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  1. Hi all, I just picked up the Coc LCG core set of ebay but have been searching for a Contents record to check every thing is there. What has me most confused is that I only have 1 copy of each card? I've bought other FFG LCG's in the past and although I know not every card you get in a core set comes as a set of 3 most of them do, so I'm a little concerned as to weather i've been ripped off on ebay or not.
  2. So accuracy has no effect on fighters as they have no defence tokens. Except in the case of Howl runner and Luke. So can accuracy be used in these instances?
  3. Yeah don't know why they just don't bring out upgrade card packs. I ordered the wave 1 VSD boxset and I did wonder in future would I even field 2 VSD's but knowing there will be the extra upgrade cards and I worked out a deal with my local store owner I went ahead and purchased it. But seeing as x-wing doesn't have a upgrade card pack i doubt armada will either.
  4. Im just doing some comparisons of my own with the ISD and MC80. ISD = 3Black, 2Blue, 3Red, from the front. So you need to get real close to roll all 8 dice. From what I've played so far no one is stupid enough to get the close in the front arc of my VSD1. With the VSD2 I tend to find I'll get a few shots off from the front a range 3 and if i'm lucky a single range 2 (so 6 dice). After that I spend most of my time fring out of my sides and rear arcs as I try to turn around. If you compare that to the ISD it will get the 3 red at range 3 and 5 dice (3B/2R) at range 2. But the 4 dice at range 2 from the side is ok plus if you up grade for the 10 pt turbolasers to get the 1 extra red 5 is nothing to be sniffed at. But the MC80 although not great on the front, has 6 dice at range 2 on the sides with ways of increasing that 2 7! With a wide fire arc to boot, 2 redirects and more shields than the ISD I think the CR80 will easily overpower the ISD. Still we're not getting any info on maneuverability or engineering of the two but the ISD can't be any better than the VSD? Also the points cost can play a factor. Edit: well maybe not easily overpower but Id put the odds in its favour.
  5. Meh I Would Just get the one then get the individual models from wave 1. I know people who have bought 3 copies of the core! and I don't get why, as I have all of wave 1 prepaid/ordered so Whilst they have their 3 core sets I'll have pretty much everything I need plus all the extra upgrade cards you get from buying the individual boxsets. Also with upcoming waves I can easily see those extra VSD's, Nebs and Corvs just getting dusty on a shelf.
  6. O so I see I had to go Look in the box. I've only played 5 games so far and as the Imperials. Thats an odd last minute change?
  7. The final version of Dodonna says nothing about the damage coming from ships. It even triggers from asteroid collisions. So we're talking about "General Dodonna" here? Which Clearly states when a friendly "ship" is attacking.... Ship = capital ships/big stuff and squadrons = fighters ? Or have I missed a card some where?
  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but blue dice can only be used out THROUGH medium range, so if they were at long range you wouldn't be able to use the anti squadron weaponry. Second off, I've found that even rolling 2 blue dice against a squadron one has to be LUCKY to make quick work of them, especially considering crit hits are not counted as hits of any sort. Adlerson Ah good point on the range missed that. Still getting used to whats on what dice but they were all direct hits (damage icon) on two dice I was usually getting one hit per roll. ...just checked the Blue dice and they have 4 hits per dice so 50% chance per dice. Considering that if a x-wing squadron attacks a squadrons its get 4 blue against that single squadron, Being able to target every enemy squadron at "medium range" with 2 blue dice with a single attack from 1 ark is pretty **** nice ^^ and as stated it makes it much easyer for the x-wings to then mop up.
  9. I had the same queering about "Dodanna's Pride" for 6pts it seems to good to be true that you can just bypass shields and deal crits like that! The other query I had was with Ships shooting at squadrons rules: "Attacking Squadrons with a Ship. When a ship attacks a squadron, it can perform one attack against each squadron inside the firing arc and at attack range of the attacking hull zone. Each attack is resolved separately" So I'm pretty sure we're doing it right. Last night I had my Neb B Escort on the flank. In the center were 5 squads of tie's all at medium to long range and all in one ark. So I shot at them rolling a total of 10 blue dice (2 at a time for each). This just ripped through the ties in no time and seemed overly effective.
  10. Bah. Just boycot Amazon. Their a greedy tax evading company who treat their staff like cr*p. Use actual online game retailers! Iguk, gameslore or Gameguru (UK) or better still go to a local store and give them the business!
  11. I looked at x-wing and thought not for me. But since its been out it's opened up the miniatures scene to alot of players, some being my friends who bought load of x-wing stuff so because they want to play it, I play it also as they play the games I want to play. They recently started doing random draws. So there is a stack of ship cards and a stack of mods, crew etc and we agree on a points limit and draw randomly until we get as close to the points limit as we can. Its made for some fun games
  12. Is it me or are the scales all off? Cr90 corvette should be 150 meters in length, the VC SD 900 meters in length and im unsure of an Imp Class SD but the Cr90 will fit in its hanger bay alone lol. I get that it would be some what implausible to do perfect scale...I just want bigger star destroyers
  13. Fair play to Gameslore. I find they can be hit or miss with prices some times. But they do have a good customer service and are quick on the delivery. I got mine for 200 from my local store after haggling him down on the price from 216 to a straight 200 if I bought 1 of every thing. Although it seem I could have gotten cheaper from games lore I probably would have still got it from them simply to help support my local store. Try haggling with your store owner maybe? The original 216 my store owner was offering was with 15% off.
  14. Great thanks for the clarifiactions!
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