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    If you haven't heard of this game, on Steam, I suggest you check it out. I feel the makers of it must have been playing WFRP3 because it feels a lot like it. They have mental quirks like Insanity, stress, and it is downright perilous. 
    This was the kickstarter that got it all started:
    You can see a lot of the art here:
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    I made a video a while back on how I store mine

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    Here is an example SPOILER warning for Witches Song
    Pirn looks very pale and his skin is covered in sweat, "Sa -- Saskia, takes g - good care of me." He says weakly.
      "I've been giving him healing potions, but he is not responding well to them, he is in a lot of pain." Saskia says.   Arz pulls back the cover over Pirn, you can see that he has burns on his right side, facing you, his right arm was also burned. The majority of the wounds are wrapped with cloth, that look like they haven't been changed since the first time, they are dirty and damp with sweat, you also see blackish red stains coming through the cloth.   Pirn's wife holds back tears.  Saskia looks surprised, "He's bleeding."   "Git some new cloth ready." Arz says as he pulls a cutting tool from his pack.   Arz cuts along the cloth and pulls it back, and just about everyone gasps.  Pirn's side is pitch black, strands of sticky black blood pull like glue as the cloth is pulled away.  The smell is terrible.  Pirn lets out a moan of pain.   "It's gotten worse!" Saskia says.    In the light it is hard to make anything out, his side being so charred black. Arz sees some spots that look like either puss filled bumps, or even worse, blackened ribs poking through the skin. Arz sits the cutting tool down, grabs a nearby candle and holds it close to the wound.  With his other hand he tries to inspect the protrusions, and touches it. And then it happens...   Pirn lets out a horrible scream of pain. With the candle light close to his side, Arz suddenly realizes that the surface of his skin is transparent like -- he is shocked by both Pirn's scream and also what, terrifyingly, looked like movement underneath the surface of Pirn's skin. The protruding objects look like spidery fingers sticking through his side, with puss and blackened blood dripping around it. Arz only has a second to take this all in before Pirn's side explodes!  The fingers stretch out into a long, black, oozing arm and grips Arz by the neck!    Pirn's eyes roll into the back of his head as he goes limp. His wife and Saskia scream out in horror!      [At this point, unless you don't want to, you can take over Rylan for combat, let me know]   Roll Discipline vs terror 3 (3 purple)   Arz needs to roll Athletics vs 2 purple   Then Roll initiative (Arz gets 2 black die)     (Players send in responses)     Arz is stunned, never in his years of working on the human body would he ever imagine such a thing being possible.  The events at the Grunewald Lodge several weeks ago was his first encounter with such madness, but this?!  This can't be happening!   The women scream as the thing oozes and expands out of Pirn's body, as if he is giving birth.  Pirn's torso stretches and rips with puss and black gore as it gives way to the creatures increasing mass.    Its grip gets tighter around Arz's neck as it expands and begins to take some twisted, deformed shape. Its torso stretches upward as red eyes form and now look down on Arz. Several flailing appendages burst from its side, splattering black gore everywhere. One of them strikes a lantern and it falls to the bed and catches the hay on fire.    Arz grips the arm and does all he can to try and break free, and finally he does. He scrambles back into Rylan and tries to get to his feet.   This snaps Rylan out of his stunned stupor, "Get out of here!" He yells to the women.    A fanged maw forms under the eyes of the creature as it lets out its first gurgling shriek, black gore spews from its mouth. It shambles forward and strikes out with its flailing appendages! A tentacle slams Arz across his face as he is getting to his feet. Another hits Rylan -- a sharp tip slashing him across the cheek, and then another grabs Saskia by the ankle -- she falls to the ground as it pulls on her.     With one arcane word, the tip of Rylan's staff bursts into flame, and Rylan jabs it into the appendage that pulls on Saskia.   It lets go and she scrambles out the door behind Pirn's wife.   "Come, let's get outside!" Rylan yells to Arz, as he moves backwards out the door.       [both Arz and Rylan are struck by terror, suffering 3 stress and 3 fatigue.  Rylan also has the Frightened Condition.]    [Arz Success on breaking free]   [Arz takes 5 wounds, Rylan takes 7]   [Arz Initiative 1]   [Rylan Initiative 2]   -- Kesh had only been outside the inn for a few minutes, the drinks not mixing well with the terrible smell in this village, when he hears faint screaming coming from somewhere.  He looks around and off across the square he sees others reacting to it. Several people start heading to the back of the village.   [Kesh is at extreme range, going from extreme to long takes 3 manoeuvres]     (players send in responses)   Arz runs out the door.  Everything is a blur as his heart beats heavy in his chest; he feels the warm, black gore still on his face and around his neck.  He hears it coming from behind him ... he hears its gurgling shrieks ... he sees the blur of a crowd gathering and then hears their gasps ... gasps that turn into screams of panic.  He sees Saskia and Pirn's wife running also. But Rylan ... where is Rylan?!  Arz turns and sees Rylan near the home...  The thing nearly shatters the door frame as it shambles out, the gathering crowd is stunned; some scream, some run, and others just stand in awe.  Impossibly it has already grown to the size of a man, a horribly twisted abomination.  It slams into Rylan, a flailing arm with spike like growths slams across his face and black gore mixed with Rylan's red blood flies. He is already going limp when he is struck again and his body just bends like a rag doll being abused by a child.   [The sight of this attack, Rampaging Mutation, causes terror 2, and Arz fails, increasing his stress and fatigue by 2, now 5 each. He also gains the insanity: Terrifying Visions - At the end of each encounter, or after a full nights rest, you recover 1 less fatigue and and 1 less stress than normal.]   Kesh can hear the screams as he runs, his heart thundering as he moves quickly through the crowd.  He can see people running from around a house. What could cause such a thing? Has the witch returned?    [Kesh is now at long range, it takes 2 moves to go to medium.]
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