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  1. Oddly enough, the Gug seems to be the worst monster for me, it's mostly because it usually decides to pop up around the first couple turns when we're rather unprepared.
  2. Hrm, I feel as if FFG should release some means of protecting tokens which would make this easier.
  3. When this problem arises while I play, I usually just give that character a random item drawn from the deck.
  4. I play solo quite often, Arkham Horror works quite well as a solo game, however, just as valvorik said, it's not recommended to play as only one character because it ups the difficulty to a rather unbearable level.
  5. Heh, I just use one of the bags that came with the the base game, I really can't find anything much better to use. I gotta say, though, it's really not the best thing.
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