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  1. According to the rules on page 13 of Fame and Fortune. "Only Coin Tokens may be invested - not coins printed on the map, tech map, or tech cards, or on buildings cannot be invested.' I understand the rational behind why coins that are printed on the previous mentioned items should not be used for purchasing (or being exchanged) for investment markers in investment BUT why does the same restriction not apply to Great Person markers that have gold coins printed on them as well? Was it an accidental omission from the rules or is there another reason that Gold Coins on Great People was not listed as a printed material coin that was restricted? Slightly confused.....
  2. thanks, I overlooked that portion. Could you please help to understand correctly from where do I get the coins that I use to purchase/exchange for the coin markers? Obviously, certian tech cards allow me to collect coins for completing certian actions but what if I reach my limit of coins and then use one to exchange/purchase for a cion marker; am I allowed to complete the action on the tech card again to replace the coin I used to purchase a coin marker?
  3. What happens to a tile location with a gold coin on it when you occupy the space and acquire the gold coin then use that coin to invest? Does the space no longer contain the coin icon? If you leave the grid that contains the coin yet you have already invested the gold coin does the investment disappear that was represented by the gold coin?
  4. Also while you gain coins by different means, you should remember that coins gained by a tile (there are only two) are kept only while you 'control' that tile. Should you lose that tile then you forfeit that coin. In case yoiu weren't aware..... kcjones2000
  5. I have experimented with the 5 player game set up as well. It is amazing at the different worlds that can be created with a little bit of patience and a lot of shuffling tiles around. What I did not do was incorporate the wrap-around world. That has a touch of what the Eagle Games version of Civilization introduced. A massive board game that now (believe it or not) makes more sense since I have become a devote player of Fantasy Flight's Civilization. The previously mentioned idea of placing a player in the middle of the map is wonderful especially with the wrap around world idea. There would not be a disadvantage that any player has as a result of his/her placement with that concept. This is an idea that really is worth exploring from the game setup perspective. kcjones2000
  6. Dreaming is fine! I agree that there should be additional starting nations. The idea of Great People could be expanded by having Great Engineers that might be able to build a Wonder for free or cut the cost of developing of a Wonder in half. Possibly a Great Artist that gives a one time boost to culture. Even a Great Merchant who give a one time boost to Trade. Of course, there would need to be a very limited number of these or it would drastically throw the balance of the game off. I'm even up for a random General being awarded as the result of combat. I also like the idea of more Wonders. Possibly a larger pool of several from each era and randomly drawing the set number of four to use in that era. This would give the game a different slant each time especially if the Wonders were more geared to help with specific types of victories; ie, culture, military, economic, tech.... While increasing more cities could be employed in the game, one's culture, production and trade are greatly increased with each new city making it too easy to gain that particular of token to win the game. If expansions do come about, I would think that the gaming community would need to show Fantasy Flight that the production of such would be worth the investment. From various other Forums, such as gameboard geeks, there is a growing fan base for Civilization. Most, such as myself, started out as fans of the computer game. Maybe those who have, and I'm guilty of this, are looking for expansions that incorporates more of the details that are seen in the computer version. That may be an unfair expectation but it's the grandiose scope that we dream of. So Dreaming is fine and hopefully, Fantasy Flight will introduce those expansions and maybe some of my dreams, and others, will come true. kcjones2000
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