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  1. Are those new AO coming in an expansion pack then? One that hasn't been annouced?
  2. I'm asking since because I got a new iPhone, when I downloaded the AH Toolkit again, all the expansions I bought were marked as not bought again. Is there any way to recover them? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the link, I'm not going to use it though, since I live in France and the shipping rates are atrocious! But you've shown me I can buy the Set from other retailers, and I'll be ordering it from Amazon . Thank you again
  4. Yes it did, thank you very much! So then I have to buy the Core Set, the Deluxe Expansions, and everything else after that to have the complete collection. Any idea when the core pack will be made available again?
  5. The series made me want to buy the card game too! But right now, the core set is out of stock . I just hope they won't make me wait too long Edit: I did have one question though, if you buy every single pack there is, would you have every single card that exists?
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