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  1. Agreed. Even if you went off focus to tag the runner, notthing else you can do except spend more money to blow up resources. Which derails you even more from your objective of FA.
  2. Maybe this is off topic but there's a free android app called cyberdeck It has the full catalogue till Fear and Loading. Lets you posts your decks there. The interface should be improved but still gets the job done. Not sure if there's one for ipad.
  3. Skeletor said: I would love to do a thousand sons black shield! Could you imagine a Rubric Marine that was faithful to the emperor serving in the deathwatch? His swelling anger at his chapter for turning to chaos and his infallible faith in the emperor leaving him in control and resisting his brothers sorcerous powers to control him! The black shield I see commonly are pre-heresy loyalists aka Nathaniel Garro, marines whose entire chapter have either died or completely joined the dark side; or marines seeking to regain honour they have lost in someway (losing a relic, disgrace, etc). I was looking at the Badab war and had some ideas of my own. I was toying with an idea of a Loyalist Astral Claw Apothecary. Not everyone shares the same opinion as their chapter master Huron. After learning that the chapter was swelling their ranks with geneseed from the tiger claws as well as their articles of secession. Learning of this, the loyal Astral Claw attempted to fake his death and fled to the deathwatch watch station. He reported his case to the Deathwatch captain and knew that it would be likely his former brethren would kill traitors. In return for the information provided, the Deathwatch captain allowed him to assume the identity of a black shield to protect him. He aspires to either live out his remaining days seeking a glorious end worthy and redeem the wrongs his chapter has wrought. If he should prove worthy, his greatest aspirations is to see the former glory of his chapter restored and the renewal of the Astral Claws loyal to the tenets of the Imperium, Emperor and the Codex Astartes. Following the fall of his chapter, he pays special "attention" to reports of the red corsairs. If his paths were to cross with the Red Corsairs, he would fight with a vehemence alike how the Dark Angels would treat the 'fallen'. Except that he is one against an entire warband.
  4. Dulahan said: Anyone know the likely release date yet? Says there "late second quarter". Diamond book distributors state on their site it should be on sale 30 June 2012 which is end of second quarter.
  5. professor_kylan said: This thread inquired how various people use Demeanours. This is how I use Demeanours. As a reward for excellent roleplaying. It is true that this thread inquires how various people use demeanours in their games. The mechanics and how you issue rewards in your game are separate matters. professor_kylan said: I use Demeanours like conditional Fate Points. I've cut down the number of regular Fate Points that the group has received. Everyone is sitting on a base of two Fate, with their various Demenaours propping them up. I don't use them as a scene length thing, and never would - regardless of what the core rules might say about how Demeanours activate. It doesn't work as a Squad Mode for this game, because not all the characters were present at the event. According to what is written in Rites of Battle, what you are giving out feels like a deed or a distinction gearing towards squad based tactics. What you are attempting to mention is a combination of a house rule and a deed/ squad ability. If that makes your game awesome for your players do not hesitate to implement your house rules and share them. professor_kylan said: I'm very careful as to how and when I hand out more intangiable in-game rewards, such as Deeds and Distinctions, because there is a great deal more politicing in this game than others - the addition of an Iron Halo would mean a great deal more than "can receive a force field in future missions". Agreed that the Iron Halo example carries political influence as well as in game effects. The core of DW does not gear towards politics though. That theme seems to be more present in DH. Which was why your awarded demeanour seems like a Squad Mode ability. professor_kylan said: You're saying that the way I do things isn't the way I can best ensure my players have fun? What I'm trying to say is that if you adopt demeanours as they are worded in the core, then the recommended bonuses especially the portion recommending GMs to 'ignore bad rolls' may affect the fun in your game. I did not say what you do does not best ensure your players have fun. professor_kylan said: To summarise though, I accept you are attempting to be helpful and supportive, and there's a decent chance that I'm just reacting a little harsher than is required, but my game does not need to be improved. I do not need suggestions to make it better, and the 'fixes' to my system you have suggested would not work with my group. I have offered to the thread the way I do things; that was not an invitation to try to correct me. I respect that each GM has his/her own style of running their games, as they know their players best. We sharing our knowledge and experiences on Deathwatch, as well as seek solutions to questions we may face regarding the game. In no way am I trying to correct/ fix/ patch your game or you as a GM. (edit: Paginations not intended to look so screwed up)
  6. Ah ha! I do not own a copy of the Mark of the Xenos but my GM does. I'll grab his copy to look up the rules in there. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  7. I took a peak into the Only War forums and found a thread started by Psion on DW and OW Joint ops. It got me thinking of how hordes would fare against other hordes. Let's say in we are given a platoon of Regular Joe IGs to command. If we send them to face a Horde of Termagaunts. How do you determine damage as Hordes do not do magnitude damage to each other. If every 15 Damage counts as 1 point of magnitude damage then it'll really bog down the combat system. I don't seem to recall there be rules for hordes versus hordes so I apologise if they have been published in a supplement/ corner of the rulebook I have not read. What are your opinions? Anyone ran something similar before?
  8. professor_kylan said: H.B.M.C. said: *squints* But that's... not how demeanours work. They inform your character's personality. What you're describing is a Distinction or perhaps a new Squad Mode. BYE A demeanour is a personality trigger that can be activated like a fate point (and seriously, I do NOT read the books as well as I should, so feel free to ignore me here) and is usually tied to chapter and personality traits: A Zealous, Gregarious Black Tamplar, for instance. I noticed that after defeating the Bio-titan, my players were acting differently in character. They were looking for big fights, challenging each other to perform greater feats next time. Their in-game personalities had changed because of the encounter. Whereas Demeanours inform a characters personality, I'm letting personality inform demeanours. professor_kylan said: H.B.M.C. said: *squints* But that's... not how demeanours work. They inform your character's personality. What you're describing is a Distinction or perhaps a new Squad Mode. BYE Exactly. A demeanour is supposed to be ingrain into a character's personality. Like what differentiates a character from another of the same chapter. In game, its meant to give players a moment of glory when they trigger the demeanour. Of course its once a game, but it may have games breaking connotation. GMs are recommended to give +10/+20 or even blatantly ignoring bad rolls cos the Emperor is with them, not re-rolls. Imagine if the boss character is a Tervigon or Heroic Carnifex, and they get a +10/+20 to that scene or if they role play a 'giant buster' well, there's not going to be fun for them. Now I think you may award this as a special deed/ distinction/ squad tactic that they have earned. Something like an evolution of the kill team xeno-hunting abilities. Of course you may want to get the players to spend approapriate amount of xp to purchase this. I suggest a squad mode ability. Currently only tactical marines may attempt to 'share' squad mode abilities with the KT. The whole KT may benefit with the squad mode ability. IMO this may be the way you had meant to had it play out.
  9. Santiago said: Hmmm, that would of course allow for Ogryn Characters but that does mean the "normal" guardsman is prolly not available for play. I'm curious... I suppose the regular "Joe" should be playable (He's on the cover right?). Although I'd like to play a storm trooper or a sanctioned psyker! Maybe the Vox officer maybe a playable character. Check the Command Squad for IG! Maybe like Black Crusade, different classes would have different starting packages and amounts of xp to spend on acquiring skills. It would be really fun to play a regular Joe on the front line of fighting xenos invasions and daemon incursions. I expect alot of squad based tactics.
  10. professor_kylan said: I love demeanours. I love demeanours so hard that when demeanours and I are in a room together, everyone else feels a little awkward. At first, I used them as not much more than a RP trait - your chapter is aggressive! Grrr! Seriously, you and demeanours sound like BFFs. I see that demeanours determine how my character would react and behave in game. Says in the core book that GMs are recommended to give the player a large bonus +10/+20 or an "auto succeed" for a character's "moment of destiny". My GM just keeps it to mainly how a character should behave. No additional bonus moments of glory for us, maybe cos he doesn't understand it.professor_kylan said: I was reading through Jericho Reach though, and had an idea. I no longer hand out Fate Points to characters for successfully doing awesome things. I hand out demeanours. The characters managed to kill a bio-titan, so they gained the demeanour "Giantslayer". Is that a deed, demeanour or squad mode ability? Seems like its more of a squad ability/deed rather than a demeanour.
  11. Captain Ventris said: bogi_khaosa said: Rather than interrogating the rebel, you could just eat part of him. Warhammer 40,000: A place where this is an option for the good guys. Hmm, I hadn't thought of eating part of the guy. Chances are he may not know much either. @ Decessor I tried asking my GM's characters for that information of disappearances of people or which district had the uprising come from. His reply was they do not know. Even when I did the two and two together portion. Thanks for the replies guys. Hope that you'll be able to help me think through this one.
  12. We're into our final leg of the Final Sanction run by my DM. We've deduced that the Broodlord and its ilk are hanging out somewhere within the Fabrica district. I'm sorry if this has been discussed before but my search-fu has not turned up any similar thread in the forums. Dabat & Lightbringer have already contributed some awesome ideas on what to face in siege warfare and possibly trench warfare in their post on how to kill space marines. I've made some excellent notes on what mistakes to avoid like splitting the team. English is not my main first language so I hope you'll excuse any spelling/ grammatical error or incorrectly worded sentences. Apologies for the long thread. So far all my deductions and my in-game knowledge have been acquired and supported by good knowledge rolls as well as use of my psychic abilities as a Librarian. I'd like to seeks your advice on: 1) Locating the broodlord and his broodlads Fabrica district is a like a big portion of the city. They could be hiding in any place. Logic states that if they want to entrench themselves while calling in the hive mind, it's better to do it underground. Due to the size of astartes, it would also be advantageous for close-combat genestealers to hide in an underground lair ie sewers. They probably may try to isolate the party or individual members so enclosed areas are suitable for hiding. Personal thoughts are the nest would be somewhere dangerous like below a munitions warehouse, highly flammable and combustable facility or a flour mill. A shell may trigger off a large explosion which would bring parts/ the whole area of town on the marines, giving the broodlord and the choir of whatever that's calling the hive mind down to Avalos time to relocate to a different nest of operations. I have a map and a data slate combined with some navigation skill, was thinking of bringing up a map of the sewerage system. I am thinking of attempting to use psyniscience to locate the general direction of the psychic call in order to deduce the possible locations on the map. Our GM has ruled that all sat-com have been eradicated by the tendril of approaching hive fleet which destroyed the strike vessel delivering our kill team. The govenor, astropath (from the magistria district) and remnants of the forces in the calistra district are unable to pin point nor suspect where the main base of operations may be. Captain Ascot/ Syndalla is unable to provide us with concrete information as vox has been silenced early in the uprising. We have finally capture a leader unit of a horde of enemy and are in the process of interrogating the suspect. Interrogation will take some time, and the hive fleet draws ever closer. The rebel may not break in time before the fleet arrives. As Dabat and Lightbringer have mentioned, the insurgents would use a large web of command rather than a chain of command so torture may not yield much information. Our kill team has also rescued hostages captured by the Xenos loyalists and these were largely the rich. Don't think they're useful either. Any suggestions on how we should go about looking for the main base? 2) Containing the Threat Am wondering how to contain the genestealers and prevent the broodlord from escaping. Being a cunning foe, the broodlord may have multiple safe houses set up. When the kill team goes in to deliver a surgical strike, the synapse link from random encounter or ambushing genestealers may alert the broodlord and ilk to flee its current nest of operations to a secondary nest in the ensuring chaos. Every second they survive to continue the psychic call to the hive mind means an inch closer to victory for Tyranids. How do we contain the threat of the genestealers to Fabrica and what strategies would you recommend adopting to containing and purging the genestealers and mopping up the remnants? Artillery shelling may not be useful as it may seal the entrance to the nest if flammable structures were to be flattened. 3) Resources at Our Disposal Kill Team: 1x Iron Priest (Space Wolves Techmarine), 1 Ultramarines Libby, 1 Blood Angels Assault Marine, 1 Storm Warden Devastator, 1 Dark Angel Apothecary, 1 NPC Raven Guard Tactical (played by our GM), Capt Ascot and 2 Platoons, 1 platoon of remnants loyalists from the Calistra district. Due to respect for my GM and the efforts that he has placed in crafting the campaign, neither myself nor my kill team have read "final sanction". Am appealing to the combined pool of awesome sauce of collective gaming wisdom in the ffg forums for suggestions on how we may achieve our final objective. Please help a fellow gamer and thanks for your help! I know its alot of theories and "what ifs". We hope to achieve a more concrete strategy.
  13. Deepstriker

    Ocean World

    @Face Eater Its likely that the Kraken was a evolution of the Tyranid forces. There were lictors that could swim in the fourth novel of the Blood Angels written by James Swallow. So why not piranha ripper swarms? Makes them more of a force to be reckoned with. @Professor_Kylan Your reply triggered an idea. It maybe likely that the super weapon is actually a weapon of Xenos origin, linked directly to the heart of the planet. Likely that the weapon is some sort of control/ regulator for the gravitational fields of the water planet in some manner/ vapourize water sources.. The archenemy would likely wish to extract it and find a way to use it as their new WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction). To extract the weapon would mean to destroying the planet. The archenemy may have already placed cults to infiltrate and study the weapon and an alternative power source so that once extracted, they may continue to power and use it. The arch enemy would possibly deploy the weapon at a low enough orbit to hit a loyalist planet with it. Throw in the stealth ship technology used by the archenemy in "The Emperor Protects", you have a deadly threat to the Imperium".
  14. Purgatus said: I am about to start a Deathwatch campaign here, online http://www.rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=49306&date=1333916114 Now the questions Deathwatch PDF 186 pg.under Focus Power Test "Many powers also indicate an Opposed Willpower Test, especially when used against an unwilling foe. In these cases, the Opposed Test is also the Focus Power Test, and even if the psyker scores better than his opponent but does not roll under his Willpower, the power will still fail. You may add a bonus to your Focus Power Test equal to 5 times the Psy Rating used for the power. A Focus Power roll of 91-00 always fails. This section "You may add a bonus to your Focus Power Test equal to 5 times the Psy Rating used for the power" I am unsure as to how to apply. Does it mean if the psyker using the power gets to add the PR x5 and not the Defender? Does anyone have suggestions of how to build Prognosticators of the Silver Skulls for Deathwatch, a successor chapter to the Ultramarines? Basically their Chapter Psyker abilities. Are there any mechanics for the Shadow cast by a Hive Fleet and how it might add difficulty to FPT [ Focus Power Tests ] ? What is a Sybmol of Aversion to the Warp? I was asked what the effects might be on placing the Symbol on the Armor of a Thousand Sons armor might be, given that they are pure spirit of the Warp ttransformed b a powerful Chaos Sorcerer. Not sure what a Sybmol of Aversion is, never heard of it, from Epic WH 40K? What would be the mchanics / effects of a Null Rod be in Deathwatch? Thanks in advance for help/amswers. This should be posted under the game rules section. If the defender is also a psyker, he gets to add his PR as well. I'm not too sure about the prognosticator but I assume he seems to be something like the Rune Priest of the Space Wolves. I recommend waiting for the "Honour the Chapter" Supplement to be released. The prognosticator might be in there. The Shadow in the Warp gives a -10 to all focus power tests. I can't recall which page of the rule book I saw it on. For your symbol of aversion, I'm not clear what it is. For null rods/ mechanics, I believe it has been discussed on the forums before. You may like to do a search.
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    Have they gone?

    Highly doubt it. They will still be somewhere lurking in the Deathwatch forums.
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