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  1. Twice in a row I've had the steam app become unresponsive during the second scenario. SLIGHT SPOILERS. Both times this occurred 3-4 turns after the mob tossed a torch into the hotel. I have been able to successfully complete the second scenario as of yet.

    I've had the EXACT same problem, around exactly the same time!

    Edit: And this is after yesterday's update.

  2. Hey guys :)


    I've always been a fan of the CoC board games published by FFG, and I've been thinking about getting into the LCG for a while now.

    The thing is, there are so many things to buy that it's been keeping me away, but the (awesome) decision of FFG to switch so new cards only come with deluxe expansions convinced me to buy a core set :)

    I've been playing with friends with the core set, and I'm hooked, so I'm planning on buying all the deluxe expansions + 2 additional copies of the core set to get all cards 3 times.


    So here is my question: Are the booster packs interesting enough to buy after I would have aquired all the deluxe expansions? Because there are a lot of them, and they aren't cheap so it will quickly add up.

    Question number 2: Do you think FFG will ever bundle each Cycle in a big pack and release them as super deluxe expansions or something?


    Thank you king people of the CoC LCG community :)


    About point 2: I thought some cards crossed over different scenarios !

    Or am I wrong ?

    Exploration cards could, hence sorting them alphabetically. But event, objective, and clue cards would certainly be unique to each story.


    Yes it's true.

    Point taken, I'm going to try this right now :)

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