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  1. His wording is a little dodgy. He can "move" a status token to himself. This sounds a bit different then honoring or dishonoring. What happens when he is dishonored and he tries to 'move' someones honor token?
  2. Great story. I love the part where once again the Lion Clan maintain their spot at the top of the crap heap. Perfect synergy between the LCG and the storyline! Seriously though Toturi is in for a world of hurt. He could easily get killed off or executed. And this leaves the Lion in the hands of Matsu Tsuko. I love Tsuko as a character but if Sotori is on the throne then she'd be honor bound to support him. Sad Lion
  3. Great story but I'm hoping we can move on quickly. I've been waiting far too long to see the empire's reaction to the epic power shift. These stories were great as far as character development, but spending so much time on flashbacks does nothing to advance the plot.
  4. I appreciate the effort to humanize Sotorri but I'm having a hard time swallowing it. Are we supposed to like and or sympathize with him now? In every story he appears in thus far he has been a total and complete jerk to everyone he encounters. We get a glimpse into his mindset here; he just wants a friend. Perhaps he would make more friends if he wasn't straight out trying to murder Bayushi Dairu and his own brother.
  5. No love for MI again. I know we are a frozen wasteland up here FFG but us trolls could use an event every now and again.
  6. This has spiraled a bit out of control, though if we have honored writers among us perhaps we can gain enlightenment I have yet to find a cannon answer about marriage rules in L5R. Who takes whose family name? It seems logical to assume that whoever has the highest rank/glory would keep their name, so in Altansarnai's case she runs into a male-centric Ikoma tradition/rule that subverts this? I know back in Old5R 1st edition the female would usually take the male's family name, with the exception of the Matsu and Otaku families being matriarchal. If this is covered in the new FFG RPG at any point please set me straight as I haven't been able to pick up a copy yet.
  7. You got it! The Unicorn are the plucky rebels. They spent 800ish years exploring the world, returning to the empire with strange customs and super curvy swords. The more traditional clans have problems accepting them as the Unicorn have little desire to conform to the Empire's culture. In events thus far Unicorn Champion Shinjo Altansarnai broke off a marriage treaty with the Lion Clan. For reasons... (She didn't want to change her name, and the prior wife of her Lion intended threatened to kill herself.) Unicorn name magic "Meshido" is being studied, but not banned, by the Emperor's shugenja as the Phoenix think its really bad juju. And after skirmishing over a border village for a bit, the Lion are ready to declare all out war! Also they discovered the Naga but I'm sure that won't really be important
  8. So just to clarify with Shiro Shinjo; does its reaction factor in broken provinces? Does the opponent 'control' a broken province? If so this is a very powerful ability that can easily pull down 10 fate a turn.
  9. Many thanks! Love the quote for the Pharmacist, someone at FFG either has a great sense of humor or knows a Pharmacist in real life Was hoping there would be an ability to generate more medicine, but it seems Richard only gets 1.
  10. Any chance of spoilers for set 5.1? I'm really curious about their character abilities. Of all the unboxing videos on YouTube it seems nobody pulled 5.1!
  11. Am I the only one wishing for art sleeves in the example of Warhammer Conquest? They were beautiful. Using some of the amazing art from this game for each clan to showcase decks would be great. Instead we get the exact same thing that is already on the back of the cards. Ugh. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2014/10/6/know-no-fear/
  12. If you are anywhere close to the west Michigan area you are going to want to come to this one. The store found a Season One Kit hidden away in a dark corner, and now they are giving it all away in one event! Plenty of prizes to be had for all so don't miss this chance. Saturday, July 28th, 12 PM Big Kidz Games. Grand Rapids, MI https://www.facebook.com/events/176336023230470/
  13. Great story but boy does Kuwanan come off as a jerk. "I was taken captive by a band of rōnin. Fortunately, I was able to escape them." He escaped because Matsu Tusko let him escape instead of killing him either in battle or right there on the spot. How about a little credit here Crane!
  14. No reason Fantasy Flight can't make a deal with John Wick to buy the rights to the card game. Heck it would be great to bring him on to help with the story. 7th Sea always had a very rich lore that I'd love to see in a LCG format.
  15. Seems like the next logical step. L5R has been a hit. Why not follow it up with some high seas swashbuckling action?
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