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  1. So, just based on some things that annoy my play group I made a small mod for the RtL app and figured I'd post it up if anyone else wants the same changes. - No more quest failure from taking too many turns, instead major perils will stack up more and more - You can travel to town between sidequests without giving up time You are of course free to just wait a week yourself after travelling, or forfeit the quest after you get to the double major peril if you wanted only one of these changes. To use, download this file and overwrite the file of the same name in your Road to Legend_Data/Managed directory in the game files (backup your old one if you like) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mPhRCFGzIXPrCOTE1nnTSlzTnCluV4r1
  2. Other than a lot of the CK heroes being wildly overpowered, no it won't cause any problems.
  3. I'd strongly recommend the community class rebalance https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/233645-road-to-legend-class-rebalancing/It sadly seems to have stopped development, but even the changes so far are a dramatic improvement in making the classes more balanced for RtL play, and also makes the game less stompable by using the previously OP class combinations.
  4. Soo....anybody else going to help with playtesting? I mean I hate to say it, but at the moment what it looks like to me is everybody was super eager to participate in the part of the project where we tier the classes, because that's a chance to show off how knowledgeable you are and look smart. But when it came to the actual fixing stuff part, everybody disappeared.
  5. I'm fine with relics in Act I because the ones you get are utility that works in scale for either Act I or Act II. "Redo a dice roll" is a nice and balanced utility ability in Act I or Act II, so getting Fortuna's dice in Act I is fine. And when they are weapons, they are scaled for Act I. For example Staff of Light has power dice equivalent to an Act I weapon. In Act I it is a powerful, but in scale, weapon to use, in Act II it falls behind as a weapon (but still retains usefullness for its utility functions). Similar for the Shards relic. It would be problematic if the relics you were getting in Act I were Dawnblades and Ynfaernal Runes. Are you saying you think it'd be good for the game if kitting your party out with Grinding axe, Rune of Fate, etc. early in Act I were commonplace?
  6. I'm aware it's based on fame, but fame progression is designed so that you start getting act II items 'around' the time of the act II transition. Which is not something that should be changed because if it were possible to get more than a handful earlier it would make act I very unfun. That's why the solution is that act II needs to be longer, and not that we need more fame so we can get more act II items sooner: getting act II items sooner would put the challenges of act I out of whack. The fact that act II is short and that the amount of time you have to enjoy having act II items is also short are intertwined with each other, they aren't two unrelated things.
  7. Yeah, you might get some trinkets, but have you ever gotten an act II weapon in act I? I haven't. It'd be pretty game breaking too, since Act I monsters aren't designed to handle that.
  8. One more playtest: - The stalker changes seem good, he's much more usable now. - The champion is generating too much valor with glory of battle changes, it's almost always in abundance.
  9. Once you have discarded it, you no longer have it, so you are now allowed to do something else with your other action. The text does not say having the card/token causes you to lose an action, it just says that as long as you have it there is only one thing you can do with your action(s).
  10. Did some more 2p testing, only first half of a campaign with Marshal and Monk/prophet. Marshal seems good, the changes make for a lot more build diversity. Zealot's fire seems really strong. Monk definitely much more viable than before. I will say that some of the monk and watchman skills don't quite seem to fit their roles with the way all the other hybrid skills have been revamped. It seems like most hybrid skills are now designed to bring some utility from the "old" archetype to mesh with the new one, but for example monk has a condition removal skill, which is already the domain of the new archetype (healer). So it's kind of redundant, since most healers already have a condition removal skill, it would make more sense if it retained some utility from the scout archetype.
  11. Was anybody else disappointed with how little time you get to acquire and use Act II shop items? Once you get into Act II, you only have 2 sidequest-shopping periods and 2 story quests left to go. So either you Play all the sidequests, get only 2 chances to shop during Act II. The amount of Act II stuff you get in the first shop phase is going to be small (possibly zero), especially taking into account whether or not its useful for your characters. You may have gotten lucky and gotten an Act II piece or two during Act I, but in all likelihood a very small amount of weapons/armor/etc in total by the time you finish the campaign. Or you skip the final 2 sidequests in favor of getting 4 total chances at the shop during Act II. This is your only real way of getting geared up with Act II stuff, but that means you pretty much only have Act II gear for the final quest.
  12. Tried some 2 player today with my roommate and ended up running Conjurer and Skirmisher. Skirmisher impressions - It took a bit to decide what skills to build towards, which is a good sign, every skill was something worth considering and none was an 'obvious' choice. Balance-wise the improvements seem good and in-line with how effective a class should be. One thing, if you are taking the new version of Carve A Path, taking Born in Battle is practically mandatory to be able to afford continuing to kill things after the 2nd or so. I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing, but 5 points is quite an investment before that path pays off. Seems very effective once you have it though. We didn't try this yet, but seems like with a Hexer buddy to drop hexes on a bunch of monsters, you could really go on a rampage with this. Conjurer impressions - Definitely toned down from the previous 5-attacks-per-turn incarnation, but fairly so. The new paradigm for this class seems much more fun. It forces you to pay more attention to the positioning of each image, but also gives you tools to help with that. I did notice one thing, the new Illusory Path allows you to move all the images one space when you gain a movement point, and you can then spend that same movement point to also move one of the images, so the images are extremely mobile, perhaps more than intended. I think its better if when you get Illusory Path, you lose the ability to move images using Channeling. A few thoughts we had from reading, but haven't tested: Beastmaster seems a little on the strong side now, since he wasn't touched and everyone better than him was toned down. Treasure hunter's change gives him a little too much health/stamina regen. Overall, balance seems much better, we'll continue trying things out and report our thoughts.
  13. Update to my "con artist" character:
  14. Hi everyone, first shot at a custom investigator:
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