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  1. The exact same thing happened to me. I don't own Lair of the Wyrm and yet Fire Imps popped near the end of the first quest.
  2. Working on a Divine Prayer version for this. I'm finding it quite convoluted.
  3. Awesome cheat sheet there. I absolutley will refer to that in my prep work. Thanks! The range/movement thing is weighing on my mind too. I was trying to make some kind of grid-system but got frustrated and will simply opt for putting a number of tokens in between pcs and npcs. I'm starting to this I should just go for theatre of the mind combat when it comes to placement.
  4. Part of the issue is that while I'm demoing the game I have also never played it myself. Hence my desire for a user-friendly guide. I've read through the rulebooks ad nauseaum but that means nothing until you've actually run the game. Which I haven't.
  5. Not a flowchart but a 1 page handout. Arcane Spellcasting Steps 1) As your Action you have chosen to cast a Spell. 2) Do you have enough Power as required by the spell to cast it? 3) If not, you must perform a successful Channel Power Maneuver. 4) If you do have enough Power you will now make a Spellcraft Check to determine the outcome. 5) The Power used by the spell is consumed. Quickcasting 1) You may attempt to Channel Power and cast on the same turn but you must add an extra Challenge die to your Spellcraft Check. Channel Power Manuever 1) Roll 1 Challenge die and a number of WillPower Characteristic Dice but be sure to convert a number of these Characteristic Dice into either Conservative Dice or Reckless Dice based upon how many spaces deep into a stance you are. This is not optional. IF you are Trained in this Skill, add 1 Expertise die to your roll as well. 2) Determine how much Power you now have and take that many tokens. Spellcraft Maneuver 1) As per the Spell indicates, roll a number of n Misfortune dice, 1 Challenge die and a number of Characteristic Dice based on your Intelligence but be sure to convert a number of these Characteristic Dice into either Conservative Dice or Reckless Dice based upon how many spaces deep into a stance you are. This is not optional. If you are Trained in this Skill, add 1 Expertise die to your roll as well. Additionally if the Spell you are casting is fits the criteria of a Specialization you have, you may Add 1 Fortune die to your roll if Specialization fits the spell's criteria. 2) Determine the outcome of the spell. Miscasting When 1 or more Chaos Stars are generated on a Spellcraft Check those effects are resolved first but if there are any unassigned Chaos Stars in the dice pool remaining, you must draw a Miscast card. Dangers When forced to lose Power through an effect of a Bane or a Chaos Star, that Power is immediately lost. If you do not have enough Power to satisfy the loss, you are reduced to zero Power and immediately suffer 1 Stress. If you are already at zero Power you must immediately attempt a Discipline check, with a number of Challenge dice equal to the amount of Power you are unable to lose. If the Discipline check succeeds, you suffer 1 Stress. If it fails, you suffer 1 Stress and immediately gain a temporary Insanity with the Chaos or Trauma trait. You then place a number of tracking tokens on the Insanity card equal to the difficulty of the check. Discipline Check Roll a number of Challenge dice as required by the check and a number of Characteristic Dice equal to your Willpower. If trained in Discipline, add 1 Expertise dice for each level of training. If Specialized in Discipline you may also add additional Fortune dice to the check. The Discipline check succeeds if you have more Successes than Failures.
  6. So when I demo it's going to be that simple huh? Really? How many steps was that you layed out? It's simple to anyone who has played the game but for someone with zero familiarity? Compared to Pathfinder or d&d it's a maze of steps. Hence my request for a step by step flowchart to hand out.
  7. I think initially I would start simple but adding in additional steps makes sense. Spellcasting is not "user-friendly" in this game.
  8. Has anyone created a flowchart for casting? I'm thinking it would be a great handout for a demo I am hoping to run.
  9. For anyone that uses G+, there is a new community for WFRP 3e. Come on over.
  10. I own pretty much everything they've published and I've still had no luck finding any players. I've given up all hopes of ever playing it so I've decided to prep myself and run a demo at a local gaming store in the near future. Would have loved to have been able to see a game run though before I begin this process. Role: Player Looking for: GM, Active campaign, demo Type of Game: F2F, Online Region: RI, USA Session Time/Time Zone: Evenings/EST
  11. I was planning on attending GenCon for the first time this year solely based on the plan to play WFRP 3e. Zero sessions.
  12. I think FFG is missing out on building their audience by not having a dedicated game demo staff. Beyond WFRP which is my main request, the company in general should consider creating some regional sales/demo reps. I'll happily send in my resume if they ever do. Seriously though, this product needs an infusion of marketing support beyond ads.
  13. So I was looking over the event schedule for Total Confusion this upcoming weekend. Certainly a large, well-attended gaming convention in New England. No WFRP events scheduled which is disappointing as I was hoping to get into my first game. How about a demo perhaps I thought. Nope. No demos or FFG presence either. Marketing 101 - Support your product lines. You can't just throw them out there and hope. You have to nurture and encourage your product line. Truly disappointing.
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