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  1. i looked at the faq first and it awsered a couple of my questions on the arborec. like the duha menaion(flagship) producing groundforces, groundforces haveing production while in space. the flagship and groundforces only working with production in the same system as spacedocks. i think its the concensis that spacedocs may produce mechinized units? however the stacking of groundforces confuses me. i get that two groundforces do not equil 2 production and 8 , 8. spacedocs just like groundforces are assigned a planet or capacity. if we have one groundforce on planet A one on planet B and lets say one on a cruiser in orbit. does each get a individual production? this could result in stacking ie. 2 cruisers . is it, no matter what the entire system has, its only raised by one, pick a location? (important in blockading situations, where this question came up) or is both true, each planet gets a production of one per groundforce so long as nothing stacks. ie. planet A builds 1 groundforce for the price of one, planet B builds a groundforce for another resource and finnaly the one in space builds a cruiser . but never more than 1 per location (planet or space) can this be considered no stacking? if so, where does capacity fit into this.
  2. just played 4 turns of a four player game to help someone learn to play. not a competitive game, infact alot of demostration on what to do. like bad command counter managment. the arborac had a gravity rift and two wormholes all around there space. first turn took that blue gravity tech, never looked back.. even in the place of getting xrd transporters. this technology on the right map is a blessing. that is all
  3. is their flagship capable of produceing groundforces?. do mech units count as groundforces for the spacedock restriction. im assume yes but im not sure?.
  4. ... and action/politica (is there political?) cards that use dreadnaughs. other than direct hits wich has already been ruled is for sustained damage in space.
  5. i tend to overlook that i purchased two copies of the game n expansions and have more tiles than i know what to do with
  6. i would like to know for sure, however id give it a ruleing as. if the virus copies the card (nova seed). and then that (original) card is discarded. the virus still has their copie of novaseed. and if moveing into a supernova as a racial ability makes this tech "an extension of said racial ability", then manipulating wormholes as the virus with copied ghost tech would be out as well since every racial ability the ghosts have is about wormholes. it could be argued that once muuat uses its novased that the nekro is "currently" copying nothing. haveing a system explod once a game is huge, twice is extreamly serious. but as muuat with the virus playing i would save getting the tech just befor i used it anyways where normally i would keep it as a detourent. ill always stick to offical ruleings but so far i dont see why i cannot be copied.
  7. i enjoyed reading your experiances with shards, cant wait to find someone to play with me lol. i checked after reading the last couple lines. i do belive the yins flagship says "all groundforces in this system" and not just on board... if im right that included carriers loaded with groundforces and defending forces on planets with this ship in the system. although keeping track of where they came from will be important. and i simply cant wait to play the virus lol, now i have a reason to attack for no reason j/k cheers
  8. i remember seeing the faq say that type IV drives and nano tech is usable on flagships but i didnt see it say assult cannons where. not saying admirals cant but your conclusion about the faq may be wrong.
  9. i dont believe haccan to be to overpowered but in my opinion if everyone at the table is new, they may appear that way from how quickly they can their fleet tends to grow. I suggest for a new group remember there is many ways to win this game and since there is so many levels its easy to forget about the aspects not staring you in the face.
  10. but the creuss was built with all the previous game in mind if it buggs you. i suggest make a path on the wormhole side of say 2 or 3 spaces that are empty systems then place place wormholes in several of them or connect the two maps with several empty systems. so its either harder for the creuss to block all entrances with the special ability or. impossible. maybe not perfect ideas, but perhaps on the right track
  11. its not easy, but kill that player, as a group if need be. its not fair. but when someone is about to win your only chance at winning is making sure that player wont. then move on down the rest of the list of whats best for you. otherwise your not agressivly pursuing your best intrest. oh and seeing it coming like you said you can in this situation, helps. that said i prefer the first expansions cards myself but my basic suggestion always applies to my game strategy.
  12. pardon me if im wrong. but if you retreat/withdrawl in any way u have a cc on the system regardless of how it got there. so is this flagships movement value of where it can go moot with the fleetlogistics "abuse" because its considered "tapped" lack of a better words. normally i could reach system X to send the other ships but because i cannot move it cannot reach anywhere untill we find a way to get it out from under a command counter. im not sure how its worded, because my two copies are currently just ordered
  13. i agree groundforces may build anything. and anyone saying "how can spores or plants build ships" is thinking to narrow, esspecialy when we are deling with scifis endless possibilities in our so called infanite universe. wich is moot, the game is very much about the twilight legalize and wording of rules and abilities rather than what fluff states. and maybe they just masterd gravity and time dialation/lensing rather than burning rockets. i just wanna be clear. i got the expansion ordered but dont have it yet. does ground force builds of 1 then 2 with racial mean for the entirity of your groundforces or per ground force. i belive it means per planet regardless of one groundforce or 20. i think its not refered to as production because production works its own way and something may have an effect that the designers do not want being confused with or used with the groundforces "build". wich would include the blockadeing question.
  14. do mech units work like groundforces for that action card the winnu are safe from. lose 2 groundforces if none left planet reverts to nutral. from what i initially read id say no. if so this makes them a great "minumum" defensive unit for your production systems so you dont lose space stations and pds's to a somewhat common action card. and dose the brotherhood of yin turn mech units with their racial ability/tech upgrade? sorry if the awsners to this are obvious or already awnsered.
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