes to swift attack and lightning attack, like giving them huge bonuses if you have them talented, I don't really like it, no matter how much it speeds up the game (which isn't much really).
  7. So the shooting changes seem very reasonable, and we will probably implement those, as all of us think that semi-auto should likely be more accurate than full auto to begin with. The only things I am wondering about are the changes to melee attacks, specifically swift attack, parry, dodge, etc. Obviously it will become much easier to figure these things out once the book comes out, but for now, we can speculate. So obviously swift attack/lightning attack would be going to a similar system to semi/full-auto, with multiple hits governed by DoS. Obviously, parry and dodge should function similarly. So if you are fighting someone, hit them with lightning attack, get 2 DoSs (additional hits on lightning attack per DoS like full-auto? or every 2 DoS?) so that accounts for 3 hits. They must then, to successfully parry or dodge, get just as many DoS as the attacker to negate the damage. Another wrench in this is an offhand weapon, does it get an additional regular attack? Thoughts?
  8. We've (me and another player usually GM, separately of course) have been giving out thrones for successful missions, monthly income, and then some requisition on the side for special things, or the ability to purchase stuff from an Inquisitor based armory as well; only on larger worlds tho, certainly not on some backwater or feral world (where we are now, heh). I have a lot of scavenging for clips and stuff going on in my games currently, but that is probably because our Guardsmen loves to full-auto everything. Personally I feel like I'd rather have everyone have a decent baseline of gear, so they aren't wearing/using a bunch of garbage. Once they have a decent baseline, they can save up for all that cool stuff to either buy off the black market, or buy from the Inquisitors armory. For the first couple of missions, the Inquisitor probably isn't going to bother, because new acolytes are so expendable, but after they get a few underneath their belt its nice to feel somewhat appreciated.
  9. Actually with the way I have been slanting my playstyle, sneaky ninja-ish with a sniper rifle, scouting ahead for the group, etc, I will probably end up going Death Cult Assassin once we roll around to Ascension, and they come with double power-swords (which I'd actually rather use at this point). My double power-blades tend to work pretty well currently and very concealable.
  10. Inquisitoress on an Ice Planet commission http://galefire.com/2011/07/40k-commission-piece-iceworld-inquisitoress/ larger here An older one of my group of Acolytes Inquisitor http://galefire.com/2011/04/40k-an-inquisitor-vindicare-assassin-and-grey-knight-brother-captain-walk-into-a-space-hulk/ larger here
  11. I have a feeling the hunting rifle/accurate damage, while it works very well in the first few missions, the automatic weapons that are available will outpace it even with the aim + 3d10 on the best shots. I'll have to see how it does on a custom game, where I think one of my friends will be throwing stuff quite a bit nastier than the churgeon at us.
  12. Wow, so many replies since i checked this last! I decided a stealthy assassin probably shouldn't be using an eviscerator most of the time anyway, so I put that into storage along with the wrist mount. Now I am carrying a Nomad, twin-power blades, and a bolt pistol; all of which are much stealthier than a body-sized chainsword!
  13. Finished, full size here: http://galefire.com/2011/07/quick-dark-heresy-acolytes/
  14. Thanks BangBang, I may have to check that out once I hit an Ascended rank. What do you think would be good stats for something like that for a regular level 5 Assassin? I managed to get my hands on an eviscerator, and then the first time I use it I almost cut myself in half like twice.
  15. http://galefire.com/2011/07/40k-commission-piece-iceworld-inquisitoress/ http://galefire.com/2011/04/40k-an-inquisitor-vindicare-assassin-and-grey-knight-brother-captain-walk-into-a-space-hulk/ So this is what I am working on, just a couple DH characters for myself and my wife. Still a WIP atm, but should be finished pretty soon. http://galefire.com/2011/07/quick-dark-heresy-acolytes/
  16. Are you sure the NFH is unwieldy? I don't have the book in front of me... but I swear it wasn't when I was looking at it yesterday. If that is the case then that would be an exceptionally poor weapon to take if you were playing a GK in terminator armor, they couldn't parry or dodge! I'll check out the power great sword in IH.
  17. I checked out how they did the Nemesis Force Halberd in the Daemon Hunter book and that seems pretty reasonable. I think it is 1D10+3 Balanced, Energy Field, but adds tearing when wielded with 2 hands(which you can change your hand positions as a free action); so that seems pretty reasonable. Obviously it still wouldn't be a force weapon, heh. Looking forward to art'ing up my character with something like that, but the eviscerator is pretty cool for now I suppose .
  18. I figured it would be a bit over the top anyway. I can settle for being able to shoot before going into combat without having to put the weapon away. Thanks!
  19. Can you fire a wrist mounted weapon as a offhand shot while using a 2h weapon in close combat? The offhand shot would obviously be modified by -10, but I would imagine that since both hands are still firmly on the weapon, it would not take that penalty? Also, Eviscerators do not have Tearing? Seems strange for a chain weapon. Ah nevermind, just looked at the Errata and see that an Eviscerator is 1D10+10 with Tearing now.
  20. bluntpencil2001 said: Power fields already do this... I know, I just wasn't sure if they just meant the same thing. Although if it was a Great Weapon, which one would assume a polearm to be, it wouldn't be doing much parrying due to the fact it is unwieldy. Although I suppose if it was a custom weapon made specially for the character, it probably wouldn't be unwieldy anymore.
  21. I guess I just figured if it is breaking the blades of weapons it parries, it would have some sort of custom entry somewhere
  22. So looking through the Ascension book and the Crusader class I read "Many Crusader Houses favour long, heavy power swords, their reach able to intercept any blow that threatens their charge. Others favour massive polearms, often wielded two-handed so that the mighty haft breaks the blade of any blow it parries." So where is this Polearm weapon located in any of the books? because it does not appear to be in the Ascension book.
  23. After almost sniping out the Churgeon in one round of combat last night, I think I may change the Accurate to require a Full-turn called shot before it can do 3d10 worth of damage. A hunting rifle really shouldn't be able to do that kind of damage, however I could see an Exitus rifle doing it, but that's also in the hands of a Vindicare assassin...
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